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  1. Throttle was set to AUTO. The thing is that even if you see ИД on HUD, the range does not changes or if it does, it is wrong. What I did in such case was either to turn laser off, wait a minute or so, try again, and sometimes the range was correct, or if it did not help I had repeated the procedure. If nothing helped, I was then forced to compensate by manually increasing range with camera movement off the target and shoot-and-correct by cannon fire.
  2. Happened to me and my friend as well (similar time in mission as you). I first thought it is some kind of overheat, however by rereading manual, you should get PAUSE on HUD if it is cooling. It even happens if you use laser in the purist (on/off) way. Even tried cleaning sensors windshield without any effect... I am leaning toward that this is a bug.
  3. Are there any plans to add more warning voice coms? As of now, I hear only reports of SAM launches. It would be really nice if they could warn for AAA/etc. fire. A simple, "Lead, you are under fire from X o'clock", would be fine as well.
  4. While lack of basic triggers and waypoint related problems have been mentioned, I will add that I still miss the Flanker 1.x editor's feature where you could actually see where you had placed the unit on the map. It's frustrating to spend 2h of entering/exiting mission, just to place few units on some specific place. For me ME is a great disappointment as it is basically the same in function as previous incarnations. Way to much time is spend on getting around the limits of the ME instead of focusing on the mission.
  5. As depilot said, you can do it with Kh25. You have one scout Ka50 while other Ka50s are used to "shoot and scoot" or whatever is the reason you want to do this :) Rhino, when "buddy lasing" in BS, there is no need to have own laser or TV on. Please refrain from commenting if you do not know how it actually works in BS.
  6. I suggest you to check the mission files (.miz). They are in zip format so it is easy to extract and add own extra files to your missions. Examine one of the already created missions which have zone, etc. drawn in ABRIS and you will notice there is file "ADDITIONAL.lua" inside .miz folder ABRIS\database\
  7. Currently this is not possible (you can now basically only spawn by trigger), which is indeed a great disappointment, but hopefully it will be in the upcoming installments. What I also dislike is inability to program ABRIS in mission editor. It is very annoying to launch mission just to draw a zone on the map. Luckily there is a workaround by editing mission files by hand, which is much faster. I really hope that future versions will enable to program such kind of instruments in mission editor (at least the basic functions like the one mentioned above).
  8. LOL, sir, you are funny... who said anything about model kits? wtf.. As for your 'engineering degree' .. good for you, tho I am sorry for your employer... however on the bright side, you must have one degree in psychics as well to know what I have and what I do not and what I have done or not in the field of aviation :D LOL, where did I say he wrote that? Thanks for showing how you have also reading comprehension problems. What I had written with that sentence is to show how stupid it is. It's same as what he wrote. I only substituted AoA with Speed. It's exact same oxymoron. :) Th
  9. Hehe, for the 3rd time now... I was commenting on Pilotasso's #47 post in this topic, which is full of funny bits if you actually read what it is written and not what it is "supposed to be" written :) Sure, you can go on and tell me how stupid and ignorant of me that I am not able to see the "real" meaning, etc. But if someone is preaching to others (you must understand that not all readers understand/are at same level of knowledge), like he is, he should write correct and clear. Don't you think? Or is this just some 1337 fighter pilot sp33k? :) Do you think it is acceptable to write...
  10. Hehe, guess not, as if you would had actually read what he wrote, we would had been :D Pilotasso clearly does not understand the concept behind acronym AOA. Sure you can pretend he actually meant 'high', he will jump in and say that he indeed meant that, but anyone can pretty much see that what he talks is a few big words mixed with a very poor understanding of the topic :)
  11. What about cobra? :D :D O boy, I dont remember when was the last time I heard something as funny as this. Look Pilotasso, I suggest you to take some basic aerodynamics book into your hand for the sake of not making dunce out of yourself with comments like that ;) I guess I will need to check this forum more often.. it sure is nice entertainment :)
  12. In BS manual (p.275) says nicely that to prevent the vortex ring regime, you should not exceed more than -5 m/s descent at horizontal speeds below 50 km/h.
  13. What about CIS? Where 90/10 warez rule applies? :) I find it quite funny how West is thought to be the rotten egg when it comes to legitimate users.
  14. What I have read from the russian manual is a bit of disappointment regarding the triggers. As it seems they can only be used basically to spawn unit or message/sound. I really miss SBP kind of triggering which enables you to control unit after the spawn. A shame really, as ME is basically same as flanker 1.0 - unit is either static or moves w/o interruption.
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