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  1. Hi All, I'm looking to start or join a carrier ops squad. I'm Based in the UK. I'm not looking for the seriousness of "yes Sir" and trying to mimic a real life squadron. I'm looking for more casual attitudes where we can learn and team up PvE on missions. I'm good all round on the F18 and look for those who are are also able to fly well, AAR and carrier ops. Not interested in using labels and prefer limited. I also like creating missions and recently discovered the Liberation Dynamic Campaign App. Hit me up if anyone knows of something already existing or up for starting something new.
  2. Hi everyone. I might sound stupid for asking this. I don't really know the difference between the two models. I'm guessing the F14A is an early version than the B version. Why would anyone want to go backwards by flying the A? Like I said I have no idea and for all I know the A version is better.
  3. H, I think I found a bug where can't slew the Maverick and select a target. Has anyone else found this to be a problem now after the November 2020 update or am I doing something wrong?
  4. Hi, I keep getting a TK PRES LOW warning message popping up on my MFD with a master caution light. Any idea what this is and what I need to do?
  5. What we should have is a good debriefing room. If anyone remembers the old Microprose games like F19 and F117? It shows the events on a map along with the course you took. Doubt this idea will happen but thought I would put it out there.
  6. Hi all. I have created some late activation spots for clients (Multiplayer). On mission startup those slots are available to be played even though they are not ready yet until later on. How can I make those slots unavailable until I want them to be?
  7. I think there needs to be a better playback method so videos can be created a lot quick. I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet. At the moment it takes a long time to produce video footage which in itself promotes DCS on social media. Simple functions such as fast forward, backward, pause and play should definitely be added.
  8. Hi all. Does anyone know how you would be able to set up a condition in editor if for example a particular bridge has been destroyed?
  9. Hi All, I'm starting the F18 on the Carrier and my altitude on the HUD is -480. This is obviously wrong but how can I change this and what should it be changed to for Carrier ops?
  10. Hi all. Anyone know when enemy AI has been set to Return Fire, they just fire anyway? Is there a way you can set the AI so they dogfight without actually firing? I tried setting it to HOLD FIRE but they just turn to go to a base. If I just stick it in orbit it's a bit boring. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What I am trying to achieve is a don't fire until fired upon mission. There is a chance that at some stage they may actually fire. determined by a probability.
  11. Qatar, Bahrain & Dhahran (King Abdulaziz Air Base) would be a great addition to the PG map.It does feel like there is a gap at the moment. Any plans to extend to this area?
  12. Hi All, I have a mission that is for single player but for some reason the mission thinks that this is for multiplayer. The problem started when I started using an existing multiplayer mission by accident. I can't work out why it stills wants me to select the only playable aircraft on startup. 'Goals' window shows as (offline) so it's not that. Any ideas?
  13. Hello all, Is there an F18 skin template in PSD (PhotoShop) format which has dust, scratches and dirt layers on it available anywhere?
  14. Hi Everyone. Does anyone know how to use the TGT DATA Page or have any resources how this works and used for? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iWmBuNKr2FS_JNKa7tbWKmrJTS5B3Is6/view?usp=sharing
  15. Hi does anyone know if there is a way to switch or set an AI groups ROE? I thought maybe AI TASK SET or AI TASK PUSH. Can't get any of these options to work though,.
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