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  1. I have one for the X56.... (it has VR UI assignments which you could change to suit yourself if you don't use VR) Joystick folder with profiles attached. Bear in mind this is with a separate set of pedals, so rudder is not assigned. The stuff I have assigned to my MFDs is not important, so you can safely ignore those as marked on the throttle panel diagram. You need to assign two modifier keys - pinky and PERKY, as shown in the diagrams ;)
  2. Yes, it's been like this for a while now. My average was always 8 meg for updates and module downloads, then it dropped to rarely above 1.0 and often less than 512k. Only with the DCS updater, of course - this is not a general issue and my connection is FTTC @ 74MB/s. I spent so many years pre-fibre in pure frustratioon with an extremely poor connection, it was like Christmas as a 5 year old when I got FTTC. It makes these speeds really hard to have patience for. I gave up on the 2.1 update yesterday 6GB at +/-300k is not ideal. For the 2.1 download itself, I started it in the morning and left it on all day. That's crazy to have to do that with the speed (and price!) of my connection. Wouldn't be so bad if we could download it on a second PC or laptop, but it's such a waste of electricity, all those hours with my gaming rig. No matter if torrent or HTTP, the speed is very similar. I also get many malicious site warnings from Malwarebytes Pro with the torrent. I will not switch it off, it is not the reason for the poor speed, as I used it when it was 8 MB/s download, too.
  3. OK I've made the switch to Virtual Pilot - but due to some tech hitch the website is not showing up. Been on to the service support today but their solutions didn't work - I'll be back on to them on Monday. Meantime, the DropBox links are still valid.
  4. Cheers - the website name and address will be changing as soon as I have made the new templates for it. The new website name will be Virtual Pilot and the address will be http://www.virtual-pilot.org.uk
  5. Was going to say - I came across steam loc's whilst setting up a mission yesterday - yes, they are placeable by yourself in the ME.
  6. So far I've not been too disappointed - more in the speckly appearance than performance. I uploaded a video of low-level flying in an Su-25 yesterday. It went very smoothly. I then flew a ground attack mission and that showed a slightly different story. When firing rockets the stuttering started, though it wasn't extreme. I also did flights in all the helicopters. In every one, flights close to airfields produced stutters - again, not extreme, but very noticable. The further I got from airfields, the less it stuttered. I did a very enjoyable flight in the Ka-50 at treetop-level and below, and it wasn't bad at all. I think it needs tweaking, but then, I'm sure that's the plan in any case. Here's the Ka-50 flight - mic volume is a bit low.... The light is, as is well known, an issue. Also, when I jumped into the Su-25, at first the gauges were completely dark and unreadable, it was only once the Sun was shining through the canopy at the right angle that the gauges became visible and stayed that way. Like I said, though, this is kind of expected and will hopefully be sorted with enough feedback - though how long it will take is another issue entirely.
  7. Find out all about it (lots to read if you're so inclined) on the official Oculus forum: https://forums.oculus.com/community/discussion/47247/oculus-traytool-supersampling-profiles-hmd-disconnect-fixes-hopefully/p1
  8. This video also shows that fixed wing flying = high altitude and nothing much changing is a load of tosh: Will be uploading a helicopter sortie soon. Well, a few, actually, in Ka-50, Mi-8, UH-1 and Gazelle :thumbup:
  9. Did I not read prior to release that "portable" airfields will be available, that can be placed on the map in the mission editor? Maybe I'm mistaken - but that would solve this matter very easily.
  10. I agree with the title. I have just flown from England to Normandy and then flown around at treetop level before finally landing, in an Su-25. Apart from a split-second 'stop' every 15 seconds or so - which didn't overly bother me and was probably textures loading - I had no issues at all with performance. The filtering on the trees doesn't look great - something similar to what you get in things like ArmA, with a sort of speckling effect - but I'm hoping that will be at least reduced in future. After two days of disastrous frustration not even getting off the ground in the Stang and Spit, I was left smiling this evening. I recorded the flight (in 3D SBS) and it will be on YouTube tomorrow. I have an i5 4690k at 4.3GHz on an Asus Z97-P with 16GB 2133MHz DDR3 and a GTX1060 6GB. DCSW 2.1 is installed on a brand new old-spec SATA drive, too! Oh, and an Oculus Rift :) PS: Sorry, I forgot: Settings are default "VR" but with shadows on 'Flat'
  11. Don't have this, but Mustang is the same.
  12. Yeah, I already found how to get it up in the mission editor, thanks - although all I have at the moment is a lot of frustration when trying to fly in VR (such that I haven't even got off the ground) but that is another matter. Managed to make a couple of missions.
  13. After installing Normandy, I was able to open the map editor, but found the assetts weren't installed, so used the updater to install them. Since then, the mission editor always opens the Nevada map, without offering the option to open Normandy. I can't find another way to open it, either. I'm guessing that the quick mission editor not working is aknown issue, too. For now I can't fly in Normandy due to these issues.
  14. I'm moving this to my website. Any updates will appear there (notification and links) and I may do a YT vid when larger or module updates are released. At the moment I am working on fitting the Ka-50 ABRIS guide to kneeboard size. It was made by taking notes from Wags' excellent video tutorials on the ABRIS a few years back. No timescale for that - it's done when it's done, as well as other stuff that I do bits on as and when. I have far too much going on to be able to give definite times/dates or guesstimates. Plus stuff changes all the time and checking over older content takes time, too. I've started posting the kneeboard contents onto the website, it will take a little time, but then it will also be cleaned up (at the moment I'm just posting the kneeboard pics as they are). THIS is the page concerned. Thank you.
  15. Turns out this HOTAS is made of a plastic that I have a strong allergic reaction to (same stuff as the Oculus Touch - a rubbery feeling plastic) and so I have to sell it. Really jacked off as it took me months and lots of returning hardware before I found this and thought I was set. So it's a very reluctant sale, but my hands are in an awful state. I've had it since January and it has been used every day, but also looked after. All working as new and would come in it's original box. Includes the various strength springs for the joystick, and I have removed the nasty original grease from the throttle (which makes it very difficult to operate) and replaced it with lithium grease, so it's far better than the original. Cost me £220 and I would accept £150 (well I'd like 220, but I somehow don't think that's gonna happen! :music_whistling:) plus postage. I'd be prepared to exchange it for a hard plastic or metal based HOTAS - let me know what you've got, I'll look at some reviews and let you know (can be worth less - like the Thrustamster TWCS for eg - if I like the look of it, no matter). I would also consider exchanging for a quality throttle. For now it's back to my 18 year old MS Sidewinder Pro - which is actually pretty good in DCS World!
  16. I have an old 1.2 installer that I intend keeping in order to fly the many missions I didn't get a chance to that were broken by updates and never fixed. I have hundreds of them - literally. So much hard work and exciting ops - I refuse to just ditch them, especially when the number of decent missions has fallen so drastically (and I don't believe that we will get a surge of any significance once 2.5 arrives). Remember how many great mission contributions we used to have with FC? That's why I still have that installed on a 2nd PC, too.
  17. I'd really like to do voiceovers for all of the training missions that don't have them, but without being able to insert them at the right point, it isn't going to happen. Real shame.
  18. I tested Touch control in FlyInside with P3Dv3 - can't say I can see myself using them again - gaze control a la DCS World, with mouse control from the HOTAS, is far superior. My aircraft unexpectedly lost power to one engine and I was unwilling to simply drop my Touch to grab the joystick to regain control. This is why Touch (or wands etc) will not do the job.
  19. Works for me, too, using the Google Drive link and 7zip 64bit version.
  20. Yup - that's also how I use my MFDs, fitted to the slide-out drawer normally used for keyboards. I also use a home made UFC and find the nose gap is fine for using that, too, sited just below my monitor.
  21. Well I got the standard "please give us time to look into this" response last night and this morning have a "Your new Rift is on its way!" mail in my inbox, but on checking the order, it has only been allocated and hasn't even been despatched as yet. Order date is given as 12th April. I'm pleased that I'll be getting a new Rift, but I really hope the new unit is okay. I don't want to go through this unpleasant process again. Oh, and whoever edited the title of this thread without a word to me - do you find this acceptable behaviour? Because I don't.
  22. Oculus Support were great. I had a couple of weeks worth of conversation with them and each time they answered my mails within hours. I actually thought that the problem (HDMI disconnects for a couple of seconds each time, about once a day) was my USB drivers after I had upgraded my hardware and reinstalled Windows 10. I told them they could close the ticket, but they asked if I minded them keeping it open and doing some investigating with diagnostics etc. I told them it was okay, of course, and next thing, after I sent the diagnostic results in, they are saying I need to send it back for replacement. They said I could send it back any time within the next month, but I sent it straight away. UPS were awful. No receipt when I dropped it off at a local AP, and then they left it on a shelf for the rest of the week, until I contacted their support to find out why the tracking wasn't updating. It's been at ARVATO in Holland since Monday and no word on the return item. Oculus don't deal with the hardware replacement themselves, ARVATO is a sub-contractor who also works for distribution for catalogues etc. Hold on.... I sent a request to Oculus support 15 minutes ago and just received a response from the rep - that's how quick it is these days! Although it isn't helpful as this person obviously hasn't read through the messages to see what is going on! They asked me to let them know if my replacement wasn't sent within 3 working days. So there ya go :) Edit: Having read through the rep's response, I would say she is being quite obstinate. I never understood why people have been losing their temper about Oculus support, as they have always been really good with me, but now I am beginning to understand. This person is either very dumb or being deliberately obstinate.
  23. For voice control I would strongly recommend VAC (dwvac.com). It does a much better job for me than Voice Attack (which I also have) or Voice Buddy, or in fact any other recognition program - I've tried a lot over the years. Been using it for years and you will find profiles for most sims and games on their forum and around the net - including DCS World. Support is excellent, too.
  24. Sent my Rift away for replacement 12 days ago, new one hasn't even been sent yet (going to have to get on to Oculus support this evening). UPS messed up and left it on a shelf for 3 days, which didn't help. Anyway, I thought I'd use the time to learn some of the systems and procedures on aircraft I don't regularly fly - which is a lot, considering I have all but 2 of them. However, after experiencing VR I find TrackIR to be totally unacceptable. It's awful! You know how you feel when you fly a sim without head tracking after years with TrackIR? Well it feel worse than that. That's without considering the horrendous fish-eye lens effect when you move your head sideways. Due to this, I have flown only once since I sent the Rift. Having said that, I did really enjoy the flight and there were a couple of "whoops" as I soared through the Caucasus at low altitude, often upside down :D But it was still nothing like VR. I also spent some time yesterday with the fast mission builder, which I had never used before, and I am very impressed. Some of the scenarios were just excellent and were stuffed full of activity. Did look a bit strange seeing A-10's with Luftwaffe crosses and Ukrainian roundels on them, but so what? I started a mission for every module and they all looked like great missions. Mind you, the Spitfire would have had a hard time facing the MiG-29s the enemy had, and twice I found myself in a helicopter on CAS in zero visibility. :doh: So I will be spending a lot of time in that when my Rift comes. Just pray your VR headset doesn't break - believe me, you will suffer without it! :pain:
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