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  1. Ah - I didn't know it was only available for VR - so there may be a case for asking ED to make that control section available, at least in part, to non-VR users.
  2. No takers? OK. It would be nice to be able to learn this aircraft - not done that in a really intense way since the Ka-50, but I can't be bothered with just guessing if something is right, bugged or I did something wrong, so I guess it's back to the Shark.
  3. I was wondering what on earth this thread was about - but if it's just clickbait that's very sad. If I were a mod....
  4. Have a look in the user files section - use the search for the module based uploads. If you find something like the TTI you will have pretty much endless missions for the aircraft of your choice on the terrain of your choice. Sure I saw other, similar files uploaded in the last week like this: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3314899/ or this: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311761/ here's various updated recent TTI: LINK
  5. Cancel - I just found it. I spent ages looking for it yesterday! It's my age... - think I'm going to have that line in my sig!
  6. LO all, I have been purchasing the NS430 for the aircraft for which it is available. I already had the original one from the start, but as I fly exclusively in VR, it's of little use to me except in the Mi-8. I've been trying to find the add-on for the L-39, but have only been able to find it as a bundle with the pop-up that I already own. Is it not possible to buy the L-39 installed unit on its own?
  7. In FC I'm pretty sure they will attack what you have targeted. IIRC the way we did this in the old days was to designate a target, then instruct your wingman 1 to attack, then designate the next target and tell wingman 2 to attack and so on. Don't know if it still works, but I would try that.
  8. I don't know how it is currently but if we wanted to do this back in Flaming Cliffs 1 days we would start a mission in a flight as leader then switch to another aircraft in the flight. I think you can still do that in FC3, but don't know if you can do it in DCS aircraft.
  9. Wasn't this posted a year or two ago? edit: since building my new PC I've seen a huge improvement anyway - yesterday, for eg's, in the F-16 I was seeing framerates between minimum 57 and 120+ at treetop level over forests and towns in the Caucasus - and that's the best I ever had by some margin.
  10. I have to agree it needs sorting out - and the argument about bug fixing is negated by the subject - it doesn't work properly, even without accelerating time. I don't expect anything ever to be done, though, because it's been this way since before DCS World existed (i.e. from Flaming Cliffs 1.1 updates were breaking the process and totally ruined the tutorials, which was never fixed before FC2 which is why, I suspect, they did videos instead). Would be very useful, but if updates regularly 'break' it then I'm guessing ED are wondering why they should bother fixing it, as they would have to do that every update. I would say if it's part of the sim, then it should be updated every time as part and parcel of any patch release. But that goes for several things, so....
  11. Or maybe all the systems are not yet in the sim? Since learning the start-up at launch of the module I've not touched it until now. I am going through the tutorial missions and today it was time for the AIM-9 tute. I had a number of issues: - I was unable to lock or acquire the target on the radar - it was there to see, but couldn't actually acquire it. - There was no DLZ in the HUD or on the radar after the missile auto-locked itself onto the target. - The missile seemed to lock on very early - long before being within range ( launched the missile when it had already locked on, as seen in the HUD and heard via the tone, when the DLZ didn't show and it ran out of juice and plummeted to earth). - The missile fell to ground - shouldn't it self-destruct at some point? It landed in a built up area and for this reason alone, but also from memory on the theory I think it should kill itself long before that? -after destroying the first MiG-25 (and I waited until I almost ran into it to see if the DLZ would appear) I couldn't spot another one at all. There is supposed to be one coming at me for a head-on shot. Once I had been told what the situation was, I didn't hear from the virtual instructor again. I'm on the current release version.
  12. May be down to your keyboard layout used? Try assigning the comms key "/" to a controller button or to another key that is the same on all keyboards - such as a numpad key - make sure it isn't doubled, though (which will show in the dialogue box when you assign it - just keep going until you find one that isn't already in use). If it works then, you know it's a keyboard issue. I'm pretty sure on my UK keyboard I use the # key for comms. EDIT: - yes, that's it. Try using the # key - I just checked in DCSW and that's the one for UK keyboards
  13. You can click with the HOTAS by assigning LMB and RMB in the "UI Layer" section of the controls menu. (I use a 4-way or HAT switch for using the mouse in VR) Not sure about the axes - have a look in the "Axes" part of the UI Layer section is my best guess for that.
  14. I don't think you understand why it's there or what it's used for. It isn't a "cheat" it's a training tool. I think DimSim has a valid point - however, after how many years? I can't see ED making a change to it now unless a large amount of the community were unhappy with it and if that was the case we'd have had umpteen posts about it before now.
  15. Take it down usually means destroy it.
  16. Do you mean the default sim training lessons for the F-16?
  17. Shouldn't this be in the "Chit Chat" section? because it looks to me like gossip composed mainly of assumptions. In fact, it actually looks more like baiting, but that's for others to decide...
  18. edit - misread your post - these are full installs?
  19. You must be using the open beta. I just bought it a few minutes ago - at the top it says "Requires DCS World version 2.5.6 or above! " so I thought okay, I'd buy it - but under the requirements it says "You need to have the "Open Beta" version DCS World 2.5 installed on your PC for this product.". Nothing to say. I guess I'll be waiting to try it.
  20. There is another possibility. I have the Virpil T50 (18 months old) and last week I was flying the A-10C when suddenly two of my 4-way hats stopped doing anything in the sim. Everything else on the throttle worked as it should. I continued without using those two hats (all different views, map etc anyway). Just before ending the mission I checked and they were still not working. As soon as I finished flying I switched over to the windows game controller panel and found that everything was working just fine. Restarted DCS World and they were working again, and have done since. That occasion was the only time they haven't worked in any sim. So either a stumble in the DCS code or in the VPC software.
  21. Am I the only person that has seen a huge improvement in VR performance? I must say first that I haven't installed this hotfix (yet) - but after updating my main hardware a couple of months ago I am getting fantastic performance compared to the horror show it was when 2.5 was released, which kept me from flying due to the poor performance and even far better than the usually solid 45fps I used to get before my upgrade. I now have 60fps absolutely solid, all the time - no mods, no special settings, just completely new installation, all the modules in and off I went and down dropped my jaw. The new rig isn't that special, either - i5 9600k with 4.3Ghz on the turbo, a GA Z390D mobo, 32GB DDR4 3200 (double my previous RAM) and a ZOTAC RTX2080Ti (which I kept from the previous build), using Windows on an M2 SATA SSD (the type you fit directly to the motherboard) and DCS World on a Corsair 1TB SSD with a million other games (okay, slight exaggeration, but you get the picture). Settings as per screenshot and I haven't even looked at the PD - so it's at whatever the default setting is.
  22. You can always do resupply between ships (I remember the Courier mission and landing the Ka-50 on a frigate - that was interesting!) and there's always anti-ship stuff plus search & rescue (find the dinghy! Do we have a dinghy in DCSW? If not - why not?).
  23. I'd prefer a Lynx Army or Navy - not bothered.
  24. I'm guessing that's with the mission editor? Unfortunately, it's a few years since I last used that, as well, but nevertheless I may look at this again sometime. I would be quite happy to invest the time required as long as I was confident I could actually get the audio in-sim.
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