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  1. Probably why of the 29 modules I have I fly 3 of them regularly and only touch the others when I'm doing something for my website. I own all of the add-on campaigns yet I've only ever flown two campaigns and they came with the modules! (and two of them are for two of the three I fly) Always telling myself I'll fly the others next but never do. @LeCuvier - do these default files not simply get replaced every time you update? If not I'll kick myself, cos that's the reason I never edited them. Edit - I also have a set of assignments on my HOTAS that I keep the same for every module. I think this makes sense. You very quickly learn where those are - and then you just need to know where the other important ones are, which can still be a bind when you're in VR and suddenly find that all the assignment diagrams you printed out aren't so useful any more - though I have put all of mine onto the kneeboards now. The regular assigns that I never change are views and UI or sim controls - and stuff like "Eject".
  2. I thought that should be possible, but I didn't know how exactly it was done so I didn't mention it. I found a second disc with my 1.2.4 modules on it and at that time there were a grand total of six! And no, they didn't include the F-86F. The 1.2.4 modules: Black Shark 2; A-10C; P-51D; Flaming Cliffs 3; Combined Arms; UH-1H
  3. Schon lange auch kein deutsch gesprochen bzw geshrieben - aber - Du solltest beim höchstens 260km/h den 'Bremfallschirm' einsetzen - sonst fliegt der gleich weg. Ansonsten, wie die Anderen sagen - funktioniert völlig OK bei mir.
  4. @heli3 - where are you located? i.e. what country? I have a large amount of PCs here and might be able to send you an upgrade so you can at least run v1.5.8 - or if you can get a decent enough graphics card, v2.5 - just depends on postage costs. edit - you can pm if you like
  5. Slight issue - it seems 1.2.4 was before the version you want - and the Sabre wasn't released then. The date on my back-up disc is April 2013 - that was before the Sabre. In any case, at the moment my PC can't read the disc - I'll try it in my retro rigs, but in all probability the Sabre won't be on it - sorry. edit - yeah, I can confirm that this backup was on 30th April 2013 and I bought the Sabre in July 2014, so it won't be on it.
  6. There is an option to export your assignments to an html file - but again, you have to do it for each module, and can't do it collectively. What gets my goat is devs using different key assignments for the same thing - or at least, they used to. I rarely look at the keyboard assignments any more, but it's a pain when doing tutorials and you can't just say "ah, I know that this function uses that key" because it may not on another module, so you have to go and check it. The kneeboard is a good example of different modules or devs using different key assignments. I distinctly remember doing a video tute with the L-39 and quoting the key that the other modules had used for it, but then after uploading finding that for that module it was different. e.g. one used simple square brackets to turn the pages and one used Ctrl with square brackets. Whether this has changed in the meantime I don't know - but I hope so because it just doesn't make any sense.
  7. OK I'll have a look and dig it out
  8. Would 1.2.4 do? I have DCS World 1.2.4 on DVD but I would have to check and see if I had the F-86F at that point. I kept the installers for the modules on a DVD, too. edit: I just checked my account and it seems I bought the Sabre in July 2014 - so I should have a back up of the installer.
  9. Might like this: https://youtu.be/Yl1V7yqsbWs or more for your situation:
  10. Ah, things went a bit awry. Remember I said things were slightly delayed because my hay fever was messing with my eyes? Turns out it messed with my voice, too! I've recorded every line for all of the training missions, which also involved re-recording the first five missions which I had done with a poor quality microphone. I just tested the first one last night and you can actually hear the point at which I got affected by the hay fever. For the first half dozen lines my voice is loud and clear - but then it just goes muffled and quieter in comparison - you can clearly hear the change - I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it with my own ears! When I listened after recording in Audacity, the lines sounded just fine - but they weren't. So now I'm going back through every single line again and using some compression to beef up my voice. What a PITA. Never mind, though, I'll get there sometime this year!
  11. Here we are - I open Notepad and type in or paste the full controller names and USB IDs as they appear in DCS World: Then I highlight the first controller name and copy it, then open the Input folder and do a search for that device - you only need to enter part of the name that is unique - here I just searched for "Right" - and up come all the Joystick files from every module: Then I just simply go down the list and highlight each file in turn, press "F2" and then Ctrl-V to replace every file name with the new one. Then I do the other two controllers. Like I said, takes about 10 - 15 minutes and no messing around. The original defualt controller assignment files are in each modules folder in the DCS World installation folders - but I didn't change them there and I don't think you should, because the updater will highly likely just replace them with the old ones on every update, defeating the object. If you can get hold of a batch file for your controller that would be the easiest way - maybe someone here has one for it or will do one for you.
  12. I regularly back up my input files - at the very least, whenever I change any profile for any module. I do have a batch file that will change all the input filenames automatically now, but before, I used to do it this way: When something changes in your rig and the profiles are reset, go into the assignment UI in DCS World and hover your mouse over the title of the controller column. There is probably an easier way to find this in windows, but this is the way I'm used to. I then type out the USB ID address in Notepad. Then I go to the Input folder and do a search of all the files with my controller's name. I then go down the list of results, one at a time, and replace the address with the new one. Takes about 10-15 minutes, where before I adopted this way it used to take several hours to redo everything - even just doing it by reassigning saved profiles took ages - so this way it goes a lot quicker. I'm sure I have some screens of this procedure so I'll go and look for them which will make it easier to see what I'm on about.
  13. Last I looked there were extensive diagrams of all their controllers on the website (done by a Virpil guy), but unfortunately, I don't have a link - I just downloaded the ones I needed and didn't bookmark the page, but it's definitely there.
  14. Good news - I found my old decent but broken Plantronics headset that I had used for previous voice acting and after a bit of soldering, it's working well and the recordings are far louder and better quality. I reckon I should have all the training missions ready for testing within 2 weeks. I'll post them here first so anyone who wants to can help with testing - it would just be checking that nothing is cut off or left out - and then I can then upload them to the user files section sooner.
  15. I probably would be more inclined to go into more detail on modules - I just have so many and so little time for actual flying in addition to my other interests and the family mutt who I spend most of the day watching over and is very demanding/hyperactive. I long for the old days when we had a dog that was happy to just curl up and sleep most of the day and I could clock up lots of hours every day in the cockpit. Oh well - it's not her fault - she's a rescued dog with two previous neglecting owners. I'm determined to learn a lot more on the F-16 though, as I already have a lot of prior knowledge from other sims.
  16. I downloaded a bunch of your training missions - in fact several times, as they were updated - I'm guessing that was for the A-4E, then. So far I only flew the start-up one (I only installed the aircraft a few weeks ago). Was well done, though for my taste it had a bit too much information - I care very little for NATOPS etc, only what is in the module's manual, usually . Basically, if I don't need to know it to operate the plane, I ignore it! (edit - like the C-101).
  17. I'm keen to get on with these and already have a lot done, but it's that time of year when my eyes start streaming all day long from the tree pollen, so there may be a bit of a delay - they are coming, though.
  18. "Price is plus shipping" - yet no price asked? Looks like my memory deficiency is catching!
  19. Well even in a worse case scenario you wouldn't have to do all the assignments again as you can simply import the profiles and then save them with the new ID etc (after a quick check that nothing is amiss - DCS has a nasty habit of auto-assigning buttons you don't want after you've cleared a profile - even had the same button assigned multiple times in the one profile). I know that still takes quite a while, but it's better than doing them all again when it isn't necessary.
  20. Yeah -- I've already recorded the audio for the first 5 training missions and they include the key assignments. I didn't like including them, tbh. Now I've done half with them included, though, I think I should do the same with the rest. It's either that or record the whole lot again...
  21. I prefer 'clean' voice for the tutorials, too - leave the simulation stuff for the missions, I say! As I was saying to SorelRo when we we started doing this - I often feel stupid just repeating what is in the text, because often the English (grammar) is pretty awful. I know most non-English speakers (inlcuding Americans) won't tell the difference, but I feel it dumbs down the whole experience. Don't get me started on terms like "loadout", either!
  22. I used that AV prog for years - it has a very good reputation and they have discovered malware where no single other one did (such as the Discord one that they denied existed for so long and then finally gave in, after telling all their customers to just switch AV off - which is why I will never trust the Discord devs again). One thing that concerns me about DCS World regarding MBAM is that when we had a choice of torrent or http downloading, if I chose torrent every now and then MBAM would flag a connection and stop it. That didn't make the download any slower - but it made me feel a lot safer. Now we don't have a choice, and that bothers me, because I stopped using MBAM and decided to just use the standard MS one. I really dislike downloading anything from the ED now - but it's that or have a huge amount of money wasted, so I do it and just hope for the best. I'm pretty sure I still have a screenshot of one of the flags somewhere.
  23. Okay - I know it's not easy to tell from just an audio recording, but I've amplified the audio as much as I can without making new recordings, be grateful if anyone could give them a listen and see if they sound loud enough. Also, with files 00 and 01 I'd like to know which is preferred - the "stick to the lines" one (01) or the story type (00) version? Thanks
  24. Also, that Su-25T you are maligning was one of the most popular aircraft at one time - plus despite what many here would have you believe, we've been told several times that the FC modules are more popular than the DCS hi-fidelity ones. The purpose of the Su-25T is to let potential customers try that part of the DCS World sim, as well as the hi-fidelity ones they can sample with the T-Mustang.
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