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  1. Ok thanks - I did really like using the 'gaze' method to switch things etc and I'm glad it's still available - being able to hide the cursor is something i think everyone wanted, so great that it's now implemented. I'll be trying the Leap Motion control, too, so I hope there's nothing too radical with it. The way it works in MSFS is too unreliable for me, so hopefully it will be better in DCSW - looks more like the old FlyInside method from the couple of screenshots I've seen, which is no bad thing. Thanks - hopefully ED will update the provided documents at some stage.
  2. Hmm, I looked up and down the list but didn't see it - I'll check again, thanks. I mean where you would simply look at the control you wanted to operate (using the onscreen dot), then use the UI controls - left and right mouse click or mouse-wheel - to operate the control/button/switch. Although the menu and recentre functions are working as before, the mouse controls aren't. I will have a look at the UI section, then, maybe something has happened to the assignments.
  3. I just updated to 2.7 (I had to give up on flight simming for some time) and am finding it difficult to understand what is going on with VR and the various control settings (seems the gaze control I liked so much is gone). I also couldn't find the previous UI profile in the control assignments panel, though the previously assigned controls for recentre and to bring up the menu are still working. Checking the manuals in the sim, I see that they are a few years old and don't explain the new stuff. Is there a document somewhere that does?
  4. Here: https://sites.google.com/view/dcsworldguides/dcs-world-guidesite Must have removed it from my sig. I don't visit the forums very much since they don't have the latest topics listed on the DCS website any more, so if anyone has any questions in future, I recommend sending me a pm, so I should be notified. Cheers.
  5. I don't fly any more, for various reasons, and took my site down a while back as the info was getting a bit old and without flying etc I wouldn't be aware of updates and changes. I also thought that FC4/MAC or whatever it will be called would be out by now and the FC3 info would be of little use, but that hasn't happened. The website has been sat on my Google Drive since, though, and I decided I might as well republish it - but bear in mind that some of the newer modules may well have had things added and procedures changed in the last year or so. I'll leave it up as long as I keep a Google Drive sub. https://sites.google.com/view/dcsworldguides/dcs-world-guidesite
  6. Unfortunately this kind of thing just doesn't happen any more. A long time back, when Black Shark was the only DCS product (excepting Flaming Cliffs of course) there was a "Rookie" group and an open server and it was a lot of fun. I've not seen anything similar since - and that was over 10 years ago. You could always set something up yourself, or ask who is interested, to gauge how popular such a thing would be.
  7. Great - pleased to hear it. Unfortunately, the likelihood of the "Advanced" version being completed are getting remote. I've done the start-up mission, maybe another one or two, but I can't continue with them right now as I have almost lost my voice and it's a long term thing ( a side-effect of medical treatment ) so it may not be released after all - but never say "never". Who knows, maybe in a few months things will be better. I've been unable to fly for some time now, as well, so it's not looking good all round. I'll post again if I can get it finished.
  8. I've been saying this for years - I think it's really appalling that no flight sims offer any kind of voice interaction despite it having been a reliable part of Windows for over 10 years, though all of them have 3rd party add-on voice commands and/or interaction. I'm guessing an excuse would be that non-English or non-native speakers may not be understood, but I don't think that's really a valid one. Paul Endersby put something together years ago that was simplicity itself (I made a few posts showing people how to use it for DCS World and uploaded examples to user files) so it can be done with minimal cost and effort and would massively benefit those who want to take advantage of such a function, as well as increasing the immersion. Maybe in 10 years time?
  9. That wouldn't be much use to those who don't use the pilot model in their cockpits
  10. The radio menu is assigned to my HOTAS - and it works in every other mission I've flown with the F-5 where radio comms is required. The mission files were uploaded this morning - just awaiting approval.
  11. Some enterprising bright spark in the community will doubtless add it as a mod long before any official implementation
  12. Thank you - was about to give up. Everything has been ready since my last post, but I needed to know if the bugs were mine or with the sim. That is weird, though, as it's a new, clean install and zero issues and good performance so far - and no mods at all. I'll probably just upload with the proviso that the guided bombs tute is unlikely to work.
  13. Yup - the helicopters have been some of the best performers in VR for me over 4 different PCs since 1.5 - even when 2.5 was first released and VR took a huge nose-dive I was flying around NTTR with the Gazelle and zero issues, just like prior to that in Normandy with 2.1 at hedgetop height with the Ka-50. Still have a video of that I made for YT. Since then things have gradually got better so if it's that bad for you, you either don't have the right hardware or you have settings or other issues, I'm afraid.
  14. Well I just bought it, but I had yet again forgotten that "release" means open beta - which I don't use (and won't argue about so don't bother, please) and tbh I disagree with the way ED do open beta, but as I can do nothing about that, like with the F-16C I will just wait and do other things in the mean time. Be a nice challenge to fly this helicopter, though, and testing the AI crew performance on release will be interesting.
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