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  1. I do the start-up guides just as they are in the sim - in this case it was as per Wags' video tutorial, as we didn't have a start-up mission in the sim at the time. In fact I think I did this just before or as the module was being released. That's why I state on the page that the guides are 1/2-3 years old and done at a specific stage in their development.
  2. Shouldn't this be in the "Chit Chat" section? because it looks to me like gossip composed mainly of assumptions. In fact, it actually looks more like baiting, but that's for others to decide...
  3. edit - misread your post - these are full installs?
  4. You must be using the open beta. I just bought it a few minutes ago - at the top it says "Requires DCS World version 2.5.6 or above! " so I thought okay, I'd buy it - but under the requirements it says "You need to have the "Open Beta" version DCS World 2.5 installed on your PC for this product.". Nothing to say. I guess I'll be waiting to try it.
  5. There is another possibility. I have the Virpil T50 (18 months old) and last week I was flying the A-10C when suddenly two of my 4-way hats stopped doing anything in the sim. Everything else on the throttle worked as it should. I continued without using those two hats (all different views, map etc anyway). Just before ending the mission I checked and they were still not working. As soon as I finished flying I switched over to the windows game controller panel and found that everything was working just fine. Restarted DCS World and they were working again, and have done since. That
  6. Am I the only person that has seen a huge improvement in VR performance? I must say first that I haven't installed this hotfix (yet) - but after updating my main hardware a couple of months ago I am getting fantastic performance compared to the horror show it was when 2.5 was released, which kept me from flying due to the poor performance and even far better than the usually solid 45fps I used to get before my upgrade. I now have 60fps absolutely solid, all the time - no mods, no special settings, just completely new installation, all the modules in and off I went and down dropped
  7. You can always do resupply between ships (I remember the Courier mission and landing the Ka-50 on a frigate - that was interesting!) and there's always anti-ship stuff plus search & rescue (find the dinghy! Do we have a dinghy in DCSW? If not - why not?).
  8. I'd prefer a Lynx Army or Navy - not bothered.
  9. I'm guessing that's with the mission editor? Unfortunately, it's a few years since I last used that, as well, but nevertheless I may look at this again sometime. I would be quite happy to invest the time required as long as I was confident I could actually get the audio in-sim.
  10. Pretty sure the codes are set in the mission editor, but that may have changed. Might not be the same for the 88.
  11. The problem with YT videos is watching them while trying to learn an aircraft in VR. I would be very happy to make voiceovers for the tutorials and missions/campaigns for every module in DCS if given the chance. I looked at it before but couldn't find out how they had done it, so I'm guessing it isn't possible for a customer to do.
  12. If you look at this page on my website, it shows the settings including the optimum trim for different payloads (step 14). https://sites.google.com/view/dcsworldguides/dcs-world-guidesite/f-5e-tiger-ii
  13. Thanks MemphisBelle - it is actually quite popular. In the past when the site has had issues I get a number of requests for access by DCS users that I never heard of. A couple of virtual squadrons use them, too. That was the main reason I moved the info to Google Sites, because it is pretty secure there (as long as I update the links!) and they don't cost anything above what I pay for the storage there. I can't check how many visitors I have on Google but the previous site had between 12- and 20,000 visits per month. A bit jaw-dropping when I saw that info! You're welcome to link t
  14. Just a note about the pdf requests - I actually made these picture to fit tablets - after doing each one I check it on my 10" android device - as I thought it would be the easiest way for anyone (and myself) to view them. The only pdf converter I have goes the other way - from pdf to jpeg files, but I might be able to do it the other way around with one of my word processors, I'll have a look. Seem to remember a website which will do it, as well. If it is possible, I will host them on Google Drive with the kneeboard versions and anyone will be able to download them then. I'll post
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