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  1. Exactlly. Modules are very close to reality and it is necessary to RTF :). Honestly - I am kind a manual guy, I read manuals often just for get interesting info from it, even if I can handle aircraft very well.
  2. I think training campaign is not really necessary, if there will be a few training missions with walktrough script as are in another modules. I would trade training campaign for good story campaign.
  3. Of course I ret that. Mi24 was pushed many times and silence about it was so much that I not quite believe this. And I wrote "maybe even". My point is Apache will released in less than one year from annoucement. Hind a few years. This what I want to point at. No offense to developers, I am sure they doing an awsome work.
  4. Last newsletter. Hind is pushed to 2Q2021. Apache will be at preorder in February. I will be not suprised if Apache goes out first...
  5. Yes and seems to Apache will be at preorder and maybe even released before Hind. Really ridiculous...apache was announced a few weeks ago... I simply dont understand that...
  6. Yes, mentioned above. Installed hamachi and copy Hamachi net IP to a manual set IP in multiplayer session.
  7. Never mind, Hamachi did the trick.
  8. dcs.logHello all, I have a similar issue with hosting a multiplayer session as many others. I have port 10308 open in my router, set exceptions for this port in windows defender (firewall), my friend locate me with right IP adress, I see my server in my profile on website, but if I entered to details, I see a wrong IP adress, wrong name, etc. In log I see that IPV6 and IPV4 are set corretly, it says that port seems to be open... I dont have any clue what else could be wrong. I red a lot of topics about this in here, in reddit, etc. I tried everything I found but no luck.
  9. Is this what you mean? I am afraid that it was mention in compare to Apache...
  10. Video with Hind over Latakia is really nice, but it is not kind of look what we have done video, like in F-xx aircraft was in this state of development. It is some kind of by the way info. And yes, probably I did not noticed Hind in haloween sale video. My mistake. Maybe I am not express quite right, I am sorry, but I think you just trying to skew my point. I feel in your post disregard a mockery. And that is excatly the problem. Comunication with comunity. All over again. We are asking questions for years and months a we geting only a lack of information. And you, as a probably
  11. Preciesely... big ass hype for apache - while Hind is strongly neglected in every way. Do you remember any this kind of hype video about Hind? I am not. Everything is more important than Hind, even answers we ask for a months, for a years. Like it is black sheep even before born. I wish it´s not, but I am starting to think politics has the role in it.
  12. Do you know if this will be some kind of online stream prezentation or should I expect just a standard facebook post / news in here in forum?
  13. Acording to a new changelog it seems like Huey multicrew finally comes. Maybe it is very good news for a Hind either :). Introduced multi-crew for DCS UH-1H Huey. Added the ability to play with multi-crew for the UH-1H. Up to four crewstation are available for cooperative play: pilot, co-pilot, left gunner and right gunner (if they are added in missions). Added multi-crew missions for the UH-1H helicopter. Known Issues during playing with multi-crew: Possible desynchronization of the state (visualization) of the helicopter in case of damage and when reque
  14. Hi, In my opinion, the old pain with ED is coming up to light again. And that is a way of comunication to fan base. It´s better and better, that´s is a fact, but... At the begining of the year they post some kind of big word promises and then changing their states in silence during the year. We dont forget to our rotorwings fans or something like that. Result? We have updated cockpit of Ka-50, no matter how I like it (I fly with 50) I have to say is far from promises. Video from summer with Hind over Syria made me believe that we can have Hind till Christmas. Since that video we do
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