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  1. Thank you Chuck!. Although it is a pity that the Harrier guide has been suspended
  2. Works for me , I see the inverted chevrons at night
  3. Rapax

    Course Attack

    I hadn't thought about it, I shall make use of Digital Map. many thanks for the explanation.
  4. Rapax

    Course Attack

    i will try that. Thanks Vakarian.
  5. Rapax

    Course Attack

    Hello If I see a column of vehicles in TPÔD Can anybody tell me How can I know The course of those vehicles In order to aligned myself and attack in a single pass?. Thanks
  6. Hola Eduardo. Mira a ver si te vale esto. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3312200/
  7. Antes de hacer la reparación intentare instalarlo otra vez según tus indicaciones. Gracias Rudel.
  8. Hola, lo instale a través del gestor de mods OVgme. No se, pensé que el mod estaba preparado ya para ovgme Lo curioso es que elimine el mod. Intentare una reparación. Gracias!
  9. Hola. Instale el mod VPC-AIRFIELD EQUIPMENT y me salen estas líneas rojas. Alguien sabe que puede haber pasado?. Lo desinstale pero sigue apareciendo. Ruddel, si lees esto dime algo, creo que es un mod que editaste tu o algo parecido , ya no recuerdo.
  10. pushing the DESG button and TDC aft. Must appear TGT instead of STP
  11. Rapax

    Beety warning

    Hi all sorry if it has been answered but when autopilot disengage I do not hear the warning, Someone can tell me something? Thanks
  12. I'm not so sure but during start up sounded warning tones that now cannot be heard :huh:
  13. Errr, Hi beppe, nice missions What am I supposed to input the coordinates that tell me jtac in that format?? Thanks
  14. I have put a SA-10 battery and has intercepted my 4 Harms. The good thing is that they did not shoot at me. :-))
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