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  1. Just bought the books :-) Awesome thank you!
  2. same for me on the F-14B affects rearm, electric power and ground air supply. Just hooked up my T.16000 and was going nuts thinking it was the throttle curves. :-/
  3. So next question, when's it gunna be on Steam for Mac :)
  4. Hehe I'm glad I didn't write that FCS code :)
  5. Hey, case I've done this. Have a look in the servman handling of the on_damage events. Msg me over at 3qn. You'll have to use lua though :)
  6. Think I'll get the next iMac update too and an iPad for watching TV, web etc replacing my macbook pro. You should be good to go if you've installed the win7 bootcamp drivers. http://support.apple.com/downloads/#macoscomponents
  7. Yep, now is that a dead pixel or a T-50 sitting on my 6 :)
  8. Think we start a poll on how late the jet will be, closest wins a copy of FC 10.0 :)
  9. F-35's forward-looking infrared sensor :P
  10. Doesn't that need TV/IR cams facing all directions , I can't see any hanging of it?
  11. Your are wrong there they have been upgraded far beyond the original capability.
  12. What's the bet the F-35 ends up costing more than a Raptor and gets cut even further. I'm with Carlo bring on the F22 and UCAVs.
  13. I sold all mine on Ebay and got a good price, most simmers will look there. Good luck with your CPL and if you get a chance watch Ice Pilots, great series. http://www.icepilots.com/ Cheers Mugs
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