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  1. Now see, we're a different culture and tradition.

    With me and mine, when a person acts like an asshole, then he's an asshole. A snake isn't //sometimes// a snake.
    Otherwise? a good old boy angry and upset and stressed, and drunk ... he'll show his colors. Is he an asshole? or just a prick?

    A pompous jerk who spews shit at a person who's only been honest? that person is worst of all ... Flanky.

    2+2 ... contradict that, asshole


    1. BenTremblay


      You insisted I wanted something? you demanded to know what I wanted?
      Only shows that you insist and demand.

      Actually? in truth? the fact? I have lost everything ... I have nothing to gain ... me and mine have accepted death.
      Your ruining the world is the only reality that matters.

      2+2 ... that's actually a zen joke.
      "Humility", heard of it? it's what Alexander never had.

      p.s. I linked Flanky to a wonderful clip from the movie of Henry V ... and Flanky just got insulted.
      Fakers are always brittle. Is why my test seldom fails: I test by poking.

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