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  1. Now see, we're a different culture and tradition.

    With me and mine, when a person acts like an asshole, then he's an asshole. A snake isn't //sometimes// a snake.
    Otherwise? a good old boy angry and upset and stressed, and drunk ... he'll show his colors. Is he an asshole? or just a prick?

    A pompous jerk who spews shit at a person who's only been honest? that person is worst of all ... Flanky.

    2+2 ... contradict that, asshole


    1. BenTremblay


      You insisted I wanted something? you demanded to know what I wanted?
      Only shows that you insist and demand.

      Actually? in truth? the fact? I have lost everything ... I have nothing to gain ... me and mine have accepted death.
      Your ruining the world is the only reality that matters.

      2+2 ... that's actually a zen joke.
      "Humility", heard of it? it's what Alexander never had.

      p.s. I linked Flanky to a wonderful clip from the movie of Henry V ... and Flanky just got insulted.
      Fakers are always brittle. Is why my test seldom fails: I test by poking.

  2. Congratulations to Savior for the win! check out the up-to-date DCS Leaderboard here: https://sa-sim.com/dcs-leaderboard/ Season 9 is on now. Join our community here and start competing against other fellow DCS players: https://discord.gg/Rz77eFj
  3. At last! The brackets for the brown and black belts are out! https://sa-sim.com/tournaments/?mode=brackets&tournid=7
  4. Purple Belt division is kicking off and again top 4 will win a ticket for a run in the Brown Belt brackets! https://sa-sim.com/tournaments/?mode=brackets&tournid=6 This is definitely not the one day do it all type of competition but despite the fact that it is taking more time to progress from one division to another, it is a LOT of fun and it does serve its purpose: to allow people to compete in a progressive way, gain experience in the process and potentially end up playing more matches! We also have some exciting new features coming up for our DCS ladders! Stay tuned! 1v1 BFM
  5. White/Blue division brackets are out! https://sa-sim.com/tournaments/?mode=brackets&tournid=5 Top 4 players will advance into the Purple division.
  6. Registration for BFM FOR ALL T1 is now closed for White and Blue Belt. The brackets will be out today so that you can see who is your opponent and start arranging for your match at the earliest possible. Registration is still open for Purple Belt, Brown Belt and Black Belt as they wait for those who will qualify from the lower divisions. An assessment sortie is required to join Purple and above. Join The Dojo and send a PM to "Flanky": https://discord.gg/Rz77eFj
  7. Quick Update: The best players from each belt division will also enter the next higher division to play against higher belts and will get promoted in case of victory over a higher belt. That is in addition to ranking points, which players earn depending on how far they have gone in the tournament. We are reaching a decent amount of players now for this first tournament, so hurry up if you would like to register! Join The Dojo Discord server and we will assist you with creating an account and signing up! Remember, match scheduling is reasonably flexible. You play your matches whe
  8. Yes, still open for registration. Join The Dojo and I will set you up: https://discord.gg/Rz77eFj
  9. The only thing that is not allowed is disabling the fcs channels in the 18. Aside from that, we understand that this is a competition in dcs world not the real one. Nobody is going to care if you overg your airplane, just respawn and pick a new one. We play the game the way it is in its current state and we evolve with it. Thanks.
  10. Added the Absolute Division for people who do not mind fighting any skill level. Note that the Absolute division is optional so participants can sign up for both, their own belt class and the absolute division if desired. https://sa-sim.com/tournaments/?mode=rules&tournid=9 ABSOLUTE DIVISION This is for anybody regardless of skill level. Players can sign up for the Absolute Division in addition to their own belt category if desired. This class is suitable for people who do not mind fighting any skill level.
  11. BFM For All - 1v1 Tournament Series By SA-SIM.COM BFM FOR ALL is a new 1v1 tournament series concept that is based on making participants of similar level compete against each other in 5 martial art inspired color coded classes ranging from white to black, commonly referred to as belts: WHITE BELTS DCS users who are still new to BFM and would like to try it out in a friendly, supportive and fun environment. BLUE BELTS Intermediate BFM players who know BFM fundamentals but who still need practice to reach the advanced level. Think of this class as "intermediate".
  12. Simple thing is that this is a game, not real life. Nobody is contesting your legitimacy as a real world former fighter pilot but what you are ultimately trying to do here is using a ruleset that was designed for real jets and real air combat in a video game. This is a simulator, one of the finest but at the end of the day, it is still a video game in nature. I am not saying it's easier or harder to learn than the real thing, I am saying that competing in DCS and in real life are 2 different animals, with each presenting its own challenges. No disrespect, Mover, but although you are a v
  13. Flying high is good to build SA (don't contrail though). But once you get a launch warning or suspect/assume a missile is on the way, take it to the hard deck. There is a huge difference between high and low altitude when it comes to defeating a missile. Air is much denser down low so that gives you more maneuverability while at the same time, increases drag and forces the missile to bleed off much more speed when maneuvering. Unlike you, the missile has limited energy and no refill option so if you make it work constantly, it will become slower than your jet. Try also to make it hit th
  14. Very useful tutorial, autopilot was driving me nuts. Now I understand how it works and where to look. Thanks a lot.
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