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  1. I just hope the FHM is going to be able to continue on the 262 with the Jumo 004s, they've had to close because of covid and there have been no updates since. A terrible place for a museum to be in. If it matters I'd also like to add my voice to the "yes, i'd gladly take a 262 over a Hellcat".
  2. For now they're focused on the Typhoon, so even if they will thats still a lot of time until then.
  3. Etirion

    DCS 2.7

    If there are terrain changes, that always results in big download sizes.
  4. Has the AMK been ordered anywhere yet (perhaps for the German T4 aircraft)? I can't find any news that states it'll be installed on operational Jets, but perhaps you know more.
  5. No, Vulkan isnt part of the 2.7 plans, thats expected for the 3rd quarter: Official News 2021 - Official Updates - ED Forums (eagle.ru)
  6. An interesting video I found about the IRIS-T, its in German, but i think particularly the timestamped bit with an over-the-shoulder shot is quite interesting to everyone. (3:25min for the timestamp)
  7. When the 2021 and beyond video released, Kate said in discord "no, not in two weeks, more like in two months'"
  8. The DDI's are powered by the generators, so the APU or battery will not power them, I'm not sure whether they should work or not with ground power, but you might need to use the ground power switches on the left console, above the light switches and next to the Fire Test switch. Above them, below the emergency dispense button is a list of what those switches do in what position. Waypoints and such are loaded with the data-cartridge, that should be implemented at some point, but isnt yet. However data is usually loaded automatically, looking at NATOPS this should be possible to be d
  9. Someone already did in this reddit post! Podcast with Gero Finke of TrueGrit about Eurofighter development and other stuff (German - key points summarized inside) : hoggit (reddit.com)
  10. That looks great! Fantastic texture quality and lots of detail in the mesh
  11. In a recent interview in German, Gero said that the Pirate screenshots are currently only eye-candy. Like others said, they're focusing on the German one first. Make sure to have a look at the FAQ: FAQ Eurofighter Typhoon - Page 7 - DCS: Eurofighter - ED Forums (eagle.ru) and here is the interview: Die Simulanten | Episode 7: Der Eurofighter von TrueGrit – Cruiselevel | Flugsimulation | News
  12. Ich glaube kaum, dass hier jemand einfach so irgendwelche Sachen ausplaudert, die meißten die hier schreiben sind einfach nur Interessierte virtuelle Hobby-Piloten die gar keinen Zugriff zu soetwas haben und die die das tun wissen schon was man sagen kann oder nicht, ist ja auch schließlich deren Job und im extremfall Leben das davon abhängt, dass nicht zu viele Infos da draußen sind.
  13. For those not on hoggit: New images of volumetric clouds in DCS from the weekly newsletter (steam) : hoggit (reddit.com)
  14. The same way they affect flight in real life and dont just look pretty there?
  15. So it seems most of the research is complete, really hope its not going to be a long time after the mossie.
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