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  1. Tirak

    Community A-4E-C

    The 4 Missile A-4s are not the ones currently modeled, but I know of several folks who have edited things like that. I don't know how to do it, but if you ask around I'm sure someone can send you a file. The radar screen doesn't double as the walleye's targeting screen. It is replaced by a TV screen instead, so it would require a remodel of the cockpit to be realistic even if it's possible at all.
  2. Tirak

    Community A-4E-C

    The A-4E can be flown in multiplayer, the mission just needs to have the aircraft. However, this isn't all that popular as if the A-4E is on the server, everyone joining must have the aircraft installed.
  3. Tirak

    MIG-23 UB

    If he's going for a full external flight model, not soon is your best bet. As far as I know, no one's made a supersonic flight model, much less a super sonic flight model for a swing wing aircraft that didn't have access to the SDK, so if this project ever actually goes anywhere, I'd measure the flight model development time in years.
  4. The way me and my buddy do it is a simple handoff. If I think I've got the better chance I'll call "Radar is mine". If he thinks he has the better chance or it's outside of range he'll say something akin to"Give me back the radar" which I'll then either respond a negative or "You have the Radar." If I don't take the radar by using the PLM or calling it, the RIO keeps trying to do his job. If you want to remind the pilot he might have an easier time that's fine, but until the pilot takes the initiative you're running the microwave.
  5. The simple fact of the matter is, that I can fly a early 90s US F-4E in a 1960s Vietnam style map. Limiting the weapons will go a long way, and it will be perfectly compatible with online servers. I cannot fly an early F-4B in a 1990s style map and be anything better than a supersonic trainer in terms of effectiveness. The F-4E we're getting will have a role on servers populated with F-18s, F-18s, MiG-29s and SU-27s. The modernization of its avionics to give it a decent ground attack capability allows it to serve as an accurate precision striker. An F-4B offers no greater capability than an
  6. Tirak


    Why do y'all want a transport biplane in DCS? Serious question, I'm rather surprised to see so much support for an aircraft with very little role.
  7. Tirak

    MIG-23 UB

    It's important to remember that building an SFM does not lead into building an EFM. They are coded in two different ways. So a module released with an SFM is only wasting time if they intend to move on to an EFM.
  8. Tirak

    MIG-23 UB

    Do you plan on exploring the multicrew system that the MB-339A developers have been working on?
  9. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3864209&postcount=509
  10. Buddy of mine and I have been trying to get SRS to work consistantly and having some serious problems. He can't seem to access the forums, but I was with him when we were testing to make things work.
  11. Delete your whole A-4E-C file then apply the new version.
  12. I don't have them up, besides the radar display in the cockpit is the wrong one for Walleyes, and the stick is the wrong one for Bullpups.
  13. Maybe we'll get lucky and when ED codes the Walleye and the Bullpup for the Hornet it'll be another Shrike moment.
  14. Um, what? You literally open the link, then click A-4E-C v1.3.zip and it downloads to your desktop...
  15. It cannot be done. Licensing agreements with the original model maker and the like means that the Community A-4E-C team cannot turn it over to ED for full implementation, even if ED were inclined to do so.
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