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  1. Ok man, no need to get pissy, just pointing out a small error.
  2. Just to be that pedantic asshole, it's spelled Bismarck, not Bismark.
  3. As mentioned in the title, half of the parking spots at Wujah are unusable for fixed wing aircraft for no discernable reason, while rotary wings have access to all spots. It's such a beautiful airport it's a shame you can't place more than 3 aircraft like the yak or CE2
  4. When Cyprus is added, we'll get the Akrotiri range, which is just south of RAF Akrotiri airbase.
  5. Hijacking this thread to suggest a scrollable tactical map, so we can move it around and not be stuck with the default views which are either too zoomed in to be useful, or zoomed out so far as to make reading it very hard at best.
  6. Might I suggest a French P-47D. The "Ardennes" fighter group was actually formed at Rayak (Lebanon) in 1943.
  7. Hi, Could someone make a livery of LanceR C No. 6807 ? I had the chance to sit in it and chat with the pilot at RIAT 2019 and would love to have it in game with the new exterior materials. Cheers
  8. Thanks. Personally I think that the downward visibility is rather great as is, but by default the right side, with its waypoint info etc, is clipped by the HUD frame, which is rather bizarre, and the horizon line, backup pipper and often the TVV (on takeoff for instance) is fully hidden. I guess it's not an issue for the VR/TIr folks, but might prove reaaaaally annoying for the others, and it doesn't match the behaviour of any HUD I can think of, besides perhaps the Viggen. All others display all the info on the glass at a glance. I think it might be cause the HUD is rendered too cl
  9. Is that HUD rendering gonna stay like that ? Liking the new pit so far (text is finally easily legible), but I feel I need to stuff my face in the HUD glass to see all the info on there, seems very odd to me. Can't think of another plane where that is an issue, so to speak. Can the SMEs confirm the HUD is rendered right ?
  10. Just a tiny niggle, but the message from the ground crew acknowledging your request to update the DTC feels a tiny bit off. I fixed it myself in my install, but if the message could be changed to something like "Copy! Updating the DTC now" or something similar it would feel a little bit less awkward and engrish. Cheers.
  11. I figured it out : 1 : Record your custom files in wav format and name them like the stock ones. 2 : Place them in a "CE" folder next to the other voice pack folders (DCS\Mods\aircraft\JF-17\Sounds\Effects) 3 : Go into DCS\Mods\aircraft\JF-17\Sounds\sdef\Cockpit 4 : Copy the sdef files from the "EN1" folder into the normally empty "CE" folder. 5 : Open all the sdef files (with notepad++ or similar) and change the "wave = "/Effects/EN1/[FileName]" to "wave = "/Effects/CE/[FileName]" 6 : Select "CUSTOMIZED" as the voice pack in the special options. 7 : E
  12. Done that, still don't hear it. Is there a specific format it needs, are my titles wrong ? I've tried with an instant action too, triggering the warning message by switching FCS modes, can't hear anything with my file, works with the default ones.
  13. Is there anything else we need to do to have custom voices ? I recorded wav files and named them like the original ones, and they're placed into a CE folder next to the others and I still can't hear them. What am I missing ?
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