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  1. Re-code the sketch used, changing the name and VID/PID (if available) is the "easiest" way.
  2. An sliding bearing MOD for TWCS is available: https://www.etsy.com/listing/885326705/impulse-slider-thrustmaster-t16000m
  3. One thing you may can consider is upgrade Simped USB controller - eg. with Bu0836A, MMJoy2, FreeJoy... the original controller is from end of 1990's and has only 4 bits (128 points) resolution.
  4. You can use any throttle that work as standalone controller, know models: Thrustmaster TWCS throttle Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle Thrustmaster TQS - with TUSBA adapter, or converted for standalone with Arduino, BU0836A... CH PRO throttle Saitek X-52 throttle Saitek-X55/56 throttle VirPil T50CM throttle (any V#) GVL224 throttles (custom made by order) Kantorrini throttle (made by order) And the "to be released after Chinese Lunar New Year" VKB TECS throttle (just is not known what year they refer to). And to be released (?
  5. Can be paired with Gladiator Mk.II or any other brand joystick: "Needless to mention, THQ is fully capable of being a standalone usb device that can be used as an addition to any gaming ecosystem of any brand".
  6. Use Joystick Gremlin+vJoy for have features similar of Manager.
  7. Yes: "Standalone amplifier to connect load cells to any standard analogue input" You need one of these amplifier for each load cell, their output goes for an analog input of you USB controller. Probable find these amplifiers in Aliexpress.
  8. VKB electronic adapter is for manage Warthog Shift Register of 3x CD4021 = 24 buttons, in Warthog/F-18 grips are used 19 buttons +POV HAT (4) = 23 buttons. CH Fighterstick has 16 buttons + POV HAT (4), so theoretically you can use more 4 buttons, but better ask in VKB forum if the adapter translate all Shift register 24 buttons or even more.
  9. Is not need use T-Link software for have virtual "differential brakes" emulation if plug the pedals in a black box or Gladiator base, just load a profile for Gunfighter or Gladiator with rudder virtual brakes axes incorporated. Get T-Rudder with black box will be convenient when decide buy a new pedal (VKB are talking about a 3 axes pedal) for sell the
  10. AstroNomad The (proprietary) connector in VKB adapter is pressed in the place, probable you will destroy something trying take appart. I think that will be more easy - if feasible, modify CH grip base for fit in VKB adapter. BTW - You need a 3xCD4021 shift register PCB inside CH grip for "talk" with VKB electronic adapter, what will require too redo the connections (actually a 5x4 matrix) of buttons and HAT's.
  11. Yes, but only for planes with "Wheel brakes" command only, e.g. Spitfire, Mig-15, 21... these planes have native "differential brakes" modeled (wheel brakes + rudder for ground turns). But this option don't solve the issue of taxi maneuvers for planes with "toe brakes", e.g. P-51, Bf 109. For this planes I set a button in stick, trigger in VKB Gladiator (mode 2 = green led), in VKB T-Link software for press the two virtual axis need for use as brakes. In games, e.g. DCS, IL-2 CloD set this two virtual axis of T-Link software for left and right wheel brakes
  12. I fly warbirds and use VKB pedal without "drama with toe brakes".
  13. The format of magnet is not too issue, but magnet can't leave the sensor area, or crazy things happens, what your drawing show difficult will work. Anyway find a way to try your magnet and sensor placement idea before start build. Better put two magnets in opposite sides of axis tube (N-S) oriented, and put the sensor in the middle of tube inside the N-S field. Consider use ready to use Hall sensor "potentiometer", like Bi-Tech 6120 series, pay attention to "effective electric angle", if get a wrong model you plan may fail. Or more advanced easy to use
  14. VKB say that will release their TECS throttle after the Chinese Lunar New Year - but are not clear about the year. If you can wait this "release", in meantime use the center dial in NXT base as throttle, is an analog axes. VKB SEM modules -teaser at ~$50 each, are good "band aid" temporary solution, but they are not in sales yet. The more cheap alternatives of standalone (at least in MSRP) is Thrustmaster TWCS or CH PRO Throttle.
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