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  1. Posted in il2strumovik.ru, don't know if seller send worldwide. Laser cut metal parts kit for Cougar upgrade, pole with threads machined. Sales topic (in Russian) https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/14662-кит-набор-для-сборки-механику-рус-cougar/
  2. Just click with mouse. But the (obsolete) Windows Game Controllers calibration tool should not be used (e.g. VKB and VirPil don't recommend use it), instead use DVIEW, DXTweak2/64. An potmter, sensor have a "effective electric angle", if they are 360º and you controler can turn only 180º will loose axis resolution, because the voltage variation will be not the - e.g. 0 to 5v expected by USB controller ADC, but 0 ~ 2.5v. That's why potmeter made for joystick (gamepd, R/C controls) industry have custom "effective electric" angle, e.g. 32º. This models are rare
  3. Try with other name in "USB name" that not MMjoy2 - used previous. E.g. Panel1, Panel2... Think that bug in (v20161101) is something related with buttons above # 32, some are not reported.
  4. Work, I have done this several times, but is need clear in Windows Register the previous, try do this manually with Regedit.
  5. For each board you can use individual VID/PID combination using numbers from 0000 to 9999 and for name any with up to 10 characters*, e.g. Panel1, Panel2... * Back in time during MMjoy2 development are talk about increase this limit, don't know if was was done.
  6. Additional, before change change VID/PID and name is need remove the previous e.g. 8888/8888 from Windows Register, or Windows Games Controller will not recognize the new ID, although games recognize, is just a Windows thing. Try with the button "Clear sets" in MMJoySetup software or use Windows Register tool.
  7. A simple way is using JoyToKey, up to 2 buttons per axis (bellow 50%, above 50%). A more elaborated is Joystick Gremlin, can divide the axis in bands for press more buttons.
  8. Center detent is intende for space games, SC, ED... wheres throttle >50% move spaceship front, and <50% move spaceship back.
  9. No practical diference in send an new grip buttons and HAT through MSSFB2 circuit or L.Bodnar board - if the grip has up to 8 buttons + POV HAT, MSFFB2 circuit limit. But even in this case will be more easy attach the wires in Bodnar board, than in MSFFB2 circuit buttons connections - half is in the base, and the ones in the grip need the PCB under HAT as "diode matrix", that need be keep for new grip, or made a PCB replacement = more work. This is explained in this video.
  10. Probable just render, but seems a good compromise for plane and heli, removable grips.
  11. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/17504-digital-magnetic-sensor-for-control-devices-_by-komaroff/?tab=comments#comment-275428
  12. Relative to your original question "best cheap rudder pedal" you have this options, bellow $200 - when find in normal stores (e.g. Mypilotstore) and not in scalpers hand. Thrustmaster TFRP - Cessna 177 like, too narrow. No reason for buy unless find for low price <$100. CH PRO Pedal - a bit more width, but still narrow. Vintage design, obsolete 1999 electronics (8 bits USB controller - 256 axis positions USB controllers).* Logitech (ex-Saitek) G PRO Flight Rudder Pedals. Saitek "quality" inherited, no spare/replacement parts, so disposable out of warranty
  13. The HAT's on top of grip are soldered in an PCB and this is not available as spare parts. The side thumb HAT are modular and available in Mouser, Digikey, under APEM brand, for ~$35. An HAT can be "overhauling" replacing the four tactile micro switches inside, of course require DIY skill and tools.
  14. Now more compact, maybe suitable for Suncon F-15, CH case (not tested yet). Working angle - 30 ° (+/- 15 °). Two types of bearings used: MR104 (4x10x4mm) - 12 pcs. (cams and pushers); 6700 (10x15x4mm) - 4 pcs. (axes). Hardware: Self-tapping screw black 3.5x20mm - 4pcs; Countersunk screw M4x20mm - 4 pcs; Countersunk screw М4х35mm - 2 pcs; Countersunk screw М4х45mm - 2 pcs; Nut М4 - 6 pcs; Washer М4 enlarged - 6 pcs; Washer М4 conical - 6 pcs.
  15. You can bet that the damper in MFG kit came from Aliexpress.
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