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  1. Griff, I get exactly the same thing on my 5k+. Sometimes when flying at night, each eye shows city lights very differently. It can look like a grid of lights stretched right across the ground to the horizon. Totally messed up. And then sometimes, it renders correctly. No idea why the difference. And yes, zooming in fixes it, but you can't play like that all the time
  2. You don't NEED base stations, you can use the headset gyros for 3dof. Apparently it works pretty well from what I've heard. But **** that, I'd hate not having 6dof. I don't use the hand controllers in DCS at all. HOTAS and mouse/kb. There is a reasonable nose gap in my 5k+, but I got mine 18 months ago. Don't know if that shape has changed in production since. I use it to look down at my button boxes, but it somehow isn't visible when looking straight ahead. So it's perfect for both. I have a caucasian nose btw, so if you're asian you could have a bigger gap there! My wife is asian and d
  3. LLC to a fairly high level (5 or 6? Asus) to prevent voltage droop, vCore 1.34, multi to 50, no AVX offset. You might need a little more or less vCore. I delidded mine and used liquid metal to make it run 20C cooler, but it was still fine without doing so. I think my chip is middle of the road, seen better, seen worse. It runs 5.1 without issue if HT is off, and that helps a fair bit in DCS. Mostly I keep it 4C/8T though at 5GHz.
  4. Definitely get a 3080. I have a 7700K@5ghz, 32GB 3600 and just upgraded from 1080Ti to 3080. Exactly what you are considering. Do it, get a 3080. It made a huge difference in VR. CPU and GPU frametimes are now mostly the same. Obviously it changes in different situations, but they match well. My 7700K gets 520 single core in Cinebench R20. AMDs new CPUs will better that by about 20%, but it's not enough to justify an upgrade yet for me. I'll wait for 5nm and see how that goes.
  5. Visually spotting enemy missiles from a distance is a bit screwed atm. But mostly because of how DCS draws stuff. If you're close to a SAM (<10nm for example), you can see it easily. But go just a little further away, and DCS stops rendering it completely. Zoom in, and you can see the smoke trails again, etc. It's more a DCS problem, not VR resolution imho. It's the same with aircraft. Look in the direction of approaching aircraft, you see nothing. Zoom in, and suddenly you see contrails. You should see them without any zoom of course, just smaller. So if you are looking in the right ar
  6. I have a 5k+. It looks just fine, but obviously can't compete with 4k panels for resolution. You will be giving up detail. However, in the hornet, it is pretty good. I'd say it's good enough without being GREAT. You will have to lean in a bit to see smaller details on MFDs, but the rest is very good. I have no real complaints with it. However, you do get the wide FoV. I can't give that up. I'd rather lean in now and then, than look through scuba goggles again. The wide FoV is much more immersive for me. Others will disagree ofc. So I'm waiting to see if 8kX gets a price drop, or even bet
  7. Not sure if you mean something like I reported...? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=284826 This is a problem many of us have noticed. The "solution" apparently is to turn off MSAA if you have it on. It happens on the supercarrier for me, but once airborne it goes away.
  8. Friend of mine got the eye tracker for his 5k+, and it drops fps in DCS by 20%. So yeah, don't look to that for an improvement! I was quite keen to get eye tracking for my 5k+, but that is now a hard pass. Pimax say it will only help when you are GPU bound.
  9. CPU heavy run: fpsVR Report: App: DCS HMD: Pimax 5K Plus (89.999 Hz, IPD 63.0) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 ( CPU: Intel® Core i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz Delivered fps: 59.52 Duration: 4.6min. GPU Frametimes: Median: 13.2 ms 99th percentile: 17.2 ms 99.9th percentile: >30 ms frametime <11.1ms(vsync): 3.6% CPU frametime: Median: 12.5 ms 99th percentile: 21.7 ms 99.9th percentile: >30 ms frametime <11.1ms(vsync): 38.9% Max. SteamVR SS: 42% Render resolution per eye: 3320x2048(by SteamVR settings, Max.) (HMD driver recommended: 5120x3160) https://flic.k
  10. Snake122, I also hated using smart smoothing on my 5k+ with a 1080Ti. The double vision was annoying. But with the 3080 it actually works really well. You won't need it anymore, but it's a genuine option now. Seems you need to hold about 60fps minimum for smart smoothing to "work" properly in my opinion. With my 3080 I get 60 minimum, usually 70-80+ at any sort of altitude. Max FoV, 1.5 pitool, 2x msaa. Even at 70-80fps, when rolling quickly there is a definite stutter in the framerate. Not bad, but it's there. With smart smoothing the roll feels smooth. I'm still undecided whether I nee
  11. Quick update. After messing around with various settings I have settled on this for now with my 5k+: 2976x2448, msaa 2x, 1.5 pitool, normal fov. PG F18 freeflight is 70fps. Nice and clean picture, jaggies almost entirely gone. Pretty happy with that. Definite upgrade from the 1080Ti. 7700K@5Ghz, 32GB 3600, 3080.
  12. 7700K@5ghz, 32GB 3600 CL16, Gigabyte 3080 Gaming OC.
  13. I just got my 3080 and have done some quick tests. Don't have time to show comparison fspVR results or anything atm. But my GPU frametimes came way down. It's now roughly equivalent to cpu frametimes. PG freeflight F18, with 1080Ti I was getting 45-50fps on max fov 5k+, no SS. With 3080, normal fov, 1.25 SS in pitool, 82fps. Not equivalent tests I know, but quite a nice overhead to have now. If I had to guess, my gpu frametimes came down something like 7ms
  14. This is what I get in persian gulf f18 freeflight. You can see the CPU frametimes easily beating the GPU. (7700K@5ghz/1080Ti). Should have my 3080 in a couple of days, and expect to see frametimes come down atleast a few ms. If I disable hyperthreading, CPU frametimes come down even further but HT is ON at the moment because of FS2020. About 45-50fps.
  15. Tried it again today - and could not reproduce the glitch. SRS overlay was still up. But it was happening consistently for several days beforehand. However, most of the decks I spawned on were empty today - only my jet. It might have something to do with statics or other jets on the deck? I'll try more servers after work and let you know.
  16. The right half of my right eye is glitching black as I pan around, but only on the deck of the supercarrier. This was fine before the last patch - never seen this problem before. Anyone else getting this or know why? Once airborne, or spawning literally anywhere else, the game renders perfectly. Pimax 5k+, max FoV.
  17. Loving my 5k+ on widest FoV. It is fantastic for immersion and close formation flying. I might consider a G2 for the clarity, but going back to ski goggle field of view would really suck.
  18. Another option is OVR Toolkit, where you can simply bring a window or entire monitor into your VR game.
  19. Good to hear Snake122! It's so nice to know your GPU is finally pulling its weight haha. And yes, I also have 1080Ti and can benefit from lower GPU frametimes.
  20. TWC_SLAG, if your cpu is a K then definitely overclock it. Otherwise you might not see much difference.
  21. Snake122, did you try pitool 262? Every version of pitool before this one left my GPU severely under used. But with 262 it is now 95% or more. Yes DCS has performance issues, but pitool was clearly a serious bottleneck also.
  22. Thankyou DarrylX444! I just tried it and got a large performance boost. Caucasus instant action freeflight in hornet, went from almost 60fps to 80fps. GPU usage is well up, at about 95% now. I can even go to full fov from medium, and still get 10fps more than previously. It seems to stutter slightly for me though, when pulling hard through a turn for example, which I didn't have before even though running at the lower framerate. Smartsmoothing fixes that, but I don't like smartsmoothing, It warps the image and introduces artifacts I find distracting. Still, it's a great improvement and w
  23. Friend of mine and I have been comparing benchmark results in DCS with our similar, but different systems. He has 6600K@4.6, 32GB DDR3 with 2080Ti. I have 7700K@5.1 32GB DDR4 3600 with 1080Ti. We both have Pimax 5k+. I generally beat him in FPS, as it mostly comes down to CPU. However, he can afford to push supersampling and MSAA, while I can afford neither. So don't expect a new GPU to give you lots of extra FPS, but it seems it can certainly help with attaining higher resolutions and image quality. For example, we both normally run normal FoV (medium), but when we go to maximum FoV, he
  24. Moving maps look pretty crappy in most headsets. New 4k panel HMDs will probably be ok though. For now, I disable maps like those in the F18. In ka50 I don't know if you can do that. The mouse cursor problem sucks. If you go fullscreen it can happen. For me, ALT-ENTER to switch between window/fullscreen sometimes fixes it. Mostly I fly windowed to avoid the problem. Many people are hoping ED fix this soon.
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