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  1. The problem with your TS is that we need to set a PTT and I don't have anything free :( If you would allowed voice activation mic, I would join personally
  2. Alright and is there a way to know witch one are active when we spawn?
  3. Mav I assume we can attack them at anytime. No need to wait for the ingame message?
  4. Thank you all for helping me with that. To answer the questions yes it's the latest update. I did a few more run and I like to believe I don't chase the pipper and I have steady hands, I manage to hit them only when more then 30ich degrees anything shallower it fall before. Is it better HT a low or higher altitude? The altitude separation 4 or 5 is a good pointer :thumbup:
  5. I am trying everything that I think off and it always hit short. I am doing it CCIP, MFUZ to VT and HT 300, 600, all the way to 3000 and no luck. Here's the question. Should I pickle it any different then any Mk dump bomb? I mean I am spot on on a CCIP delivery on a MK 83 or 84 and if i use the same technique with the canister it fall short
  6. That's pretty much what I do, well at least what I think I do lol. I see them exploding in the air then on the ground but doesn't hit anything. This is with the instant action mission. I'll try to make one on the ME to see if the result are different
  7. After yesterday update I still can't hit anything with those, I don't know what I do wrong
  8. I have a questions for the deep strike targets. Do we have to wait until we've been warm that so and so "...Is Active" message or we can attack them whenever we want. Does their elevation on the brief are in Meter (m) or Feet (')? %5Bimg%5Dhttps%3A//i.imgur.com/HsRL1sI.jpg[/img] Thanks o7
  9. 5. In PA CAS with flaps HALF / FULL the jet becomes too ‘twitchy’ in pitch. The real jet does a fairly decent job of maintaining ON SPEED once trimmed. The DCS model is still a little too sensitive WRT Alpha excursions in response to stick movement. I wish they don't fix that, if they do I'll have no more excuse for my bad flying:music_whistling:
  10. Yes that was the initial problem I managed to get some on multiplayer :D Thanks
  11. Callsign: ((dB)) Nationality: Canadian Location: Qatar DCS Branch: Both
  12. Hi I bought FC3 yesterday specifically to have the J-11a since I have bought the SU27, A10A, Su25 and the F15C as stand alone but it didn't come with the J-11a, is there something special I should do? I know I should have bought FC3 from the beginning but didn't know until recently :/
  13. I think the op it's more about loosing the payload then damaging the plane
  14. Oh I see I tough it updated yesterday. Thanks for the reply
  15. On the last mini update from Matt he says the CBU accuracy as been fixed but I can't hit anything with them, I alright with the rest but not with the CBU's any pointer? I am doing it CCIP, MFUZ to VT and HT 300. Quote from Matt "In addition to the nice update this week, the team is working furiously on many other items to get the Hornet foundation solid by the end of the month. Here are some items already resolved internally that will be pushed soon to an update: 2- Canister munitions (MK-20 and CBU-99) are now much more accurate. Note that you’ll need to set the MFUZ to VT. You can then set a Height Of Burst (HOB) using the HT function on the SMS page."
  16. Decibel dB

    Mission 2

    I also miss that, to be honest I tough we where suppose to be on channel 3 from way point 2 after the AP test. So I kinda miss the complete conversation. What are we suppose to do? This is great way to learn the module Baltic Dragon thank you for all that
  17. Hi guys, I am looking at a manual on all the weapons available on DCS, there use, employment, good against what and so on. Is there such a community manual that as been done. So far I found some pretty good one mainly aircraft specific but no "DCS Weapon wiki" Thank you
  18. Same here, I even upgrade from 16 to 32 GB RAM after reading recommendation on this forum because of that particular issue. Same problem no improvement :doh:
  19. After following recommendation and install 32 GB Ram and a fresh install of window, I have the pleasure to announce that it didn't change a thing ;) Still can't play multiplayers without having big frame freeze
  20. Hi Bignewy, I just want to update you that after recommendation on this forum, I've upgraded to 32GB and a fresh window 10, it did not change a thing :( I still have big hiccups o7
  21. I order some 32 GB Ram to cope with DCS 2.5, looking forward to see if I can get back and fly ;)
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