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  1. Hi guys. I am writing to you because I struggle to know where I am on the map. For example today I spawn in Beslan but Beslan airport was not showing on the map. It took me a while to be able to find it and I had to check on Google :music_whistling: ${1} Any pointer?
  2. Thanks for that Mustang. Also do i need to uninstall them before the updates?
  3. Just forget the TDC, check for Throttle Designator Controller :)
  4. This is it, that was the culprit. The Scale GUI is defective. Thanks
  5. Hi Alpen and congrats about your own sever. Since 2.5 I've been away from DCS until recent multiplayer improvement. I would like to point out that now that you have remove the moving map it is very difficult to get to know where you are on the map and what and where are the objective. I made a video to explain what I mean. I have spawned in Beslan but when I go on the map I can't see where is Beslan, as you can also see when I move or zoom on the map the grids, the lat's and long's and the names of the town are moving, that make it quite challenging to find the area of operation and targets.
  6. This is me being stupid, I was trying to map the TDC with an AXIS on the AXIS page under TDC slew :doh: Thanks for the screen shot David
  7. Yeah that's the one, not work from my end
  8. I am doing the same but I can't. When we double click on the TDC Horizontal or vertical under throttle no setup window open
  9. Since last update we've lost most of our mapping I understand but I am trying to re map the TDC on an AXIS but I can't. ANy idea how it is done now? Thx
  10. Here's what I have i7 4930K @ 4.4 GTX 1080 RAM 32 GB, upgraded after being suggested that 16gb wasn't enough for DCS on this forum Window 10 Game on SSD No improvement from my end, I get kicked and the loading time is very long on most server. I am happy to read from Matt that DCS take this issue seriously
  11. No I play 4K that is my native resolution
  12. Gentleman I got my schedule changed and I'll be working next weekend, I like to give my place to someone else. Good luck to you all. Edit Can I elected PointBlank as my proxy?
  13. Hard for me to explain but here a video of the problem
  14. What I mean is that if set at RDR the altitude should read 0 when on ground
  15. As I understood if you selected RDR on the ALT switch it give you your altitude above the ground (AGL) using a radar altimeter. I am missing something or it's a bug.
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