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  1. Since the last update I can't spot anything a mid to close range. I can see aircraft from miles as a little white dot then they disappear. Anyone else experience the same?
  2. To be fair technically Chinese is not a language, Mandarin and Cantonese is :P I saw your message on chat Alpen, I am glad to be back. I really like the way Mike Delta operate on GCI. Personally I never been a fan of being on coms with a bunch of stranger that talks and talks and talks but it isn't the case now, we're too busy kicking your ass :D Merci mon ami
  3. When we update the game we now have a pop up widow requesting what to do with the found extra files. I am always a bit scare of deleting them and then missing something down the line. What are your thought? Are you keeping them or they are of no use
  4. They have delayed fuse for some module's like Tomcat or Hornet. It shouldn't be that difficult to do
  5. ... For the bombs Please
  6. Bonjour a tous. Call me stupid but when you talk about red or blue target it confuse me. Shouldn't be using AXIS or Allied? Thank for your work on your server messieurs o7
  7. I really don't understand how those EWR works. I miss the AWACK to be honest
  8. Hi Alpen when I interrogate them using the comm menu I had no reply back ie Clean or with some kind of answer. How is it suppose to work?
  9. After playing with no AWACK on a mission I decided to deploy 3 EWR and then spawn in an F5 but still I could have any buggy dope. I could select the EWR on the menu but no one reply on the radio when I request BD or Picture. I was on 251 like it says on the briefing. What i do wrong and why we have no more AWACKS?
  10. Please don't. I love the relics
  11. Will it pass the pure mod test for multiplayer server?
  12. Just updated today and we have the return of the black HUD
  13. Hi Aplen I was on the other side of the RWY. How many HAWK part I need?
  14. Tried it again today and the exact message is You can't unpack that here Take it to where it's needed Now I am sure that it was not on the drop zone and that they are within 300m of each others, I am not sure how many I need Thanks for helping me and happy Covid month :D :thumbup:
  15. Oh yeah no worries, it's more for the news map that you are creating, if you are writing the mission anyways on this thread just edit your first post :smilewink: I'll try to build some PDF of the missions
  16. Just a suggestion, is it possible to have all the mission brief on the first page of this tread or on a new one. It will make it more easy to find and read the brief before the mission. I know it is also in game but for those in 4K resolution it is too small to read. Thanks
  17. It was, well I think. It a bit difficult to gauge the exact distance in a game
  18. I did all 4 or 5 (Hawk) and it keep telling me unable to unpack That was on the new Battle Over Sukhumi Unleashed map
  19. This is what I call a fair fight :) @Alpen I'll keep an eye on you and if I see you I'll join buddy. Thanks
  20. Very nice thx on
  21. Hi guys I am getting to learn the Huey and I tried to unpack Hawk today but it keep telling me unable to unpack. What do I do wrong?
  22. Curious if Patreon would be better
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