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  1. Where are we on that project? Have we made some progress with this?
  2. No it's not that bug that you are referring to. This one is happening even without update sometime on the same day
  3. Of course, I fired up the spit 2 or 3 days ago and I had to remapped some of my control for example the zoom wasn't working anymore, it end up being remapped on an axis, same with gun and few more. No big deal I've done it again and flew. Yesterday my controls had to be done again. Same thing happen with a friend that I was online with.
  4. Hi, some of my controls keep being reassign and have to re map them after a game crash. Perhaps it a 2.7 thing because some of my friend are saying it's the same with the Anton
  5. I've been flying since 2.7 and bring some new friend with me that are new with the P47 all have engines that are dying on the takeoff roll, it seem to be random. We where on a multiplayer server
  6. OUi je l'ai copier au bon endroit. Thanks for trying
  7. It partially worked, about 10 to 20% of my mapping is wrong now
  8. I just renamed it as request
  9. My god I now have to remap everything
  10. Ok capiche, I'll report back Thanks
  11. Hi Flappie. I re-installed the game recently and it was install and download the game via the Eagle Dynamics website. Everything is install as ED wants. Why should I modify anything please?
  12. Often the game freeze into the multiplayer server list. I can only exit with an CTRL+ALT+ DEL
  13. I have this window that pop out every time I start the game Authorization is valid for 2d 23h 48m The following DLCs are not authorized and will be disabled: AV-8B N/A
  14. I have the same problem but when I do the skip to air start the problem disappear. Thanks Bunyap for your work
  15. Completely agree I would had the voice over are too low and the wing man voice to high and speak over the instructors. The TM are painful on the Viper
  16. My feeling is that uncaging the 9P doesn't make a difference anymore. Not sure why but I can't discern any difference cage of not. Perhaps I do it wrong o7
  17. The lack of vis at mid and close range also have suffered with the new lighting, hope they tweaked them. But apparently it is better to VR user
  18. Since the last update I can't spot anything a mid to close range. I can see aircraft from miles as a little white dot then they disappear. Anyone else experience the same?
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