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  1. Just saw this on a US government auction site. Thought you guys would get a kick out of it. http://gsaauctions.gov/gsaauctions/aucdsclnk?sl=41QSCI15134001
  2. My biggest problem was simply the instrumentation in combat. I didn't have enough buttons on my hotus and not enough money for a full setup!
  3. Hey guys! first post! I would like to preface this with saying I have quite a few years of experience in realistic simulators. I started with MSFS 2000 ( actually I started with MSFS on an old tandy, but I don't thin its the same class. Started a love of helis in MSFS X. ( I know MSFS isnt too realistic but it was a start). Then I picked up Ka-50 (The original) and enjoyed it but it was difficult for me then because I didnt have track IR or anything. Ended up getting a track IR an eventually a DK2, which is where my problem comes in. I've been playing the campaign to get used the Huey and reacquaint myself with DCS in general . ( MUCH simpler control wise than the ka-50!) I've also been using it with the DK2 which is pretty incredible except for one major point. I can't read any text. I'm at mission 3 where you ferry around the reporter. Its a pretty boring mission, as I know how to make use of trim and how to land. What I cant do is read the ATC menu or dials in the heli. There is at least one part though, where you are told to request landing when you are dropping off the reporter. I cannot read the prompts. I should preface this with saying that I am also using a vanilla saitek X-52 and Saitek combat rudder pedals. I found that by pressing the trigger, I could bring up the ATC menu and by pressing F5, It would give me a list of airports. Most of them are blacked out and none of them are the airport I need. I have tried to search for command lists and am using simple communication to make it easier. Can I get some help with an easier way to do this or possibly just the commands I need to enter? I understand the need to set the radio to the towers frequency and use "3" to set to radio. Problem is, I can't see what frequency I have set a it at. to use my keyboard, I have to partially take off the rift, while holding the huey stable in a hover. (helped by trimming, but I still have to watch it), and look at the keyboard to use the commands. I appreciate the help and its nice to be here!
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