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  1. I use PointCTRL in VR and I have no problem punching in data into UFC/ICP or CDUs in the current fast jets, Don't see the KU on the AH-64 being any different.
  2. I assume this will show up once the F-16 starts getting more attention once the F-18 gets feature complete.
  3. In the south west corner of grid CS69 is a large perfectly square town in the middle of nowhere with no access roads attaching to it. Looks like something temporary that got forgotten about.
  4. I would imagine not. Air data in the real jet is redundant and if both systems became unreliable it would revert to "Standby Gains" which are fixed. With the UC up the gains are appropriate for ~600 knots at sea level and with UC down they are appropriate for ~230 knots. As far as I know Standby Gains are not currently functional in the DCS version or any failure modes of the ADC. Hence the pitch oscillations, as the "virtual ADC" is feeding eronious air data info to the "Virtual FLCS" when the pitot heat system fails to do its job. As mentioned previously pitot heat should be on a
  5. It's a bug clearly if the anti-ice system doesn't stop the air-data system from freezing up, I think that is easy enough to agree on?
  6. @Hardcard, loving the Hotshots gif profile pic... Clearly a person with great taste.
  7. Oh, Stop being so dramatic. ED have a finite amount of development capacity, and they are pushing to get the Hornet finished. It was after all released over a year before the F-16 so It only makes sense that it gets finished first. Patience, our time will come.
  8. If you know how to run the mission editor, try setting up a simple mission to test it. Training missions can be weird for some reason. Specailly if they were made before a certain feature was implimented. You may have found a mission bug. If you don't know how to work the ME... Good time to learn You can also try opening that training mission in the ME and resaving it elsewhere and trying it, that might also fix it.
  9. Huh? Yes you can. According to ED this is correct for the USAF/ANG Blk50 but I don't know why it wouldnt have that functionality. I'm not disagreeing with you btw, the Radar is def not finished...
  10. Awesome. Thanks if you need any more tracks recording then let me know and I can.
  11. Psst.. Its already got TWS, or are you talking about something specific?
  12. Hi BN, Hot start on the ground is not bresighted. You can see it clearly in my track that its not boresighted when I lock up the helicopter with the TGP for the first time. I can record a cold start track as well, but to me this is superfluous and rather besides my point. Air starts are boresighted, correct. Either way it shouldn't really matter. Boresighting should be able to change a pre-boresighted missile to whatever the new boresight setting is, even if its incorrect. Currently the Mav seeker doesn't care where the TGP is looking, as long as the Maverick can lock som
  13. Hey all. As noted in another thread, turns out that the boresighting on the F-16's mavericks is always perfect, even if intentionally done incorrectly. Expected Results: Boresight the Maverick incorrectly against a different target than the TGP is looking at, resulting in an incorrect calibration. When Slewing TGP to new target and handing off to Maverick, would expect Maverick to now retain boresighting error and not be correlated to the TGP. Requiring re-boresighting to correct error. Observed Results: Boresighting is "perfect" even if intentionally done against targets
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