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  1. Yes. It means it’s free like the VARS Edge 540.
  2. Why are you using NWS on takeoff? It should be disabled as soon as the rudder has any authority, 50knots usually.
  3. Holy Necro-posting batman. This issue hasn’t been around for a long time, thankfully lol.
  4. You need to be aware that people noticing this issue might not have the experiance with the aircraft that you do, the technical knowledge or the vocabulary to be able to explain what they are seeing, so are never going to satisfy your request for detailed proof. Regardless, I found a Block 50 video exhibiting the same movement as ALL the rest of the F-16 retraction vids I've seen, which leads me to believe that the main gear retraction rate slowing at some point during the swing is indeed normal and should be replicated in the sim.
  5. Reported already. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=269191&highlight=QNH
  6. It still changes speed at 50 seconds, harder to see because of the camera movement. But its still there.
  7. For the record I’m not “worried” about gear retraction, I’m just posting video material that supports what the OP said. Ideally this would be reported as an animation bug and get added to the bottom of the very long list of things to get done. I don’t believe anybody here is saying “DROP EVERYTHING, FIX THIS GEAR ANIMATION RIGHT NOW.” More like “Hey, thats needs looking at down the line, can you add it to the list please?”
  8. Ok. I'll admit I didn't do my due diligence to run the numbers and figure out exactly what they were. Here is a Block-50 which does exhibit the same behavior. #92-3912 [YOUTUBE]lQ4xeWFhrfk[/YOUTUBE]
  9. Are you doing it with the TPOD active? If so after setting the SPI/Target point then turn the TPOD off. It’s the fact that the TPOD is looking at the hillside that causes it to move the target point. Without the TPOD interfering it should work fine.
  10. Here are some Block 50s getting airborne. It’s somewhat difficult to see because of the tanks but there is definitely a change in retraction rate once the main wheels get close to the fus. [YOUTUBE]m06uWM_tABM[/YOUTUBE]
  11. Nice sneaky edit you did there. But I understand fully what the problem is. I understand that your VR Hangar mod allowed a weird glare bug to be visible where it otherwise wouldn't. I understand that the bug is always "active" but your hangar mod is whats making it visible. But let me say this again, only as a piece of ADVICE. If you've had an issue for 3+ weeks that basically nobody else is seeing then consider removing ALL your mods, regardless of whether you consider them to be mods or not. And see if it still does it. If that fixes/hides the problem then at least you have a data point to w
  12. I never said that mod did cause the problem. But now you know what the problem is. You'd have found out sooner if you'd removed all your mods. I'm just giving you advice for the future when you run into bugs that you want to report. All mods means ALL mods... Also I spend a fair amount of my time reproducing and reporting bugs, and helping other customers with issues but yeah, thanks for the analysis of my behavioir.
  13. This already happens in DCS as far as I know, I've for sure flown sections of combat trying to keep the enemy within the "tunnel" of my tunnel vision.
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