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  1. Alright I keep an eye out if it happens again and save the track. Any idea how I can make the conversion of inHG to mbar easier in the M2000?
  2. I dont even know how to do that lol, Ill try. UPDATE: Okay fair enough, I just did it for the first time EVER and I made the smoothest landing Ive ever done. However instantly afterwards I tried it again without setting the QFE and it worked almost just as well. But yesterday the virtual runway showed like 1km above and its the same mission, except yesterday I landed after an hour. Maybe its a bug with the mission time? I have disabled INS drift .
  3. I have a similar issue in the M-2000C. My virtual runway is being shown like 1 mile in the sky above the actual runway, plus the localiser leads me away from the airfield in a random direction. Pretty annoying. Not sure if its only Andersen or also the other ILS approaches, gotta try those.
  4. What does this mean in practice? As soon as RS is on, then it will only use that? So depending on which ranging method I want to use I have to make sure that the other one is off so it doesnt override the one I wanna use? Would love to know because I cant get myself to hit anything with A/G ordnance.
  5. Hey, I just noticed that neither manpads, nor mechanized sams like the strelas are even aiming at me when I fly over them low in my M2000C. I even put an EWR in the same group and they didnt do anything. If I put a Shilka in the same group, then that will engage, although at very short range (not sure if thats accurate). Is that an issue with my mission, or with the M2000C? What am I doing wrong? EDIT: they do eventually start firing, but only after I circle above them for about five and a half minutes. Whats going on here? They also didnt fire when I had them placed much further away and arriving much later into the mission, so I doubt its a kind of a weapon-ready-delay thing. Or is it?
  6. Ive never flown helicopters, but I am interested in the Mi-24P, but how "bad" can cheap pedals be compared to my previous experience of only having the finger rocker switch on the X45 throttle?
  7. Hey, Im just buying a TM Warthog but only now noticed that I wont have any rudder inputs on them as I used to have with my old X45. As the hotas is expensive enough already, I dont want to spend too much money on a decent rudder input. Do you guys have recommendations for a good price but also not bad quality? I also just bought the MFS2020, if that helps. Thanks!
  8. i would really love to download the game in my office, as my internet here is 25x faster than at home, but I cant find any installer anywhere. whats going on here?
  9. Hello guys, I realize its pretty lazy from me to just open up a thread and ask instead of searching for the answer, but I feel like with the ongoing developement there were already so many changes between the different tutorial videos I saw and the current version that I really just want to make sure to have up-to-date infos. So here are a few questions that came up when I started to learn the M2000: - Fuel consumption: It happened about 3 times now already that I suddenly get the bingo warning, even though like 2 minutes before both of the indicators where showing 6, so I thought I would have a lot of fuel left. Is it possible that the indicators are logarithmic or something? - Trimming: Does the Mirage really fly so nicely that you dont have to trim at all?! Im really blown away by how straight it flies at all times, which is also difficult to get used to, especially on takeoff and landings. Feels too easy even, almost like an arcade sim. - ATC reply time: sometimes when I contact ATC, they dont reply at all or take a pretty long time to reply. And last mission, my ATC radio menu even got "stuck" in the request takeoff stage, so I could not ask for the vector to the landing approach point. Why does that happen and can you do anything about it? Would be nice to get some answers, thank you all! :)
  10. Oh damn :( And I guess with the Steam Sale now, the next E-Shop sale will take quite a while to arrive? :( Why the hell does this need to be so incredibly complicated? I now activated my A-10C on steam, but I cant activate the BF109, and I couldnt activate the M2000C on standalone. CMON ED
  11. Hello! so I waited a long time for a good discount on the Mirage 2000C and now that Steam Summer Sale is here I really really want to buy it. However, the steam page says that every new module since the M2000C will not be compatible with the standalone client if you buy the module on steam. Now I am completely confused, because the Steam page doesnt say anything about the other requirements. So my question is: cant I just install DCS World on my Steam account and then buy the M2000C for that, while I keep the standalone client for my other modules?! Or do I need to have DCSW 2.X for the M2000C so I actually have to buy NTTR/Normandy too, so that I should keep everything on one client?! Please help :( EDIT: Or can I alternatively take my old module keys and activate them in the Steam client? I only have FC3, A-10C and BF 109K.
  12. :( okay. i did take them form my own personal backup folder, which I created during FC2 times. So yeah I guess I need to reinstall FC2, load those configs, look how the keys were set, and then convert them manually to 1.5. sucks though :(
  13. GBU-31 dropped from an A-10C, unedited (though harshly compressed [can I take PNG screenshots?]) screenshot from live gameplay. I love the new lens flare effects.
  14. I guess that also works if you just link the shortcut into steam. Not sure though.
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