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  1. This is being addressed in the November update. See this video at 0:57: A new "boresight" function is being added.
  2. Interesting. Nothing kills an SSD drive faster than putting your temp folder on it, but I do have about the best HDD drive, so perhaps that's why I don't witness your issue. If you're going to run this way, and that's fine, just ensure your pertinent data is not on the same drive, or 3 years from now you'll be posting here asking how to recover it.
  3. Mind sharing the .miz so we can have a look and see if we can find a solution? Even a watered down version of it if it's something secret you're cooking up.
  4. This is an absolute must have if you're entering CDU wind data: https://throughtheinferno.com/mod/recoils-multimap-cdu-wind-briefing/
  5. Awesome, thanks deadlyfishes, convoys are the one element I really wanted to see added. Do they have a particular destination, such as a friendly airfield, increasing the threat of not dealing with them?
  6. I think I saw some changes to the wordings of some of the skill levels lately, which is good. From a scale of 1-5 they should be named Rookie, Novice, Average Veteran, Cyborg. I think the real issue is, most missions have everything set to level 5, which is effectively Cyborg, so they are doing what they should be IMO. The real solution is to use lvl 3, as it's "average" and more appropriate. I think people spam lvl 5 because they think it will solve all the other inherent problems with the AI... and it doesn't ;) I agree with what has been stated already, I'm simply saying we, the mission
  7. Not everyone is able bodied and 30 years old bro, none of these asks should be frowned upon, they don't have be enabled in MP and gives a broader group access to the sim. If people are asking for a core change, I can understand, but an option that you don't have to use and would benefit others... doesn't hurt to ask, except in this community haha. My old man is over 70, has some shakes in his hand and can't AAR to save his life. Other than that, completely fluent and able with the aircraft. We can't coop any missions that require it. It would be nice to rock up to the tanker and I could rea
  8. Yep, I'll buy that, true enough. What's really interesting about that is I just recently completed the Operation Exigent Riviera (highly recommended BTW), and it really taught me to manage fuel for the 18. I thought it was a really thirsty bird, but after being forced to manage it properly, I realized it was me. No doubt, in A2A with plenty of AB, AAR is required, but I'd argue with proper fuel management that entire campaign could be flown without it. IRL these boys are often flying further than the width of our maps before they even enter the AO! Now I fly around 60% throttle in-boun
  9. To each their own. I've never really needed to AAR, I just do it for funzies. If you don't have much time, I can't imagine a mission long enough to need AAR that you have have the time to play anyway. But whatever, why not pick unlimited fuel and just fly behind it for a bit to make yourself feel better? whats the difference, a graphic connection between the two aircraft giving a hollow sense of accomplishment? MAC is coming, maybe it will address such a thing, it is the primary purpose of it if I understand correctly.
  10. Correct mate, this wonderful new forum gives less visibility when hitting "new posts" to see what category they fall under *facepalm*. And yes, I'm using the JTAC mod for LL and been doing so for so long I've forgotten it wasn't stock. So in "vanilla" without a LL waypoint in the F-18, you're correct, flying without a TPOD would be a PITA.
  11. There is absolutely no need for a TPOD when using LGBs. You can happily drop them through a cloud layer for example and have the JTAC home the bomb in. Is this mission using using the built-in JTAC? Is so, do they not provide you data, I.e. a flashing red triangle on your TAD? If so, hook it, set TAD as your SPI, and drop the bomb on it. alternatively, he should provide you with coordinates, so create a waypoint with your CDU with the coords, set it as your steer point, set STPT as your SPI, and drop on that. Also, for bult.in JTAC, you'll have to request "laser on" and then don't spe
  12. Not every product they sell is intended for everyone to be fair. While TrackIR certainly has its limitations and I agree its not as easy to use with the HMCS as say VR would be, imagine all the people without headtracking at all trying to use their joystick PoV hat to lock target and set a SPI :o I wouldn't even try. Doesn't mean they shouldn't implement it, but folks without TIR or VR certainly may not opt to buy it.
  13. Old school, new school, just turn off the helmet and leave the rockets at home, then what's the difference. What do you need the old one for?
  14. GIMP doesn't support the latest such as BC7.
  15. For some reason my task manager also shows a more even spread than usual (i just brought it up to take a screenshot for this thread), I assume it's just the kernel maximizing cache across the cores. Anyway, to Gunnar's point, DCS is limited in the number of threads/cores it will use, so while your overall CPU might be at 45-50%, DCS cannot use any more of it and is saturated.
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