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  1. drPhibes thank you so much, it works like a charm! That should be made official by Ugra. Cheers Jef
  2. Hello Mizzy! Try this one by clicking on the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dupQe-hJNo or this one too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pSGz9AEAkA Regards Jef
  3. Take off, find a bridge and pass under! Piece of cake:megalol:
  4. Hi jcomm! I use the MS FFB2 with FSX and the warbirds of DCS. Personnally I really enjoy it and the"feeling of flight it gives you":joystick:, the lightness of the controls at low speed, the shaking of the stick at the buffeting...there are many discussions on the net about FFB(See A2A topics), many people think it's useless but at the end it's your own taste that prevails. Cheers
  5. It's me again:megalol: I've found the solution in the french community forum:smilewink:
  6. Hi guys! I have this problem, but the solution sounds like a mystery for me Could you be please more specific for a total noob like me:music_whistling: Cheers
  7. Great skin! The "sword" in front of the scoop is inverted. Cheers
  8. Thank you very much Python for your advice:thumbup:. Cheers
  9. How to fly the Mustang in demo I tried to post the vid directly but didn't succeed:cry:. Please follow the link and enjoy the flight:pilotfly:it worth to see.
  10. May be the best product Microsoft ever made! The shaking of the stick for example at idle is really cool:thumbup:. I use it with the my X52 throttle and the saitek rudder. In fact I bought the DCS Warbirds because I've this stick;)
  11. Nobody answered your question! Yes it makes a huge difference:joystick:!!! I have one I use for the warbirds. And yes again ffb increase with speed:thumbup:. I have a trimming problem with the roll axis(P-51), may be I should try to swap axis. Keep searching( I saw few on ebay)it worths the search. I don't undersand why Saitek and mates don't make anymore these kind of products. For warbirds particularly it's a must have:pilotfly: Cheers
  12. Thank you for these informations GGTharos. I have to admit that I agree with you , it is easier on a plane like a twin engines or single engine fighter like the Eagle. That is not the case on a bigger aircraft(according to my experience of big jets, DC8, DC10). I saw so many pilots lost in their trimming and may be the reason why there trims indicators position.
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