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  1. Thanks, that did the trick. I also had an extra folder inside my F-14B folder called Kneeboard pages, or something like that. Once I put the files in the right folder, then deleted the extra folder, the kneeboard worked.
  2. Hey guys. With the building of my new system, I lost all my old data, including my F-14 kneeboards. Simultaneously, the new F-14A was released. I just tried downloading my old kneeboard, but installing it the old way hasn't worked. It's not showing up in the -B or the -A. How are kneeboards supposed to be installed now that the file structure has changed? Thanks!!
  3. Posting a track would help immensely in diagnosing your problem. I see that you're new, so if you don't already know, after you finish your flight when you're in the debriefing screen, there's a button down at t he bottom that says, "Save Track" or something similar. Press that, then your track will be saved in C:\Users\<User_name>\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS. If the track is too large to directly attach here, you can use Dropbox. Hope this helps!!
  4. Gotchya. Yeah, jamming is coming soon. I think it'll make a pretty significant difference in the Hornet's A-A capabilities. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the ALQ-184 for the Viper, especially for Weaseling. But it would have significant impacts on the Viper's A-A capabilities as well.
  5. Very true. I'm also a PPL holder IRL. In VFR, your eyes should primarily be outside the cockpit, and you use your gauges as a quick reference to confirm what you suspect. I've been lurking in this thread since it started, and following it, it seems that @Nealius is saying that you can't fly the in-game Tomcat the way you would in RL, while @Victory205 is referring mostly to RL flying. I could be wrong in my interpretations... Please don't flame me. Assuming I'm correct, I would like to shed some clarity on this subject. It absolutely IS possible to fly the Tomcat to RW
  6. Best thing I can tell you is post a track. It'll make diagnosing your problem exponentially easier.
  7. The Hornet doesn't use an external EW pod. The jammer is internal.
  8. All arguments aside, yes. Should it be a part of the base game? IMO, yes. Should it be developed by ED and not a 3rd party? IMO, it doesn't matter to me as much, but I lean more toward yes. That being said, if 3rd-party-developed payware (optional) IADS is currently the only viable option, then 3rd-party-developed payware (optional) IADS is still infinitely better than no IADS. So my overall non-polled vote is yes.
  9. This. I have nothing against MP. I've tried several times to play online, but it just never works out for long. Since I'm looking for maximum realism, most (if not all) PvP servers are a no-go for me. Too much lone-wolfing, unrealistic tactics used, etc. It may be entertaining, and I do love watching Hellreign82 on Youtube. That guy's hilarious and entertaining. Still, that's not the MP experience I'm looking for. The only place I can find an online experience that matches what I'm looking for is organized squadrons. I tried a squadron in the "other" sim twice, and a sq
  10. I'm all for the option for those that don't want to have to deal with it, i.e. for hot starts, but I'm all for max realism, so I love it!!
  11. Just a small tip re: something you said a few posts up... To get rid of that yellow Caution banner across your MFCDs, just press TMS Left Short. It will clear all WCNs (Warning Caution Notes).
  12. To my knowledge, yes, most aircraft arm their seats just before takeoff. That's the flow I follow in all aircraft except the Tomcat and when I'm on the boat in the Hornet or Harrier.
  13. I saw a YouTube video of the A-10C. It was a step-by-step tutorial, IIRC of how to drop a GBU-12. This was also back when DCS Ka-50 and DCS A-10C were both stand-alone programs, pre-DCS World. I was enamored by the clickable cockpit and the depth and reality of the systems and avionics. It took a little while for me to take the plunge, long enough for DCS World to become a thing and the Ka-50 and A-10C to be integrated into one program. I dove in then and haven't looked back since. I remember when the first third-party module, the MiG-21bis (by then-Leatherneck Simulations) was announced, and
  14. Yeah, my buddy was telling me the same thing yesterday. It really is much more affordable to build your own system. I just hadn't anticipated it being this affordable.
  15. Well, fellas, I've got great news and even greater news. The great news is that my pc is back up and running. I didn't do my proper homework, and the result was me not seeing that my mobo was capped at 8gb of RAM. So when I installed the 16gb sticks, the PC didn't know what to do, so it just didn't boot. Pulling the CMOS battery fixed it. I also bought a 1tb ssd, and my buddy wiped my hdd, and installed Windows onto my ssd, so I have to reinstall everything. But that's ok because I won't be using this pc for much longer... The greater news is that we just ordered some p
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