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  1. While I'm still hopeful, it's starting to not look good from my point of view. Not only with the lack of videos yesterday and today, but BN was just in the forums earlier posting in the IZLID thread in the Wishlist section. Since we haven't heard from him saying the end-of-January release is still planned since before the last newsletter, I'm thinking he may have been told behind the scenes not to say anything about a January release anymore which may indicate another delay. Just saying, he was in the forums earlier, had the opportunity to pop in and put our minds at ease, and didn't. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.
  2. IMHO, it's the same as last week; if there's no mention of a delay by or in the Friday newsletter, we're in the clear. I'm also not trying to put too much hope into this idea but... going back through my somewhat reliable memory, I don't think ED has ever delayed a module inside two weeks to EA release. The last delay was three to four weeks away from release, and most others, as I remember, we're delayed months before. I'm not saying it can't or won't happen, but historically I don't think it ever has.
  3. My guess is we'll know Friday once the newsletter comes out. If there's no mention of a delay, then we can reasonably expect to see it this month. I've said it in another thread, but what worries me is the list of things left to finish before EA release, especially with the George AI, the SCAS modes, and the attitude, altitude, and heading hold modes being the biggest ones I can remember. I hope they're far enough along on those that they're about to be complete.
  4. Yeah, the more I thought about it after my previous post, the more I came to a similar conclusion. I just watched Casmo's new video, and he did say that the hold modes weren't working yet. I wonder if they hadn't been enabled and are only available in the developer's testing build (but then again, they would be flying the developer's build, right?), or if the devs haven't injected the hold modes in yet because they're waiting until they're complete. Idk, I'm not a developer, I can only guess. And I agree with you now that you've pointed it out; I don't think ED would have waited as long to delay the December release, and only delay it by six weeks or so, if there was truly that much stuff left to do that hadn't been started on yet. I'm starting to feel better about a late-January release, but I'm still not 100% convinced, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they delay it again, but boy would I love to be proven wrong!!
  5. Check out a YouTube channel called GVad The Pilot. He's one of (the?) leads for Red Star Simulations working on the DCS MiG-17. He has a great few dogfight videos on his channel, and one is flying the DCS F/A-18C against the DCS MiG-29 Ace AI. He gives great tips and tricks and even demonstrates what to do if the MiG gets on your tail. He really highlights the Hornets strengths and how to exploit them against the Fulcrum.
  6. Same, unfortunately. Looking at the list of things left to do before EA release in the Apache FAQs post, I'm becoming more and more pessimistic about them achieving the late-January release date. Three/four weeks left to go, and they still have to finish the SCAS modes, the attitude, altitude, and heading modes, and the George AI. Those things alone are worrisome, and that's just a partial list.
  7. Same. I'm really glad to see a campaign for the Hawg in the PG map, but I'm now eagerly awaiting one for Syria.
  8. This. The laser gives you a more accurate coordinate designation.
  9. I think I remember reading somewhere some time ago that it was planned, but take that with a grain of salt.
  10. With the Battery Switch set to Main Power, turn on your backup radio just in front of your throttle. Then set your CNI knob (inboard and slightly aft of your Air Refueling Door switch) to Backup. Enter the UHF frequency for the airfield into your backup radio, and contact on t he UHF frequency. Don't forget to set your CNI knob back to UFC once you're ready to start using the radios normally again.
  11. I'll definitely try it, but I got it installed. There was a tab for Terrains I wasn't seeing in the Installed section of the Module Manager. Once I reactivated the Channel Map and restarted DCS, it became available. Thanks for the help!!
  12. The module shows up as a completed transaction on the page you linked. How do I force install the module? Do I open the command prompt and type it in there?
  13. Another update: I opened a support ticket last night, but haven't hear anything back from anyone. Anyone out there that can help? Thanks!!
  14. Update: It was not and still is not in the Installed section of the Module Manager. And a full repair didn't make it show up either.
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