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  1. Well I guess only the test of time will tell if they hold up, and I really was just that unlucky but I still wont be trusting Saitek with my money after all this.
  2. I have been playing flight sims for 15+ years, Ive owned thrustmasters, logitechs and saiteks during this time. I wanted to post this topic regarding saiteks so that you will NOT get burned like I have. In the last two years I have purchased a Saitek X52 pro, and the Combat rudder pedals. My x52 pro failed after two weeks of use, the throttle locked up because the little junky detents inside of it fell out and got jammed in the mechanism. I decided that id be damned if im shipping them back and cracked it open myself, voided the warranty and removed the detents and got it working again. Figured it must be and isolated case. After three weeks the spring at the base of the joystick seized up and I have found no solution other than twisting the spring to unbind it, something that I still live with until I have the money to purchase a thrustmaster. So that's my X52 experience. This year I was fool enough to purchase Saitek combat rudder pedals, thinking that all the headaches I had before were just bad luck. So I unboxed my new pedals and excitedly got them setup and started flying. Within 3 hours of very soft use they broke, The spring inside of them came loose and they would not snap back to a neutral position and were jamming up aswell. So I went through the painful process of shipping them back to Saitek, they covered them under warranty and told me my new pedals would be here in a couple of weeks, well today I received my rudder pedals and they shipped the wrong model of pedals, I received pro pedals instead of the more expensive combat pedals. Im still awaiting word of what is to be. So I would highly recommend for anyone thinking about buying anything Saitek DONT! Chances are you will get burned. I would also like to note that long before Saitek was owned by mad catz I had an old X52 which lasted me for atleast 7 years. They do not build quality anymore. So that's my 10 cents to future customers of Saitek.
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