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  1. Hi Holding the trimmer button does not unlock the cyclic as per Ka-50, Mi8 and Huey. In special options the trimmer is set to force feedback without springs as per other heli modules. I am using a logitech G940
  2. Ka-50 you hold the trimmer in whenever making cyclic inputs, on release the stick should lock exactly where you left it. Trimmer button should be bound to right hand thumb to reflect Ka-50 cyclic trimmer button position. If its moving after you release the trimmer then you have curves set. Remove them. No curves with FFB fyling helo's. Also check the settings page for the Ka-50. You want the FFB with no springs option selected. FFB strength settings for your stick should be at 100%. There should be zero resitance with trimmer held in and 100% resitance when released. As for gertting tired holding the trimmer its something you have to adapt to as thats the intended way to fly it. Unlike the Huey there is no way to disable the trimmer in the Ka-50 or Mi-8. Best of luck!
  3. Hey Pilots, I am about to order parts to make replacement throttle cable looms for the Logitech G940. Maybe your throttle HOTAS buttons, hats or rotary analogue are intermittent, glitchy or completely FUBAR This is a very common and annoying fault on the G940 throttle, if yours has not broken yet.... it will at some point! Let me know if this is something you would like so I can get an idea of qty I need to order. Thanks guys, happy flying. Please note this will not fix any issues with the 8 programmable buttons on the base. They dont utilise the same cable.
  4. Much welcomed news considering multiplayer is a joke to join in VR and all the servers are "dynamic" template driven F10 text spammers lagged by silly scripts these days. But... how exactly does an AI with lost consiousness level out to 1G?
  5. Hi the issue I'm having with my G940 is pressing DEB EFF on the cyclic does not relieve stick pressure and so pilot does not get full authority of the aircraft. Its like I'm flying with a permanent spring stick although holding the trimmer does seem to effect the AP channel indicators. Is this correct mode of operation? You need 100% FFB setting in logitech software and no curves set anywhere for the stick to hold correctly in the the three other heli modules (due to the stick having a sloppy centre and its own weight tends to pull it forward off centre if its at all slack.) As bove pressing DEB EFF does not releive the 100% pressure. Not what I expect and not met anyone yet who knows how the real Gazelle works in this respect. Can anyone enlighten me? Also the FFB curve settings in the special menu only seems to add massive amounts of dead zone to my control input? Very weird guys. And... My stick jumps about unpredicably when releasing the trimmer. (similar to if you set curves in the Ka-50... no no no) Sorry still not feeling it yet. the manual says "The magnetic brake maintains the cyclic in a defined position. Pressing the magnetic brake button at the pilot stick will define a new position to hold." Not whats happening and contrary to borchi is saying above. How are the rotor head, cyclic and collective mechanically connected and where and how do the gyro and AP come into play and get authority over pilot input? How does pilot override gyro and AP input? What is defining the position to hold? Seems counter intuitive under pressure situations to have to think about what the helicopter internals "think" is the airacrafts current attitude. I much prefer the rotor head following my cyclic and not a whacked out gyro. It seem an inherently dangerous design compared to the other heli modules we have. If as a g940 owner with some spare time I can be of assitance please call on me. Flight model seems improved, heli slips down the rotor plane now in a roll instead of rocketing up perpendicular to it. Still feels wrong in a vertical dive, even with the DEB EFF depressed the AP want authority over the nose pitch and prevents the full dive. It works better with the AP totally off. How does the pilot get FULL authority without resorting to turning master switches off? cheers Dun
  6. 1st time I watched the track landed fine, stopped centre of runway, on repeat views things start to go wrong as I come to a stop. Always end up tipped and off runway around the time aerodynamics gives way to ground-dynamics. (<Spit pilots will know what I mean) I noticed also that trimmer changes in game are reflected on my stick at replay. (FFB stick) I unplugged the stick but makes no noticble difference in game. Track corruption in the Spitfire is definately related to ground physics.
  7. Suspect its something to do with "fudged physics" for tail draggers on the ground. The fudge isn't recorded or is out of sync with control inputs mebbe. I dunno, that's my theory. Airstarts fine. Just pitched around and dropped an extended two wheeler, the track is great until I take off for a second run... attached. NVLanding.trk
  8. Good stuff The only thing I find detracts from the mission is JTAC tends to select support vehicles despite active armour and anti air in same location within LOS. Also way too much smoke. I'm out of touch with mission editing but thought it was possible for JTAC to smoke the AO once then talk on from there, kind of like a local bullseye. This would imporve the Ka50 game making it less of a duck shoot. I don't think it would have negative effect for the fixed wing guys with laser guided munitions as long as JTAC was lasing as normal just not laying smoke for every target. Many thanks, had fun flying the Caucasus mission.
  9. Exciting stuff, can't wait for this module and thanks for the behind the scenes peek. Very interesting.
  10. Hello, since todays patch to 2.5 Beta I am no longer able to load up Ka-50 Missions. "The module containing Ka-50 is required" Tried reenabling the module from the installed modules page without success. EDIT - The situiation is much worse. ALL modules are effected although they show as installed. I have only Su25T and TF51 available. Thanks for any assistance Dun
  11. You read and understand my post? "Would it possible to include a setting to control which eye is used as output for the desktop render?" This request is made in the hope pilots can configure their game to suit their eyesight, left or right eye predominance. In a MiG-15 or ME109 with left eye dominance you're going to have to lean your head futher to the right.... Hope this clarifies.
  12. Yes I know and have tried it with the right eye view but it's really not very good for quality or performance plus theres other issues. So we're back to requiring a VR menu option to select which eye is rendered to desktop or wondering if there's a file one can edit to achieve the same result as a workaround.
  13. Would it possible to include a setting to control which eye is used as output for the desktop render? Stream viewers dont get the "down sights" view with the MiG-15 due to the gunsight being offeset to the right and its seems natural as pilot to position your head to use predominently the right eye for aiming. Suspect the same issue occurs with the 109-K4 In the mean time does anyone know if this is editable in any DCS config files or is it handled oculus side? Many thanks Dun
  14. Open Alpha 2.20.12448 Horizon in mirror rolls with aircraft. Not opposite like the OP. Not tested other branches. :D
  15. Dunravin

    DCS Tucano

    Okay Harrier released... time to bump up this thread. Is the Tucano still on the cards? Any sit rep on the airwaves? Cheers
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