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  1. My DCS is beta version up to date. This happened every time I launched the game. Nevertheless, today I started the mission to record a video of the issue and it disappeared, normal behavior. Don’t know what happened. Thanks for you support.
  2. Hello, when I start mission 4, Tomcat on elevator, my Cat pitch up and explode. It seems like a spawning issue. Any way to solve it ? Thanks
  3. I maintain that a good solution to avoid unwanted interactions would be to activate / deactivate virtual hands by turning the palms of hands in front of the LeapMotion, as I’ve done before with DCLeap.
  4. HelIo @BIGNEWY, I think it could be a nice feature to activate / deactivate interactions and hands visibility by a simple movement like palm facing helmet as I've done before in DCLeap. It's very intuitive and we rarely have palm facing our faces with all fingers extended, so there's no unintended activation/deactivation.
  5. I've just tried to print (PNG) datacard and got this issue : Miz file is under this link
  6. Yes, it seems to be better now. I'll try other missions this weekend to confirm this.
  7. Hi, same issues with version 1.2. I've multiple issues with with Baltic Dragon's campaigns or missions. I put an AV8B single mission example. Pin Point Strike Day.miz
  8. Hello Raus, you created a really nice and useful tool. Unfortunately, when I use it, it systematically crash. I've many "Unhandled exception error". The first screenshot is a result of what happened when I imported a mission file and then tried to select my plane. The second one popped up when I was scrolling down the page. And the last one appeared when I tried to export as PDF. I tried with version 1.1.23 with the result. I change installation folder from c:/program files (x86) to c:/program files, same result. Do you have any idee about this issue ? Kariyann71
  9. Hello Streakeagle, you can adjust pinch sensitivity in the main menu. Take a look at the last part of DCLeap Manual to see how pinch is working in DCLeap. About trigger, DCLeap detect fingers state, so to perform a click you have to - thumb extended - index not extended - middle either - ring either - pinky either About the global cursor sensitivity, you can adjust each axe in the main menu. Cursor sensitivity is associated to your desktop screen resolution. For example, mine is 1920*1080, and my DCLeap's cursor sentivities are set both axes to 0.75. I will try this weekend the havoc's modified drivers.
  10. Version 1.20 of DCLeap now available, see the first post to learn about new features. Kariyann
  11. Yes you can disable each hand gestures to use only cursor. Conversely you can disable mouse to use only hand gestures.
  12. leapMotion implementation possibility Yes the version on DCS user’s files is old. I published on GitHub early may a new version that introduce a debug file generation. Download this version, try it and if it doesn’t work go to the Data folder of DCLeap, get the logfile.txt and attach it to tour post. I’ll take a look at it to identify the issue. To avoid parasite behaviors (knob and clicks) modify the config file xml of LeapMotion for SteamVR. I explained the procedure in the manual.
  13. leapMotion implementation possibility You’ve an old DCLeap, go to the GitHub depot and download the last One https://github.com/kariyann/DCLeap
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