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  1. Hello Streakeagle, you can adjust pinch sensitivity in the main menu. Take a look at the last part of DCLeap Manual to see how pinch is working in DCLeap. About trigger, DCLeap detect fingers state, so to perform a click you have to - thumb extended - index not extended - middle either - ring either - pinky either About the global cursor sensitivity, you can adjust each axe in the main menu. Cursor sensitivity is associated to your desktop screen resolution. For example, mine is 1920*1080, and my DCLeap's cursor sentivities are set both axes to 0.75. I will try this we
  2. Version 1.20 of DCLeap now available, see the first post to learn about new features. Kariyann
  3. Yes you can disable each hand gestures to use only cursor. Conversely you can disable mouse to use only hand gestures.
  4. leapMotion implementation possibility Yes the version on DCS user’s files is old. I published on GitHub early may a new version that introduce a debug file generation. Download this version, try it and if it doesn’t work go to the Data folder of DCLeap, get the logfile.txt and attach it to tour post. I’ll take a look at it to identify the issue. To avoid parasite behaviors (knob and clicks) modify the config file xml of LeapMotion for SteamVR. I explained the procedure in the manual.
  5. leapMotion implementation possibility You’ve an old DCLeap, go to the GitHub depot and download the last One https://github.com/kariyann/DCLeap
  6. Totally agree. But many users will complain about the fact that hands have to be in the field of view. That’s why people want CaptoGlove and haptic feedback. But how many of us know perfectly the position of each knobs and switches in the cockpit to not take a look at before using ? ... Now we have a CaptoGlove implementation that seems to doesn’t work properly and no LeapMotion implementation while solutions exist...
  7. Hello Om. Download the last version on GitHub (April release). This will probably correct the ejection feature and the lagging. To use DCLeap, start it, you will see two squares. Turn your palms in front of your face with all fingers extended and you will disable square according to the hand facing your HMd. Select one hand to get a square, the red or the green. Now you will be able to live the cursor. Execute trigger gesture to left click. Turn your palm il front of you, a little blue square will appear, execute trigger gesture and this will execute a right click. All other commands
  8. What’s the version of DCLeap you have ? Is it the last one published on GitHub ? If yes, you could be able to offset the cursor and set sensitivity to better fit hand position. But I personally use « show hands » feature to debug or interact with ejection handle or kneeboard interaction (future feature). In these cases, hands appears automatically.
  9. For information, I will publish this week end a new version with kneeboard and scratchpad interactions
  10. Good news ! Maybe It could be the same for Pimax’s Users
  11. Try to put DCS in full screen ALT+ENTER. Look at the DCLeap manual to learn about commands.
  12. You can edit LeapMotion SteamVR drivers hand’s offset in the config xml file of the driver. I could be easier in think.
  13. I found this somewhere in the forum. Have you tried this : Supported platforms The tool has been developed using OpenVR (SteamVR) which, to my limited understanding of the VR APIs is the only platform supporting external overlays into applications “out of the box”. The good news for Oculus owners (like me) is that SteamVR is complatible with Oculus devices too. It is just required that your (flight) simulator is compatible with SteamVR and can be forced to SteamVR mode. In case of DCS this is done by adding a command line option ( --force_steam_VR ) or by using Skatezilla DCS Updater.
  14. Hello, You’ve an Oculus and a LeapMotion, If you want to help me to get DCLeap working with Oculus, just download Unity. After we could chat on Discord to explain you have to debug DCLeap behavior with Unity.
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