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  1. Found this thread cause I encountered ear ringing and blurred vision problem right after spawning at Creech AFB NTTR map in L-39C and L-39 ZA. I think, it's not spawning above the ground, it's a problem with airports not being at or near sea level. See detail screenshots of the cabin altitude / differential pressure gauge attached. Creech is around 3000ft above sea level. On the loading screen, the cabin alt registers as 0 meters. As soon as the mission starts the gauge shows around 1000 m of cabin altitude combined with ear ringing and blurred vision. So that's coming from decrompression. With a cold and dark and canopy open, the cabin should load with environment pressure but seems to load with sea level pressure. Once un-paused, the pressure drops and you notice decompression results. DCS/ @BIGNEWY: Could this please be checked? trackfile attached L-39C_Creech.trk
  2. Okay, thanks for verification and support. Good to hear, that this is already solved. I'll wait for stable update. Don't like to fiddle around with both versions as I'm not playing MP.
  3. Same for me. Also, I couldn't find the threads I started in my profile.
  4. Hello, don't know it this has been reported before. I'm currently on stable build DCS I created single player NTTR mission starting at Creech AFB. Went in the radio frequency preset for the player aircraft. Typed 360.600 or 360.60 for channel 5. While saving, this get's set to 360.6. Please see mission editor screenshot. After starting the mission I'll try to contact Creech ATC and select channel 5 on the front panel radio, nothing happens. Setting the radio, that the preset frequency is displayed, I found, that it is set to 360.60 MHz. The .6 decimal setting has not been transfered to the radio. Opening the radios preset dialing in 360.600 manually and transfer to channel 5, the decimals are correct. Is there a bug that prevents the mission editor's frequency decimals presets to correctly show up in the radio? trk-file and screenshots attached. Thanks for your help, Regards Jens C-101EB_radio_preset.trk
  5. Okay, thanks, at least, it was not me being unable to setup things in the ME. As there's work on the core game going on, maybe ED implements a solution for this.
  6. Hallo, the Syria map offers quiet a lot of shelters and such things. I wanted to place static objects or inactive but visible ground units inside them. I only found them on the roof of the buildings. Is there a way to place them correctly inside? Similar thing happens with the deck crane when placing to near to an antenna platform on the super carrier, than the crane hovers on top of the structure. I only found the solution to let them slowly drive into the shelter. Left Merkava was placed with the icon in front of the shelter. The second started behind and drove in. Thanks Jens
  7. Some screenshots taken during the flight with selected VORs but needle pointing somewhere else as the VOR should be.
  8. Hello, just did two quick flights with C-101CC and Mirage2000C starting at Hamat and tried to set up VOR 113.90 near Beirut and 116.20 near Hamat. I only got strange readings from 113.90, pointing to different direction or showing nothing even at 10000ft. Same strange reading came from 116.20. Tracks attached. Could someone please verify if the VORs are working? Thanks Jens Mirage_lebanon_VOR.trk C-101CC_lebanon_VOR.trk
  9. Logging out after the message fixed it also. Glad I found this thread, so no need to create a support ticket. "server error..." skynet is taking control... :robot:
  10. I noticed, that some taxi lights are in the middle or near the exit of the shelters in the north west parking area. Especially at parking spot 24. Please see screenshots attached. Just a small quirk, but looks a bit weird while taxiing out of that shelter. Regards Jens
  11. Even north eastern parking area should be able to use Su-27, but in mission editor I'm not able to use these ramp start locations.
  12. Never thought of individual buttons. I switched to a different channel and than back to restore near / far function using the toggle button. Will try this and lets hope, the Yak get's some love from the devs.
  13. Thanks, I tried it in eShop and put both in the shopping cart. Total:$139.98 reduced to: $69.98 So buying both would bring 88% bonus to A-10C II. So many planes, so many options, so little time to fly :pilotfly::cry:
  14. Hello, don't know, if it's intended or not, just wanted to clear this. The parking spots 07 - 18 at Bassel Al-Assad (the ones with the revetments(?), sorry I'm not native speaker and don't know how they are called) are not suited for planes like Su-24, Su-27 and so on. I could only place smaller ones like Su-25, MiG-21, MiG-29 there. Please see screenshots attached. Maps view is a slightly different location, but the boxes don't seem to be bigger and Su-27/27 are parked there. Thanks Jens
  15. Hello, isn't the A-10C (the original one, not the Tank Killer upgrade) participating in the Halloween Sale? It's price is $59.99 on the DCS eShop modules page. Or is it the update option still available for the A-10C II? So If I buy the A-10C I can have both for an additional of $9.99? Thanks in advance for clearing this up. Best regards Jens
  16. There was an answer in the overall bug thread: So next scheduled OB update should be in Nov. 4th regarding the patch thread from ED.
  17. Avatar and user details are changed as well, I see... That's out of my understanding too. Could be the same view...
  18. Using latest activity will show posts in reverse order. You also can set this as default in your profile. Or you can use filter to only show today's posts. We will get used to it. I first also marked all channels as read.
  19. Hello, don't know if this has been answered before. Have to get used to the new forum and search. Is it possible to selective jettison empty Matra rocket pods? On the armament panel, there is no RKT light after the pods are empty. I could select the center fuel tank, but not the empty pods. Have not tried emergency jettison. Regards Jens
  20. Good to find this thread. Also got this behaviour in current stable, which is the same as beta at the moment of writing.
  21. Great to hear. For now, have to guess the distance using F10 map. As the missile is optically guided, I can still enjoy the kaboom. :lol:
  22. As noted earlier here, laser rangefinder isn't working. It only shows "dist" at the TV screen. Stable version DCS/
  23. reported since ages... https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=176368 :( :cry:
  24. Reported here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=284014
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