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  1. Had the same happening today. Glad I saw this thread before. Clearing and remapping after game restart fixed the bindings.
  2. Maybe a seperate thread would be better Can't say something about. I'm only playing single player and mostly EB version and a bit ground strafing with gun or rockets in the CC. I guess, that's a low prio thing for aviodev. They focus on getting multicrew fixed.
  3. Correct, you need to fly straight and level while holding the switch depressed. Same goes for the HSI, heading will be far off after some wild maneuvers from magnetic. The HSI will correct itself after some minutes of flying straight and level.
  4. Hello, plane get stuck into the ground outside the new hangars. Coordinates can be seen in screenshot. DCS: DCS/ Regards Jens
  5. Hello, DCS 2.7 introduced loadout details, so Mk-82 got the description of being a 500lb general purpose bomb low drag. In the C-101CC loadout menu, the models' specific bombs are missing this addition, only having BR-250, BR-500, BIN-200, Belouga, 4*BDU-33 and the symbols in the list. Please see screenshot below. Is this a thing ED has to add or is it model specific? Thanks Jens
  6. You will find further information here. or here
  7. Same for me. It's the first time for long, that I'm flying on OB. As I'm only using single player, OB is okay. Only had some CTDs after doing many terrain and mission switches in Mission Editor in one session.
  8. Hello, I wanted to ask if the behaviour of the fuel quantity selector knob CW / CCW has been changed intentionally? Attached are two tracks, one from 2.5.6 and one from 2.7. In 2.5.6 I'm able to go into the test position by holding the key which I have assigned to fuel quantity selector CCW, if it was in norm position before. In 2.7, this no longer works. Only switching positions from norm to ext tanks and back work with CW and CCW key commands. Even the assignment of test position does nothing. In 2.7 the test position can only be toggled with holding left mouse button. Regards Jens F-16_fuel_qut_sel_2.5.6_test.trk F-16_fuel_quty_sel_test_2.7.trk
  9. Absolutely great just for flying around. Haven't dropped a single weapon with 2.7 yet. Regards Jens
  10. Please see screenshot attached. - Open mission editor - place Russia ground unit - select armor - select and compare subcategory "all" and "APC and IFV" result: IFV BRDM-2 is not listed in sub category "APC and IFV". It only can be found in all, so without sub category filter. expected: IFV BRDM-2 should be listed in sub category "APC and IFV" DCS: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows NT 10.0.19042) DCS: DCS revision: 184618 Thanks Jens
  11. Only had a quick look but thanks for the update. Large list of changes and the clouds don't seem to impact my fps performance. Being almost exclusively on stable version over the last year, I may use open beta now quite frequently just for sightseeing and buzzing through the cloud layers searching for holes in it.
  12. Making an overhead approach but keep in mind, that the airfield is a couple of hundred feet above sea level. And it has a sloped runway too.
  13. Nice work on the mission. Haven't flown the F-5 for a while and didn't used the burner that much so was a bit heavy on landing. Made an ouch! touchdown, but without damage.
  14. In current 2.5.6 stable I even can't get them to embark the APC. Is this also broken for ground units not alone for Helos?
  15. Please make sure, the airport's active runway is the one with the ILS and not the other one. This depends highly on wind conditions (4 m/s minimum I think it is). Only if criterias are met, the ILS or even inner and outer beacon for other aircraft are switched on. If you than can reproduce, please provide a track file, so other can check which airfield, which direction in which conditions you tried. Only stating it's broken isn't helpful.
  16. There's something strange with all of the toggle buttons / mappings. I think, you need to use the on / off buttons button mappings.
  17. Known issue. As a workaround If the hangar is open on both ends, you can let the vehicles drive into it starting from behind.
  18. As the title says, the ramp positions 07 and 06 at Qabr as Sitt are too far back for the Mi-8. The tail rotor cuts through the fence when starting the engines. The positions should be moved slightly forward. In mission editor it looks even worse than it's in game. See Screenshots below. Thanks Jens
  19. As stable was updated last Friday, I now can enjoy this feature again Thanks again for the ongoing support. Also like the revised pitch up tendency after liftoff. As I'm only a virtual pilot, it "feels" more logical now. So couldn't imagine, that countering that noseup tendency with correct trim setting needs to be so hard as it was before.
  20. There is "Landing Gear Toggle" under systems category in C-101EB and C-101CC keybinds. I mapped it to default g key on the keyboard or I think it's there as default.
  21. Thanks, will try something. Maybe I can move the FARP to the side and place the unit as takeoff from ground within the radius, so that refueling / rearming works. I created this topic, if someones interested, you could comment. edit: I think it's around 100m radius, but not all objects / trees react the same way. It's a bit trial and error and compromise between being able to rearm and refuel and the removal of objects. In the example below farp is 100m away from helicopter but only the treeline in the south which would close the rectangular around the landing area has been removed.
  22. Hello, the invisible FARP object is great. The only thing is, it removes trees and objects in it's surrounding. Creating a helicopter base in an confined area where helicopters can land safely is impossible. It will remove to many objects. Would be great if the FARP would not remove the objects by itself, this could be done with the object removal trigger zone. Here's an example with removed trees in normandy map. Thanks Jens
  23. Glad I found this. Made me crazy while trying to create a FARP in Normandy map for helicopters in a confined area. Last time I created the mission and flew it and the trees were there. Today reopened the mission and the trees were gone. Something inconsistent happening here too. So not all trees seem to get removed. Does anyone know, how large this radius is?
  24. With 100% of fuel, it takes a while. But for most sorties you do not need that much fuel. Burning around 1200lbs in cruise flight at a medium altitude 1800lbs are more than enough for training sorties. It was designed to fly from Spanish mainland to the Canary Islands so it can takeup more fuel than typically needed.
  25. Hello, couldn't find something via the search. The frequency channel presets V/UHF radio in kneeboard are shown in Hz instead of MHz. So too many zeros. Version: DCS/ See Screenshot below. Regards Jens
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