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  1. I got no response on my post about the same thing...
  2. Still strange, even if misslabled in English. For normal operation switch should be on, so valve is closed, but you will see an amber warning light!? So we will have to wait for EDs input and clarification.
  3. What about tank no 3? Seems to be really tiny.
  4. Hello, could someone please check this, I couldn't find something in the known issues. - bind keys to increase / decrease free turbine adjust - Startup the Hind's engines - throttle up -> rotor RPM around 95% - push button increase free turbine rpm --> rotor RPM rises - push button decrease free turbine rpm --> rotor RPM stays the same - look at collective lever - pushing the above mentioned buttons, the switch only moves into the increase position and returns back to neutral - pushing decrease, nothing happens - left and right click on the switch moves the switch, but decrease does not work So once rotor RPM has been increased, it can not been decreased. Will create a track, but I guess, the description could be enough. Thanks Jens
  5. It's in the known issues thread: Show hints at mission start - settings are inverted.
  6. I think, it's in the special options settings, but the checkbox "show hints on startup" (or something like this) is reversed. When it's selected, the control indicator will not be displayed on mission start.
  7. Hello, I'm not absolutely sure, but I think when switching on the batteries from cold and dark rampstart, I can hear that door seal sound. Is this WIP or even something else? I guess batteries with engines not running have nothing to do with the NBC cabin pressurization system. See trackfile attached or steps to reproduce: - cold start - door open - left or right battery switch on --> door seal pressure release sound can be heard - all off - close doors - left or right battery switch on --> door seal pressure release sound can be heard - battery off - seal door (valve ccw) - battery on --> no sound - valve close --> release sound okay Thanks Jens Mi-24_door_seal.trk
  8. Went into stable with DCS Fixed SPS landing system causing the afterburner to ignite. Attempting to engage the afterburner with the SPS on, will cause significant thrust decrease due to the open engine nozzle. So with gear down and flaps in landing position and SPS on, there is no after burner ignition available. Real plane throttle has AB detent, so you won't put throttle that far forward so the nozzle would open, which causes thrust decrease. Keep throttle below AB detent, fly the pattern/approach as per the book (not to shallow, not too heavy) and there is no need to light the burner on landing. For go-around, flaps to take off position and you can light the burner again.
  9. You will find it here: [your_DCS_World_OpenBeta_or_stable_installation_folder]\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Doc\DCS MiG-21bis EN.pdf Don't know, if it's public anywhere else without owning the module. It has not been updated reflecting the recent changes I guess, cause the file dates 2018 on my PC. Regards Jens
  10. Hello, please see screenshots and trackfile attached (east of Bassel Al Assad). Helicopter sinks into helipad and there's floating ground equipment around. Regards Jens Helibase_floating_equipment.trk
  11. "Helicopters AI. Added ability to follow ground or naval units with same speed in the follow task." Sounds good, aircraft carrier SAR helicopter without the need for scripting. Thanks
  12. There was a change in controls configuration with one of the last updates. Please check all your axis bindings for 101EB/CC. I guess, there are some duplicates. I had to reset all of the 101EB/CC axis bindings, than leaving DCS and restarting it. After that, everything was okay again.
  13. Hello, in the newsletter below there's a link to a 3d modelling document. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/upload/medialibrary/d9e/grkacdl86onf14ah185aluy6udaktszb/3D_Unit_Modelling.pdf You can see that the side door or hatch of the BTR-82 is open. Is there a way to get this state!? Using triggers or waypoint actions? I know setting the AI ground objects in alarmstate red closes driver hatches and such things. But the side door would be nice placing soldiers next to it. Regards Jens
  14. Works as intended. Oxygen switch off, no problems as long as cabin is pressurized. Seconds after dumping cabin pressure with the switch on ECS control panel on right console, the vision gets blurry. Putting oxygen switch to on position, even with ambient outside air pressure at 30000 ft, pilot regains consciousness. Tested in current OB Regards Jens
  15. @Crash * What was your flight? Only putting the oxygen switch to off? Or also putting the canopy lever in the unpressurized position? As long as as the cockpit is pressurized, the cabin pressure will help a lot. Will try next time, taking of with unpressurized cabin and oxygen off. Thanks @Fri13 for the reminder. Always forget about the pressurized cockpit in the non warbird planes.
  16. Need to do a proper track file. Yesterday I flew several minutes between 23000 ft and 30000 ft with oxygen set to off. Nothing happened. But I switched it to off only after reaching 20000 ft. How long will it take to see problems? I guess, will try with the switch off from startup next time.
  17. That's exactly what I thought yesterday. I don't want to have a large deadzone for hand flying, but during AP operation, all the small center movements of the normal desktop joysticks should not interfere. Don't have the problem in F-18, F-16 or Mirage (I know, these are FBW) using the same small deadzone of 4.
  18. Mi-8 also has two inverter switches. Wags only flipped the left guarded switch to on. We will see, I think. this will get fixed and we will see it in the detailed startup later on.
  19. As you need to monitor the EGT during startup to cut the fuel when having a hot start, I guess, it's not yet implemented or Comrade Wags missed a switch. It's working in the Mi-8, so should be the same in the Mi-24. @Lampshade Regarding the mirror frame, I noticed that also. Looks like an early build with some glitches.
  20. Fixed in current OB Great support here even for the small items. Makes it much more immersive having all those little details.
  21. Have you restarted DCS as a whole? Just remapping is not sufficient.
  22. Thanks for fixing even the small things. Great level of detail. Also noticed the accuracy of the helmet sun visor. Wondered why the vision got lighter after switching off the battery and realized, that I had the visor down, but without battery, the helmet rests on the cockpit wall, so no more visor in front of the eyes.
  23. Hello, this one is in 2.7 open beta (DCS/ DCS revision: 185653). Steps to reproduce the behaviour of the fuel flow reset button in CC or EB version to get different results: - cold and dark 101CC - clicking or using keybind for fuel flow reset button, the knob gets pulled - cold and dark 101EB - clicking fuel flow reset button, the knob gets pulled - using the keybind, the fuel flow reset button is of type push and release Please see also tracks attached. So is it a pull and release knob or push and release? Regards Jens C-101CC_fuel_flow_reset_2.7 C-101EB_fuel_flow_reset_2.7
  24. Thanks. Will give it a try next update. A strange one indeed, messed around with the avionics and found this.
  25. Hello, just a minor glitch I noticed today in the C-101CC in open beta. DCS/ revision: 185653 Every click on VOR/ILS Test switch on VHF COM/NAV radio from neutral to left of right moves the emergency fuel lever one position. Steps to reproduce: - start cold and dark front cockpit - right mouse button click on VOR/ILS Test switch on VHF COM/NAV radio - emergency fuel lever moves forward - left mouse button click on VOR/ILS Test switch on VHF COM/NAV radio two times (back to neutral and to the left) - emergency fuel lever moves backwards See trackfile attached. Thanks Jens C-101CC_VOR-ILS_Test_switch_moves_emerg_fuel_2.7
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