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  1. okay thanks. Would be nice to have a list of WIP / completed features which gets regularly updated. Couldn't find engine specific things in FAQ or known issues, even the known issues list isn't up to date, cause some things have been implemented since start of early access and the last patches: Thanks Jens
  2. Hello, is the engine oil temp and engine pressure behaviour WIP or final? Looks a bit low to me compared to the Mi-8. Thanks Jens
  3. Hello, just ran into this weird animation. Steps to reproduce, also see trackfile attached. - start Hind on ramp hot (to get quicker result, will also happen from cold start) - go to gunner seat - power up gunsight - best is to bind observer doors and sight doors switch to an key on keyboard - go to outside view - observer doors open - outer doors will open - ok - sight doors open - inner doors will open - ok - close observer doors and leave sight door switch up --> outer doors close first, once they are closed, the inner doors close and clip through the outer doors. Don't know how the real thing works, but I guess closing outer doors will force the inner doors to close, or automatically trigger closing of the inner doors first regardless of the sight doors switch position. Mi-24_sight_doors_observer_doors.trk Regards and thanks Jens
  4. Is there only one filler cap in tank 3 and 4+5 only fill through tank 3? Just a bit nitpicking Than having this initial state described above will happen only when fueling process goes like this: - tank 3 is filled up faster, than it drains down to 4+5 - than you need to stop refilling - wait until 4+5 reach that intermediate level - now fill tank 3 to this intermediate level - immediately hop into the cockpit and check the fuel gauge as above
  5. Hello, maybe just a minor thing but I noticed the following. Please see screenshot and trk attached. Starting with a reduced fuel load (say 80%) on the ramp cold and dark. T3 will contain around 330 Liters. Tanks 4+5 will contain 780 Liters. Cause Tank 3 gravity feeds to 4+5 and waiting some minutes, tank 3 will now contain 50 Liters and tanks 4+5 are full at around 1000 Liters. Is it intended this way? Assuming that the refuelling process when starting in cold and dark from the ramp happened several minutes before the pilot to reach the cockpit, the fuel should already be in the state of 4+5 being full and only the surplus. Currently it looks like T3 and T4+5 start with reduced fuel. I guess T3 will only have any fuel if T4+5 is topped up completely and refuelling in T3 (if that's the main filling point) will immediately drain to T4+5 until these are full. Thanks for taking a look Regards Jens Mi-24_80_percent_fuel.trk Mi-24_100_percent_fuel.trk
  6. Maybe I didn't clear it enough. tank 3 gravity feeding in 4+5 is totally okay. My concern is the implementation of starting with the reduced fuel load. Say 80% fuel in mission editor and starting a mission, you will find something like 80% fuel in tank 3, and 80 % fuel in 4+5. So 4+5 have enough space so tank 3 drains in 4+5. For a cold start where the helicopter has been fueled way before entering the cabin, all that fuel from tank 3 would have fed into 4+5 already and you sould see empty tank 3 and almost full tanks 4+5. For hot refuelling it is okay to work this way I guess, when the filling cap is in tank 3 and can be topped of faster than the fuel will feed 4+5. So it takes a bit to drain.
  7. Can confirm. Noticed the same during my re-binding session after stable update.
  8. Together with Chuck's Guide and the fuel diagram I now noticed, tank 3 gravity feeds into 4+5. Tank 3 is also shown on middle scale. Starting cold and dark with reduced fuel load. You will have some fuel in tank 3, but 4+5 are not full. It will immediately drain from tank 3 to 4+5 on the ground. Don't know if this is intended or not. I'll try to make a trackfile next time and ask.
  9. Can confirm, noticed the same while rebinding the controls in updated stable version moments ago.
  10. okay... but how? Or will I get tied next to the flare dispenser by only asking this? I also think it's a bit weird being in the profile with no proper description. It's not even in the jdam dsms screenshots in the manual so seems to be added afterwards.
  11. Hello, could someone please shed a light on the purpose and usage of the WYPT ID setting in a JDAM profile in the DSMS? Haven't found this in the manual or Chuck's Guide or anywhere. These are always describing dropping JDAMS on SPI using markpoints or something like this where the current steerpoint is SPI and in CCRP mode target and release information are based on that SPI. So how can the profile TARGET / WYPT ID setting be used? I tried yesterday and I can input a waypoint ID via scratchpad. But in flight to get proper ASL information I also have to set this waypoint as steerpoint. Maybe I did something wrong or missed a step on the usage? If I need to set the steerpoint to the same waypoint than there seems to be no further benefit of setting a target WP within the dsms jdam profile. Regards Jens
  12. Okay, just a cosmetic thing, first thought it depends on the paint scheme I use, but this seems not related. Thanks for checking. Lets wait for @RAZBAM_ELMO
  13. Hello, just noticed, that placing the eclair pod instead of the drag chute is okay in mission editor. Once on the ramp, external model only shows drag chute cover. Screenshots and track file attached. Regards Jens M2000_eclair_not_visible.trk
  14. Hello, using the groups triggered actions will only work with a trigger in your mission starting that groups action (no 1 in picture). You need to go to the waypoint section of the group (no 2. in picture). Select the waypoint, first one, if the helicopter starts nearby the group which it should excort. Below the waypoint settings for speed and so on, there is a button called "waypoint actions". Clicking will open a dialog almost exactly like the one in your picture, but this will activate the action selected directly when reaching the waypoint and does not need a mission trigger. Regards Jens
  15. That's my guess too, so it's more important for the existing parking spots to work for the size of aircraft that should fit in, so they can use the defined taxi route from that exact spot. Edit after parallel post: The taxi waypoint would add a new complexity which can be avoided by setting up parking spaces for corresponding aircraft.
  16. Hello, I wanted to place tankers at Andersen AFB Parking spots 150 onwards but they are not in selection? N 13°35'1.79" E 144°54'58.52" Is this intended or bug? On google earth pictures looks like heavy jets parking there. Regards Jens
  17. Thanks. Let's wait for ED. Update: Looks like it's fixed now. Copy files from open beta worked and Marianas is available in mission editor.
  18. As stabel has been updated to version DCS, there's a hint to download Marianas Map when launching the game and opening module manager. Accepting the Download, the installer starts and than fails with the message: Unknown module MARIANAISLANDS_terrain Here's part of the log: 00000.074 --- Log file: E:\games\DCS_World\autoupdate_log.txt 00000.000 === Log opened UTC 2021-07-14 13:50:42 00000.012 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.19043; Win64; de-DE) 00000.012 INFO : src-id: [someID], lib-id: [someID] 00000.012 INFO : cmdline: "E:\games\DCS_World\bin\dcs_updater.exe" apply [some GUID] 00000.045 STATUS: Initializing... 00000.069 INFO : basedir: E:\games\DCS_World 00000.071 INFO : Command: install MARIANAISLANDS_terrain 00000.074 INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD,MI-8MTV2,MIG-21BIS,FC3,UH-1H,UH-1H_video_EN,MIG-15BIS,L-39,LAIVYNAS_MI-8MTV2_OILFIELD_campaign,AJS37,YAK-52,RAZBAM_AV8BNA,PERSIANGULF_terrain,F-5E,F-86F,RAZBAM_MIG19P,AVIODEV_C-101,NEVADA_terrain,RAZBAM_M-2000C,F-16C,HEATBLUR_F-14,FA-18C,SU-33,POLYCHOPSIM_SA342,KA-50,FW-190A8,WWII-ARMOUR,NORMANDY_terrain,FW-190D9,SUPERCARRIER,SYRIA_terrain,A-10C,A-10C_2,MI-24P) 00000.074 INFO : branch: 00000.075 STATUS: Downloading version info... 00001.340 STATUS: Preparing to install MARIANAISLANDS_terrain ... 00001.390 STATUS: Unknown module MARIANAISLANDS_terrain 00004.210 === Log closed. Anyone else having problems? Regards Jens
  19. Patrol along Nicosia's UN Buffer Zone
  20. As the answer was from 1st July 2021, I guess it is not yet in the open beta build. Last OB update was 30.06.2021. So only in an internal testing build and will find it's way in on of the next OB builds and finally someday to stable branch.
  21. Hello, just an idea. There are many road blocks and fences on Cyprus, where the UN buffer zone is, which is nice. Would be great, if the buffer zone was better marked on the ALT or SAT map in mission editor / F10 view. Thanks Jens
  22. Some information and solution regarding the axis binding in this thread.
  23. Hi @Vibora, That decimal thing is still an open issue with different preset channels in the EB. My latest test was in Could you please have a look when time permits? Regards Jens
  24. Yeah, I don't know how ugra handles this. Not commenting, but fixing would be okay. But no reaction... Some things get marked as reported (which means, that they go to internal backlog), others not. Than after a while you can see something in the changelog of a new version. It's hard I guess, someone has to scan, retest the forum reports with internal builds, compare them to already internally created bug tickets, react here on the forum and so on. Would almost exclusively block a whole ressource per module I could imagine. Maybe @BIGNEWY can shed a light on this. Regards Jens
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