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  1. Hello,


    on the kneeboard, the lines for ARK-5 preset frequencies always only show 0.00 kHz.

    Would be really helpful to show the frequency for NEAR / FAR selection as the dial on the ARK-5 receiver is hard to read, especially when looking from an offset above.

    I think it's not that important to have different lines for the ranges, as you can easily switch the range selector while tuning in ANT mode.

    Currently I'm using "cheat" or simplified mode without option "FAR updated NEAR". But this should be irrelevant here for the kneeboard functionality.

    490kHz in FAR mode selection:


    870kHz in NEAR mode selection:




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  2. Hello,


    I wondered last time I flew the Hind. Started only with around 1000 litres of fuel and flew quite a while.

    Tank 2 120 l warning light came on. I checked the individual tanks with the fuel gauge selector. T2 was down but T1 had more than 200 l remaining.

    After running tank 2 completely dry, tank 1 contained around 100 l remaining fuel, both engines still running; so from the diagram in Chuck's Guide (thanks @Charly_Owl) I think both feed the same line distributing fuel to the engines.

    Does the uneven usage come from maneuvering, yawing and slipping while flying or different feeding from tanks 4+5 to 1 and 2?

    Should the amount of fuel be manually balanced between the tanks or is this normal and not critical?




  3. Don't know, if I understand correctly. Maybe you could provide some screenshots or a trackfile.


    The flap lever in the cockpit has 4 positions: up, neutral, takeoff position, full down.

    I've mapped buttons setting the lever down and up.


    Starting with flaps fully up, you can select takeoff position, the flaps move to takeoff position. For fully down, you need to set to fully down position.

    Now setting the lever in the takeoff or neutral position will not move the flaps.

    Only setting in the up position will retract the flaps.

    You can stop in any position during transition by putting the handle in neutral.


    Maybe that helps


  4. Please read the post above, @Ramsay put it really nice together with pictures.

    Only some OM/IM combinations work. Frequency range set and than tune with the hand crank on the ARK-5 receiver on the right side of the cockpit. On the kneeboard there's also a hint for the frequency as the scale is hard to read sometimes due to parallax error and what not.

  5. 5 hours ago, mastershotgun said:

    I was not talking about near/far switch... I was talking about 3 separate ndb switches...


    As the threads linked by Flappie explain.


    The three switches select the frequency range on the ARK-5 receiver which will be used when switching from far to near.

    150 - 310

    310 - 640

    640 - 1030

    Far beacon being within the 640 - 1030 kHz range, tune this in the ARK- receiver. The corresponding inner beacon is within 310 - 640 kHz range, you need to switch the 310 - 640 kHz (middle switch to on).

    Overflying the outer beacon, you can now switch far/near switch to near, and the ARK-5 "automatically" receives the inner beacon (without turning the crank), because in the near position, the range selection is used from the switches and not from the frequency range dial on the receiver unit.

  6. Hello,


    I just did some testing with German EWR stations Würzburg Riese and Freya.

    Please see mission file and track attached.

    I was able to contact them by setting them to my Fw-190 A-8 frequency of 40 MHz AM.

    From the north there are some B-17 groups incoming in 2000 m and 6000 m well within the detection ring displayed in mission editor or F10 map.


    Both stations always respond with "clean" message, so they seem to detect nothing.

    Is there something I'm mission here setting them up?




    Freya_Wuerzburg_Fw-190A8.trk _Freya_wuerzburg_test.miz

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  7. bump...


    Yes, still the case in DCS/


    Alwayss scares me to death, when the automatic switching occurs and the engine sound increases abruptly.


    Hope this can be fixed, when the Fw get's some love. The Mossie needs an adversary in combat. The pilot shouldn't die from a heart attack while the supercharger switches into high setting 🤣

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  8. Hello,


    added the H-6J into a mission and wanted to add bombs to the wings.

    The bombs on the wing pylon's MERs are clipping through each other (being too large or of the wrong type?) Bombs in bomb bay are of different type.

    See screenshots below:



    Seen in current open beta: DCS/


    Nevertheless, very welcomed addition to DCS and the AI bomber fleet. Now need some Tu-16 livery 😉




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  9. I also find the G version with Germany, but only with the grey Luftwaffe skin.


    Back in the days in LOMAC, I used the G version and it had the altimeter in feet and the airspeed indicator in knots. I just loaded the German G version and it's instruments were metric like in the A and S version. Do I need to change something here?

    Under special options --> FC3 there is only default cockpit option.


    edit: I guess I found the answer here:


    So I'll stick to the A or S version, as the described mix of units in the post above seems a bit strange.

  10. At least the floating ground equipment is fixed.


    The helicopter sinking into the helipad is still a problem with DCS/


    Edit: Did a quick test and included some tracks. Looks like problem only with AI controlled Mi-24P?


    Player Mi-24 was okay, AI Mi-8 and Ka-50 too.

    Ka-50_AI_not_sinking.trk Mi-8_AI_not_sinking.trk Mi-24P_AI_sinking.trk

  11. It's a problem on multiple helipads. The question is, should we as the user test every single one and report every single one in a new bug report thread....?! 😱


    Would be better a developer can use internal helipad list (I guess this can be selected from map SDK or something like this) and check/fix the problematic ones.


  12. As @VFGiPJP said, please try "HUD shift to lower position"




    There is no "shift to upper position" binding, so for me this works as a toggle. Pressing h brings the HUD down, pressing H again and HUD goes up.


    The Low/High (toggle) is maybe abstraction for a two-position-switch? I'don't have such switches, this didn't work for me.

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