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  1. Had the same problem as the original poster. Rebinding and setting deadzone with my T.16000 did the trick. Was able to engage AP after doing that again.
  2. Thanks for testing. At least, not only my local problem.
  3. Update here, I really guess, it has something to do with lighting conditions and some issues. @BIGNEWY Maybe this could be investigated? Screenshots an track attached, I got the light during the gear down transition phase for a couple of seconds or even less. I raised and lowered the gear several times. Fw-190A8_pitot_heating_light_flicker.trk
  4. Hello, I just did some testing with German EWR stations Würzburg Riese and Freya. Please see mission file and track attached. I was able to contact them by setting them to my Fw-190 A-8 frequency of 40 MHz AM. From the north there are some B-17 groups incoming in 2000 m and 6000 m well within the detection ring displayed in mission editor or F10 map. Both stations always respond with "clean" message, so they seem to detect nothing. Is there something I'm mission here setting them up? Regards Jens Freya_Wuerzburg_Fw-190A8.trk _Freya_wuerzburg_test.miz
  5. bump... Yes, still the case in DCS/ Alwayss scares me to death, when the automatic switching occurs and the engine sound increases abruptly. Hope this can be fixed, when the Fw get's some love. The Mossie needs an adversary in combat. The pilot shouldn't die from a heart attack while the supercharger switches into high setting
  6. Hello, added the H-6J into a mission and wanted to add bombs to the wings. The bombs on the wing pylon's MERs are clipping through each other (being too large or of the wrong type?) Bombs in bomb bay are of different type. See screenshots below: Seen in current open beta: DCS/ Nevertheless, very welcomed addition to DCS and the AI bomber fleet. Now need some Tu-16 livery Thanks Jens
  7. No, this will not work for the steam gauges. As described in the other thread, only HUD will be with in imperial instruments.
  8. I also find the G version with Germany, but only with the grey Luftwaffe skin. Back in the days in LOMAC, I used the G version and it had the altimeter in feet and the airspeed indicator in knots. I just loaded the German G version and it's instruments were metric like in the A and S version. Do I need to change something here? Under special options --> FC3 there is only default cockpit option. edit: I guess I found the answer here: So I'll stick to the A or S version, as the described mix of units in the post above seems a bit strange.
  9. It was flickering one time last time I flew the A8 during gear transition coming in to land. I guess, there are some issues with the lighting system, as also the gear indicator lights where on or off in a weird fashion. Maybe connected to lighting situation outside the cockpit?
  10. Try to use embarking commands to get some life to the environment leads to frustration... Looks like w.i.p. and you will find several posts regarding problems with it. Be it AI helos or ground units.
  11. Looking really great. Thanks for sharing these work in progress details.
  12. never noticed the flames from the exhaust stacks before...
  13. Ah, sorry, I misinterpreted threadtitle together with only the images.
  14. At least the floating ground equipment is fixed. The helicopter sinking into the helipad is still a problem with DCS/ Edit: Did a quick test and included some tracks. Looks like problem only with AI controlled Mi-24P? Player Mi-24 was okay, AI Mi-8 and Ka-50 too. Ka-50_AI_not_sinking.trk Mi-8_AI_not_sinking.trk Mi-24P_AI_sinking.trk
  15. Where is the reference point within the helicopters object to which the F10 view height corresponds? Maybe it's not the point where the wheels touch the ground? So that would be normal? Marked position in map view simply is the ground elevation above MSL?
  16. It's a problem on multiple helipads. The question is, should we as the user test every single one and report every single one in a new bug report thread....?! Would be better a developer can use internal helipad list (I guess this can be selected from map SDK or something like this) and check/fix the problematic ones.
  17. As @VFGiPJP said, please try "HUD shift to lower position" There is no "shift to upper position" binding, so for me this works as a toggle. Pressing h brings the HUD down, pressing H again and HUD goes up. The Low/High (toggle) is maybe abstraction for a two-position-switch? I'don't have such switches, this didn't work for me.
  18. okay thanks. Would be nice to have a list of WIP / completed features which gets regularly updated. Couldn't find engine specific things in FAQ or known issues, even the known issues list isn't up to date, cause some things have been implemented since start of early access and the last patches: Thanks Jens
  19. Hello, is the engine oil temp and engine pressure behaviour WIP or final? Looks a bit low to me compared to the Mi-8. Thanks Jens
  20. Hello, just ran into this weird animation. Steps to reproduce, also see trackfile attached. - start Hind on ramp hot (to get quicker result, will also happen from cold start) - go to gunner seat - power up gunsight - best is to bind observer doors and sight doors switch to an key on keyboard - go to outside view - observer doors open - outer doors will open - ok - sight doors open - inner doors will open - ok - close observer doors and leave sight door switch up --> outer doors close first, once they are closed, the inner doors close and clip through the outer doors. Don't know how the real thing works, but I guess closing outer doors will force the inner doors to close, or automatically trigger closing of the inner doors first regardless of the sight doors switch position. Mi-24_sight_doors_observer_doors.trk Regards and thanks Jens
  21. Is there only one filler cap in tank 3 and 4+5 only fill through tank 3? Just a bit nitpicking Than having this initial state described above will happen only when fueling process goes like this: - tank 3 is filled up faster, than it drains down to 4+5 - than you need to stop refilling - wait until 4+5 reach that intermediate level - now fill tank 3 to this intermediate level - immediately hop into the cockpit and check the fuel gauge as above
  22. Hello, maybe just a minor thing but I noticed the following. Please see screenshot and trk attached. Starting with a reduced fuel load (say 80%) on the ramp cold and dark. T3 will contain around 330 Liters. Tanks 4+5 will contain 780 Liters. Cause Tank 3 gravity feeds to 4+5 and waiting some minutes, tank 3 will now contain 50 Liters and tanks 4+5 are full at around 1000 Liters. Is it intended this way? Assuming that the refuelling process when starting in cold and dark from the ramp happened several minutes before the pilot to reach the cockpit, the fuel should already be in the state of 4+5 being full and only the surplus. Currently it looks like T3 and T4+5 start with reduced fuel. I guess T3 will only have any fuel if T4+5 is topped up completely and refuelling in T3 (if that's the main filling point) will immediately drain to T4+5 until these are full. Thanks for taking a look Regards Jens Mi-24_80_percent_fuel.trk Mi-24_100_percent_fuel.trk
  23. Maybe I didn't clear it enough. tank 3 gravity feeding in 4+5 is totally okay. My concern is the implementation of starting with the reduced fuel load. Say 80% fuel in mission editor and starting a mission, you will find something like 80% fuel in tank 3, and 80 % fuel in 4+5. So 4+5 have enough space so tank 3 drains in 4+5. For a cold start where the helicopter has been fueled way before entering the cabin, all that fuel from tank 3 would have fed into 4+5 already and you sould see empty tank 3 and almost full tanks 4+5. For hot refuelling it is okay to work this way I guess, when the filling cap is in tank 3 and can be topped of faster than the fuel will feed 4+5. So it takes a bit to drain.
  24. Can confirm. Noticed the same during my re-binding session after stable update.
  25. Together with Chuck's Guide and the fuel diagram I now noticed, tank 3 gravity feeds into 4+5. Tank 3 is also shown on middle scale. Starting cold and dark with reduced fuel load. You will have some fuel in tank 3, but 4+5 are not full. It will immediately drain from tank 3 to 4+5 on the ground. Don't know if this is intended or not. I'll try to make a trackfile next time and ask.
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