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  1. There is "Landing Gear Toggle" under systems category in C-101EB and C-101CC keybinds. I mapped it to default g key on the keyboard or I think it's there as default.
  2. Thanks, will try something. Maybe I can move the FARP to the side and place the unit as takeoff from ground within the radius, so that refueling / rearming works. I created this topic, if someones interested, you could comment. edit: I think it's around 100m radius, but not all objects / trees react the same way. It's a bit trial and error and compromise between being able to rearm and refuel and the removal of objects. In the example below farp is 100m away from helicopter but only the treeline in the south which would close the rectangular around the landing are
  3. Hello, the invisible FARP object is great. The only thing is, it removes trees and objects in it's surrounding. Creating a helicopter base in an confined area where helicopters can land safely is impossible. It will remove to many objects. Would be great if the FARP would not remove the objects by itself, this could be done with the object removal trigger zone. Here's an example with removed trees in normandy map. Thanks Jens
  4. Glad I found this. Made me crazy while trying to create a FARP in Normandy map for helicopters in a confined area. Last time I created the mission and flew it and the trees were there. Today reopened the mission and the trees were gone. Something inconsistent happening here too. So not all trees seem to get removed. Does anyone know, how large this radius is?
  5. With 100% of fuel, it takes a while. But for most sorties you do not need that much fuel. Burning around 1200lbs in cruise flight at a medium altitude 1800lbs are more than enough for training sorties. It was designed to fly from Spanish mainland to the Canary Islands so it can takeup more fuel than typically needed.
  6. Hello, couldn't find something via the search. The frequency channel presets V/UHF radio in kneeboard are shown in Hz instead of MHz. So too many zeros. Version: DCS/ See Screenshot below. Regards Jens
  7. There's another thing with this helipad. Or it's related to the same cause. I landed yesterday with the Gazelle. Landing was a bit hard, but helicopter was okay. Because I was not in a nice position I pulled a bit in the collective and slid back on the skids with contact to the helipad. A second later the helipad was destroyed, but I was hovering okay There's something weird with the collision model.
  8. *bump* Noticed that too flying in the Gazelle next to it.
  9. As the title says. At Rene Mouawad, on of the flag poles is on the ramp instead on the gras next to it like the other two poles. Screenshot with coordinates: Regards Jens
  10. Great liveries. Like the ones for the Viggen. Time to do some low level stuff.
  11. Can't see the images. Opening such a link results in the message: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/804480547929194508/804482305308622858/Yae_F-14A.jpg <Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Access denied.</Message> <Details>Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object.</Details> </Error> I assume I'm not connected and don't have an account on discord is the problem!?
  12. Hello, just a thing to clarify. I noticed that the vikhr launcher stay tilted down after all of them have been fired and I selected cannon or S8 pods afterwards. All weapons were fired in auto mode using shkval to aim at targets. Do I need to do something while deselecting vikhrs? Resetting weapon system with backspace key does not change anything. Thanks Jens
  13. Where's the sun light coming from? Maybe it's the sun's reflection on the screen?
  14. Strange. The F-5 as player aircraft is sitting at the ramp and I trigger the JF-17s with F10 radio command to AI Task Push start. and the fly to BU42. @Flappie I've altered the mission so that the JFs will startup after 15s in the mission instead of waiting for manual input. Same result. Screenshots and ne trackfile attached. JF-17_wingman_exlosion_BU42_2.trk
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