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  1. Agree Coxy, If we want to take jammer bug in to concidiration that effect AIM-120 then we should take ER chaff bug in to consideration as well since it effect ER-27. Quite simple but it seams many see things only from their own perspective. Some time this people need a reminder :)
  2. So we are left with Chaff bug. Could we look into event with no chaff. would be fun to test.
  3. So we dont use Chaff then since it is confirmed as a bug? Can you show me ED conforming the jammer bug?
  4. It has not been confirmed as a bug by ED, It might be intended until you get effected by jammers. So when Ed confirm this as a bug then it is :) For what I know ED did confirm it was not.
  5. Bug? Confirmed by who? Link? kill 100% is not true. The bug is that F-16/F-18/F-14 are not effected by jammers.
  6. Is there evidence that aim-120 should not be effected by jammers after pitbull? Not to mention chaff ;) If so, show me.
  7. [51☭] Teknetinium - RED - Rain
  8. Thank you! Let us know if you want to test it extensively, we could do it with pleasure.
  9. We will manage with bellclocks instruments, only if ED make ER/ET-27 hit 30% in MP and not only 14%.
  10. :cheer3nc::cheer3nc::cheer3nc:
  11. What? Why? How? Do some think that AIM-120 has better radar and countermeasure resistance then F-15/F-18/F-16/F-14/Su-27/33/M-2000 radar. If radar can lose lock, Im sure aim-120B/C should do that much more then what we see in DCS ;),
  13. WOW something fixed for ER instead of braking it!!!! THANK YOU A LOT, WE MEAN IT! PLZ make test in MP and get it to 30% instead of SP, for some reason the stats change even if AI and RL-player dose the same maneuver and pop same amount of chaff. in MP ER has 14% should be at 30% at least.
  14. At this stage Flanker would sell more then F-15E, The effort as you mentioned is another thing.
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