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  1. The relevance is in that I have been saying before that 15 sec was implemented that it was only bias balancing reason and had nothing to do with RL. As so many other bugs regarding missiles/jamming jammers should effect all typs of radars including aim-120s in a defensive way. At them moment the jammer in Flanker have no purpose .
  2. Su-30 No bullshit plz!!! All of them are fine but I would say the biggest profit would be in Su-30.
  3. Same argument was used to implement the 15 sec warm up so you could make home on jam or having TWS working. Now you want to remove 15 sec There is ways to break the home on jam as the F-14 by blinking in DCS or other measures in RL. Just because you advertising paper say aim-120 can go around jamming dont mean that it dose it in RL or DCS. When flares were tested, Same outcome for Russians as Americans, testing own flares did not help the seeker in RL situation because the opponent was using other type of flares witch made the opponents flares better then expected.
  4. Show me one example or prove that aim-120 can hit a target home on jam, it is EDs world and workaround, home on jam is like homing on targets that don’t exist. Only in DCS Aim-120 hit a target home on jam
  5. What could you expect from GG, Jammers should help GGs AIM-120 to hit the target not the opposite. I dont know where you get all your intel regarding jammers . I bet its from advertising TV-shop brushers of F-16/F-18/F-15.
  6. 51PVO/100KIAP have sent reports as well for 13 years, dont make of your self some sort of hero when it’s obvious what you are:) All good let the Flanker break the TWS as the F-14 dose. Im just pointing out how funny it is to watch you talk depending who it effects MP community is hunting exploiters thats how far we are in to DCS BVR code! the competitive modes are exchanged finding who is exploiting a rolle or 32sec magic INS or pulling 30Gs with tanks, list is long, Great work with your reports
  7. I dont see any solution from you! I see only bias talk that suits you! You are welcome!
  8. ED agree now when it affects Nato fanboy toys the Same way. That is Bias approach and very low by ED as many other things I will not mention here. just a reminder, people dont fly Flankers because it has only been improving to more realism . But when same realism reach Nato toys F-15 and F-18 make 30G with tanks
  9. I dont paint, I see the hypocrisy and pointing it out.
  10. Funny, you were the one that wanted 15 sec warm up and was for it when your TWS was effected in F-15, Why do you want to remove it now? What has changed regarding this topic? Why is the 15 sec not good anymore? 51PVO/100KIAP were saying from the start that 15 sec was just implemented for balancing a bias approach! Some things are fine to balance until it dont suit you. Dont worry I will point out double standards. I know you love me for that:) YES, plz remove it so we can blink to the left and right make Nato fanboys cry . ´With that goes all your credibility regarding realism w
  11. Totally agree Fox! Its sad that ED don’t understand that we fly in MP as matches and tournaments and all missiles that are used in DCS need to be to date around same time. You are braking the community more the you think by this BIAS approach. With that fallows costumers. Its funny if you dont remember Chiz when I told you that ED should have control over missile performance. Back then you told me its up to each developer. I replied by telling this will become a good borch and got band. Look at us now Plz take my concerns with some afterthought.
  12. You cant test in same way against AI, I can support with tracks from MP.
  13. I will show you the difference;) Can you explain what is going on here Chiz? This kind of things are not unusual but actually the opposite!
  14. I would not blame ED for not making Su-27SM or anything Russian. American laws that stepped in around 2014 made it difficult, Im sure Russians have replied with thire own response to American sanctions as well. But that dose not mean that we should not give as much attention to all missiles that are used in DCS.
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