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  1. Hi! TOS is Time Over Steerpoint. Regards.
  2. It is indeed suspended as you mention (should be).
  3. CAT III do absolutely not protect from over G. As said above, it is only to prevent departure by limiting AoA.
  4. Hi! Pilots feels the Gs but not AoA (except maybe thought an indirect effect which is turbulent airflow that you can hear in game). Besides, one can perfectly read the AoA in the HUD. It is the angle between gun cross and FPM. Regards.
  5. "it depends" situation" This is indeed very true and not only for the F-16. For instanse ... some C-130 can carry and drop GBU-12s.
  6. More precisely, landing gear handle ... and/or Manual Flap extend.
  7. Negligible. And otherwise, would would have noticeable effects anytime you are changing engine power (wide and rapid RMP variations).
  8. Hi! Nope. There is no auto compensation in roll axis on F-16 (nor on any other jet I know including M2000 & Rafale out of any AP mode or sub-modes).
  9. My fault, I thought we were speaking about classic CBUs. I agree, with an IMU/GPS wind can be roughly calculated. However, transmitting wind data yep, but data must to be known prior to the flight and inserted manually (if this is existing?) A/C can maybe transmit the wind but only the one he knows which an instantaneous average wind on current position. A/C can't predict the wind at different altitude nor different locations (unless maybe fed manually through an interface that I don't know on F-16) ...
  10. Hi! How the wind is known/measured by the system at burst height/altitude to be compensated?
  11. Would love to see the airspeed indicator showing the airspeed. (Wind not taken in account)
  12. Hi! You mean "IRS + GPS" ? AFAIK, all US F-16 has been equipped with ring laser gyro (RLG) from the Blk30/32 standard. Unless I am wrong, all variants above the 30/32 are equipped with RLG INU. An RLG INU is called IRS (Inertial Reference System), not INS which are mechanical gyros, not laser gyros. Same functions are provided, but some details are basically different. An IRS has an much less internal drift is than a INS, and some stuff are different on align init. In manuals and panels, acronyms has never been updated. As you said above, most of military IRS are now hybridized with GPS, some are embedded (EGI), the most modern and performant inertial system is now the HRG (Hemispherical Resonator Gyro) we have on Rafale (on F-35?). Regards.
  13. Procedures indicates POWER IDLE until beginning of effective recovery. Full power could retard the recovery and/or induce a compressor stall.
  14. A stall is not a problem of trust. It is a problem of AoA. When your flight control are ineffective, thrust won't help. It can even be worse in some case preventing to put nose down. Only solution is the procedure using MPO. Air-brakes out and or lowering the landing can help but better stick to the published procedure (Google & YouTube: "F-16 Falcon deep stall recovery").
  15. I'll have to check it again, but AFAIK, only one CBU can (should) be mounted on internal pylon, or even not a single one (not speaking about MK20) ...
  16. 10 CBU-97?! How possible? F-16 can't carry/drop 10 CBUs! (A flight of two ship maybe).
  17. Such box on the HUD do not exist. Where have you seen this?
  18. Absolutely. Can you image having a 10m accuracy on goniometic shots even by using three or more HTS!?! Even coordinates on TGP are sometimes not precise enough for GPS weapon targeting (bad telemetry, elevation accuracy, angle ... etc ...)
  19. This is partially correct. What is not said here is that the PT mode requires several a/c (HTS) to work in network following specific geometries/trajectories and needs a fair amount of time in tactical environment to get +/- accurate coordinates. That makes the PT mode highly confidential. I would be ED (considering the past story with one of their collaborator) I would not go that way. What is to understand here, is that OP request is not something any HTS can pprovidein standalone. And even if the PT mode can provide coordinates, it can hardly provide coordinates precise enought to pinpoint with GPS smart weapon. Considering an average precision of several tens of meters, one can expect a lot of miss.
  20. If DCS is correctly simulating the FLCS by including the building curves, you should keep your stick's curves linear.
  21. 100%. I was only pointing this to avoid false assumption to other guys who do not make the difference between a/c limitations and perfo calculations.
  22. Hi! TORA on departure is not necessarily equal to ASDA on recovery. So even if has no MLW, you can not always land at the same weight than at takeoff. Everything depends on landing/braking performances at the considered weight on a given rrunway Regards.
  23. DCS F-16 is supercruise capable.
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