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  1. If I see you ( I do not fly multiplayer with my DCS members name) on a server I will join you, if that's alright, the 50 is my Favourite and its best to fly in groups.
  2. Hi Sorry you feel you had a somewhat frustrated time when flying multiplayer, if you could not access the message system with your J/stick, first try the #~ button or in the air try R/alt and #~( might be R/ctr and #~ I forget) the coms menu is not great for communicating battle info etc , but there are other ways the guys who run the servers can do this but again its very time intensive and takes a great understanding of the under the hood DCS commands/ programming for them to do this, In time DCS will eventually update all the coms so hang in there, just keep joining, I se
  3. Not a complaint, Just looking for a confirmation from someone at DCS, Is the present brightness of the navigation lights on the KA-50 at night as it should be ?. It would just help to settle any misgivings I have on this subject, and a yes or no for me would settle the matter.
  4. Yeh I get where you are coming from, funny enough the A10 for me is the only one that seems to give me the sense I'm at the proper height from the Apron/Runway the rest? its like I am a lot closer to the ground, BTW The reason I never posted on this before was I thought it was just me.
  5. flask

    Members age?

    62 and grumpy as it comes in or out of the cockpit I Demand A Recount!!!
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m0008rmy/spitfire Course you need the controversial ol BBC licence to watch it, but hey Id thought Id post anyway Very Informative, mind you It shows the many Versions, and all that did was make me slobber at the lips,
  7. Noted. For clarity I can reading back my post see that perhaps my words could be taken in a different way, so the "small meat to some" was never meant at anytime a criticism, I just meant that some one posting about a major bug on their " Love of their Life " :) No offence meant to anyone, a thousand pardons :)
  8. +1 To be honest, it does detract from the immersion quite a bit, the KA-50 lights may seem small meat to some but for some reason having the lights very bright as was before Taxi light & strobe fix gave the chopper Heft, to me "It just looked Right"
  9. Client Tainted I've run DCS clean and got the "Client Tainted" message when trying to join multiplayers with the shield this very morning, I could not figure out why. What I did was to do a "Repair" I have no Idea if this is the magic bullet but it seem for the moment to work for me. Forgot to add: the only thing that's changed in my PC set up in the last days or so is I've went over to Microsoft Edge , not sure if that helps but what the hey.
  10. For me now the luminance is not what I would expect (at night) from all the nav/flashing lights , in saying that I admit I've never saw them in real life. so its a gut reaction sure , maybe they are correct maybe not, so a post from DCS may clear up any doubt.
  11. Yes something really wrong with all the lights, hopefully it will just be a fast turnaround fix, please give us the lights as before they were the best as well as the flood light, the KA-50 at night looked fantastic with all the lights on.
  12. I remember when Black Shark 1 was announced to say there was a groan from some of the community at the time, me included is understating things, boy was I wrong, since then the KA-50 is my favourite, I have most of the fixed wing ww2 included, when It was announced that BS3 was coming it was like Christmas for me I've no idea why I like it so much maybe its the mix of old n new tech but the KA-50 feels just right, at the moment there is a new version in the works ( don't ask when I've no idea) and you can be sure I will be getting it. Thump of the rotors Needles vibrating behind the gl
  13. flask


    Truly ground breaking, I bought this because of the original post, thanks Gianky , wonder how quick the next install??????????? never mind I am going to start a new game :)
  14. Thanks to all reply's, I knew all along to tick the box marked mirrors ;) no not really, might be you cant teach this old dog a new trick :) Love the simm btw, ( I had Bs1/Bs2) and will buy Bs3, thinking on it even at the Falcon 4 Lockon days were great and we have come so far( pity my skill haven't) I have never regretted one min of playing this simm, (apart from incidents on multiplayer with bully's with a BA ) and now with VR and voice attack etc. the future is bright.
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