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  1. Schwieriger wird es dann wenn es ans INS bombing geht, dort funktionieren einige Sachen nicht so wie sie sollten. GBUs funktionieren aber einwandfrei, kann ich bestätigen, allerdings benutze ich auch nur JTACS die per script im MP eingesetzt werden, kann also sein dass die standart Prozedur im Editor zur Zeit etwas kaputt ist. edit: nicht *GANZ* einwandfrei: es ist zu empfehlen das Ziel immer 100-150m kürzer anzupeilen, egal ob manuell oder INS. CCRP hat die Tendenz alles viel zu weit zu schmeissen, es sei denn man ist in einem leichten Sinkflug. Bomb toss Profile oder pickle beim geradeausfliegen kann man mit Mk82 vergessen, aber GBUs funktionieren mit dem Trick.
  2. Yes, I think this is a huge problem. I also only play MP and for me, Nevada was a waste of money. The great merge took so long that by the time ED do something about this dedicated server thing we will have way more interesting maps to use in MP, so that one time I joined an aerobatics server to see that 2.X magic will probably be the only time I visit Vegas in DCS, it was not worth it for me.
  3. DETOT=total fuel. Jaug is internal fuel. Other than that yes^^
  4. Just tested in J11, numbers seem to be back for radar elevation.
  5. Well I stand corrected then, there is mention of aspect in the manual. But then I don't get your question, I think the VTB (target symbol/vector) lags behind, and the numbers are in real time? That would explain the expected difference in your image. I have not paid close attention to it, but I would suggest to go for PIC and then see if the same happens.
  6. It might be semantics, but why even call it "aspect angle" then? I have not read the updated manual in it's entirety but in the VTB section there is no mention of aspect angle anywhere, only the "b-angle", which in the video is called "heading crossing angle". Aspect angle is a very specific measurement to figure out your displacement to the bandit [ sin(aspect) x range = displacement ]... as per the video. This is useful for intercepts if you know your turn radius. If people are asking about aspect but mean something different, they shouldn't call it that. I was admittedly unaware of the terminology in the manual, but there is no mention of aspect, and the VTB does not show aspect.
  7. Hi, first of all, that is not how aspect angle works. Refer to good 'ol Pete Secondly, you are in PID (TWS) mode, so the position/heading update of the bandit is slower than in PIC (STT) and the information lags behind the bandit's actions.
  8. I might be wrong, but I think it has to do with the view settings, which are controlled by the server, so in MP your expirience may vary.
  9. It only takes one time to come on the forums and complain about it though (;
  10. ED are clear about it, DCS is considered stable since April 4th 2018
  11. Mal wieder saubere arbeit von ED, so gewinnt man das Vertrauen seiner Kunden
  12. today 2.5 has been released to stable, have the issues resolved for anyone here?
  13. kobeshow

    F18 Live stream?

    Ich hab mal reingeschaut, aber konnte mir das einfach nicht anschaun. War irgend etwas an Informationen dabei von dem wir noch nichts wussten?
  14. First of all, there is no real dedicated server, all we have is a script that lets a client pretend that it is a dedicated server. ED would need to supply a real rework of MP and by extention provide a real dedicated server, but with the state MP is in right now, and has been neglected for years, I don't really think this is going to happen. There are enough SP people and guys who "buy all modules to support ED" that they can comfortably ignore the wishes of people who like to fly online, to offer them 20 bucks a month just to have a nice expirience is equal to having stockholm syndrome.
  15. This was a nice one, although the first is still my favorite I like this one better than the second. You've got the talents man (; keep it up
  16. Certainly still the memory leak, as I described my situation earlier in the link I posted... I just wanted to attach the log that I get now, since that is what we are supposed to do. The SP->MP pre-loading trick does not help for me unfortunately.
  17. After Hotfix 3, I still cannot join MP servers, but in comparison to what I described here I now get a DCS crash and a log. dcs.log-20180215-102142.zip
  18. So what will happen in your opinion when a round goes live and people will try to coordinate as much as possible, but numbers/airframe distribution stay the same?
  19. So we should just assume incompetence for the team that has higher numbers?
  20. Tomcat wird wohl keine SEAD missionen fliegen können, und wie es mit mavericks aussieht weiß ich auch nicht, aber LGBU und JDAM(hörensagen) sollen wohl dabei sein, also kann man schon ordentlich was in die Luft jagen.
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