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  1. Gewöhn dich besser dran, gerade was Updates und dazugehörige patchnotes angeht haben ED und RAZBAM echte Koordinationsprobleme.
  2. Until recently, I was under the impression that the TS server is not used anymore, and using it as we did before is fine, but SRS is absolutely the way to go, way easier to organize your communication when in the aircraft. What I didn't like about TS is that it always devolved into everyone in the same channel talking over each other and adding to the chaos more than alleviating it.
  3. yeah yeah, just like they wanted to improve ATC with the new Nevada map and finally make us feel like we are flying in an actual World. I'll believe it when the updater is downloading that patch.
  4. DCS assigns unique IDs to every account, although you may start the game in steam you still need to be logged into EDs master server for online play. Not sure if your hardware also has something to do with it, or if that is just for starforce DRM. In regards to communications on red: the -freq seperation is done because it is hard for a single GCI to coordinate both east&west when everyone is coordinating and on the radio. Don't expect this to happen anytime soon, red is really struggling to coordinate and people are not willing to be pro-active about it. As a result you will be lucky if you find a GCI on the radio, or anyone for that matter (for me, most of the time over 66% of red airframes are not on coms), just use 126, it is essentially the standart frequency and I honestly can't remember the last time it got so crowded that we needed a second one. also for ATC: 124 is supposed to be our channel on red, but most people seem to use 251, IF they can be bothered to switch from 126 to announce to everyone and their mother that they are about to land in the most remote corner of the map. Get on Discord if you can, although the Red-HQ channel (only red players can read it) is pretty dead in regards to strategy, you will at least get the latest news and infos from the public channels. There will be a new reworked Standart Operatin Procedure (a document) released soon, and you will find all the info in there. Until then just ask if you have questions, generally people are friendly and willing to help.
  5. my suggestion to the communications problem would be to make the registration meaningful, and put a process in place that ensures that everyone who joins the server has read the SOP and is willing to communicate. we are provided all the tools we need for a great expirience on the server, the problem is that pilots don't care to use them correctly/at all, and there are no rules or measures that enforce coordination. "this is written from the perspective of a Red player who is mostly playing against the odds during american primetime/night"
  6. I have redacted your post a bit to help you understand my following question: have you thought about single player?
  7. +1, server hosters have no choice though sadly.
  8. "welcome to the Hornet Gentlemen *shadow on tanker*" Now this is what I call quality advertisement.
  9. if anyone can get them to work on the Mirage, I'D appreciate some screenshots (;
  10. Interesting, thanks for the info, I was unaware (;
  11. I always thought that it is intended that you can't lock up a target if you don't have weapons selected? Is it really a confirmed bug?
  12. @PeaceSells: Don't expect too much communication from Red side, we are horribly disorganized most of the time. Your best bet is always in-game SRS and text-chat. Even though you might not get an answer most of the time, it is still the best you can do, all other options for coordination are ignored even more, or not used to their full potential. It is very important to be pro-active in regards to communication, something Red is not able to do most of the time.
  13. Also ich verstehe ja das ein oder andere Wort Russisch, aber 3,5h kann ich mir dann doch nicht geben, wäre leichter mit Untertitel. Schade dass von den westlichen Streamern noch keiner so ins Detail gegangen ist. Meine Hoffnung liegt auf Crash Laobi, der liefert wenigstens noch nützliche Informationen. EDIT: Ok habs mir angeschaut, sehr viel besser war das jetzt auch nicht, nur länger.
  14. What is also important to note, and forgive me if I'm giving redundant information here, that 00 is not your "initial position" (for aligning it is of course, since you don't move), but your CURRENT POSITION. It is changing dynamically. So you initially need to tell the INS where you are (set 00), and then set any reference points with WP 01-20, you can do this while aligning btw., just let the mode selector stay on ALGN, the PCN can be operated normally. Again sorry if you already knew this but the way you worded your question made me think I should clarify this.
  15. manual has an index, you honestly expect people to do too much work/thinking for you.
  16. Ok, ich muss zugeben dass ich keine Ahnung davon habe was in den Schnellmissionen/Singleplayer passiert.
  17. Alle technischen Probleme die ich im Moment habe sind definitiv nicht dem Modul, sondern der DCS World zu verschulden. Zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt würde ich trotzdem von einem Kauf abraten, die Hornet steht um die Ecke, und jeder der die Mirage nur gekauft hat weil er endlich in einem DCS-Level fighter sitzen wollte wird wahrscheinlich umsteigen, und nur besonders frankophile Neukunden werden zum Baguette greifen. MMn ist der augenscheinliche Erfolg der M2000C der Tatsache zu verdanken, dass sie eben der erste klickbare Jäger (4th gen.) war.
  18. so würdest du also "[...]they have pointed out some issues that need to be corrected, curiously enough, most of them have nothing to do with public complain(t)s." übersetzen? Man kann sich halt alles zurecht biegen :P Und an der Tatsache, dass echte Piloten andere Dinge zu bemängeln haben als die community, finde ich auch nichts "verwunderlich/erstaunlich", über die Hälfte davon haben wahrscheinlich mehr mit der Umgebung als dem Flugzeug selbst zu tun. Und ja, ich finde es auch schön dass sich der Mirage endlich wieder professioneller angenommen wird, bis das Update kommt habe ich das Ding aber vermutlich deinstalliert.
  19. The experiment was a success I'd say.
  20. I believe the fact that the WP uses AGL as elevation input has also something to do with how the PCN/INS is tied into bombing. Elevation differences between PI and target are required for a good solution.
  21. 1) is the right answer I think. It is mentioned in the differences between J11 and SU27: "The windshield of J-11A improves the manufacturing process, solves the problem of Su-27's windshield turning yellow due to prolonged use."
  22. @Challenger: Es wäre viel einfacher einen Track hier zu posten. Solltest du nicht wissen wie es geht: Nach dem spielen der Mission im debrief Bildschirm auf "Save Track" klicken, das sollte auch aus dem Missions Editor heraus funktionieren, und dann die Datei hier direkt hochladen. Das würde dich viel weniger Anstrengung kosten und dir könnte wesentlich schneller geholfen bzw. ein Bug diagnostiziert werden.
  23. @PeaceSells, yes GCI can only see spotted units.
  24. Da hilft wohl nurnoch ein Track.
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