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  1. Probably you have to change the Default camera position to Center, then you have to lean right, after folding the gunsight. On Default or Gunsight the View will follow the gunsight folding action. Is that what you wanted?
  2. Are you trolling? Because otherwise I believe you have some cognitive issues that need to be addressed. Read again the original post, then read carefully what I said in my posts. I will stop here with my posts on this thread. S!
  3. The OP was complaining of his inability to fight against AI. And i provided him with videos that he can carefully study in order to defeat it. BUT, bear in mind that fighting against the AI won't make you learn how to properly dogfight. You should fight against a human if you want to make any progress in that direction. What you provided in your video is just a bug that has nothing to do with what OP created this thread for. S!
  4. You should keep in mind that this SIMULATOR must run on our pathetic computers. It would be ideal that AI could behave exactly like a human or their FM would be exactly like the planes we're flying, but physically, it's impossible. The devs must find the perfect compromise between the game performance and the degree of 'simulation'. I find the new AI behaving more like a human than before, and it's more of a gentleman than many players online, as it won't shoot on merge anymore. Big thumbs up for the devs!
  5. If you are not able to win a 1v1 fight against any AI with ANY plane, then YOU have an issue, not the plane you're flying. That's the point you should take from my videos. AI is still.. AI. It is predictable even if he's a sniper, learn how not to put yourself into position where he can smoke you. If you don't know how to do that, then that's another story, you should learn how to dogfight PROPERLY, you must learn the flying envelope of both your plane and e/a's and always judge the energy states and visualize the geometry of the dogfight. This is how you can be successful in any type of dogfight.
  6. The OP said, and I quote: "As a player aircraft, the Anton was hopeless against an AI Mosquito… Couldn’t turn, climb, role, dive or accelerate to evade, let alone take out the Mossie. Any aggressive moves stalled and snap rolled the a/c. The only way to beat the Mossie was head first on the first pass". I proved him wrong. The other videos are just for showing off..
  7. The new AI seems more "human" in reactions, but it still can't cook the engine. I made some quick videos with various planes and AIs. The Anton can hold its ground pretty well against Ace AI. Enjoy!
  8. I think you should fly perfectly horizontal for the compass to work correctly..
  9. With all due respect, we've already posted a lot of tracks regarding this issue.. and it's already been acknowledged by ED. You should also increase the max size of the uploaded files. Most of the tracks >5MB. Much appreciate!
  10. So, you mean A-8 with 1.4ATA was standard?
  11. I see that you're a man of culture yourself...
  12. But I do.. despite the fact that it's horribly underpowered..
  13. I can fly a bicycle on that server and still can make kills.. but I want to fly the planes that I like as they were engineered, not for the sake of making kills. There are other servers that were populated until one of them (you know which one) decided to ban alcohol on the premise that was not available on that period of time.. I even said at that time what would happen with the other servers if they did so.. Now you know..
  14. My ego wants to fly the planes as they were created by ED (with goods and bads, nobody is perfect), whereas your ego wants to fight against them handicapped (w/o MW-50) so you can win and have beautiful stats.. I don't know which ego has to be caressed more..
  15. You just replace an inaccuracy with another inaccuracy.. to satisfy your ego, psychologically speaking.
  16. Spitfire pilot has some inhuman powers, being able to withstand crashes on the ground, into the trees.. etc. Tracks attached. Spit_crashes.zip
  17. Just as the title says: https://youtu.be/WRlNQ6ZwCb8
  18. If you fly with full tank (MW-50 disabled) then land to refuel, the engine will surely seize soon after the take-off..
  19. Good kill! But.. that's not the proper way to fight in the Dora. Hint #1: it's an energy fighter, act accordingly! Hint #2: always compare your plane's flight envelope to your enemy's. Soon you'll know what maneuver will get you the kill or get you killed. S!
  20. Thanks a lot for the reply! The engine seemed fine, no issues at all.. I noticed that people would abuse this 'strategy' online, otherwise I wouldn't have made this post. It doesn't break the engine unfortunately and it's more noticeable if you dive a little bit before. The exhaust thrust may be too much or there's something off, it shouldn't be too noticeable.. just as you've stated above..
  21. I believe there's an issue with the maximum speed that P51 can achieve @ different rpm/boost settings. I could achieve 585kph (~364mph) using 67"/2600rpm then the speed dropped to normal levels after WEP was engaged.. 565kph (~350). Video and track attached. server-20210718-032230.zip
  22. That's why Anton needs its boost..
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