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  1. I'm Ok with just one, as part of the beauty of @Minsky s sheets is all the relevant data for all the bases are presented in one or two sheets. If I was clever or inventive enough to have comeup with the format, I'd make duplicate sheets. One set with decimals co-ordinates and a second set with minutes and seconds. This way the format relevant to the module could be inserted into the kneeboard....................but that's an ideal case At it's not too difficult to convert either format to the other, I'll settle for whatever Minsky decides and personally suits him
  2. There was a problem with the Syria map and the user sheets not showing up a while back, I don't know if this has been resolved yet and havn't tried the Marianas to check it. Have you tried inserting another another user sheet to see if the fault lies not with the Minsky's sheets but with the Region? Just a thought
  3. Dunno if it's me but I tried the VKB Config to try to get the buttons to send F keys, but it didn't work for me. If I want to use a keyboard command I use Voice Attack then get the relevant Dx button from the stick to trigger it. As I already have Voice Attack running anyway for Vaicom then it's not using up any more resource
  4. You're quite right that's why I stated bikes after the 80s or so. Even motorcycles that were earlier used relatively skinny tyres and although probably still countersteering the rider was usually blissfully ignorant. On these bikes all you needed to do was lean like a bicycle and the motorcycle tipped into the turn. When I got my first bike with fatter tyres, I couldn't get it to turn worth a damm. Then a friend told me about countersteering, at first I thought he was "having me on"
  5. LOL it's OFF TOPIC, but I've never noticed countersteering when riding a push bike (but probably do), perhaps it might be noticable on these dune types with the fattty tyres, but I've never come across it on a mountain bike. As @jonsky7 said on any motorcycle from around the 80s onward with wider tyres, at speed (anything much above walking pace) you need to countersteer, you steer the wrong way. The bars feel stiff at speed so you push the way you want to go and the bike tips in that direction. Once you're at the desired turning radius you stop pushing, it's intuitive after a while, I'm hardly aware of it. On a forum I go to there was huge discussion over countersteering at low speeds, but I don't subscribe to that theory at all and it makes no sense to me, either theoretically or practically when on the bike. I have my rudders set as push in the direction of travel and still can't fly or taxi worth a damm
  6. I do exactly the same even use the same voice command, that's positively spooky
  7. Should be feasible using VKB Config and getting it to send function key commands. Not sure though how you'd tackle all the changes to what the F keys do in the sub menus, as the menus change dynamically. Easier to use Vaicom or at least set up custom commands in Voice Attack for the various modes, I believe Bailey's profiles do this for VA. I think most folks prefer to use the hats on whatever throttle you're using, I certainly do
  8. Hi Chewmann Yeah I tried it both ways and it made no difference, it broken at the moment, the keybinds don't work either Thanks for the suggestion though appreciated
  9. I just used it for the Stang Canopy, which is borked at the moment, the keybinds don't work and using the Script only moves the Canopy back or forward about an 1/8th. So I just repeated the commands and a Streamdeck Pause between each of them, that works really well and stops me having to stab at the button repeatedly. Nice find for sure
  10. Cheers Bailey thanks for going to the trouble, that works an absolute treat I never knew of that function either and it will be really useful for other applications as well
  11. I gave it a try but no joy, with my skills though that's not surprising. It looks like it needs 3 separate actions but I don't know about the emergency part of the brake. Don't think it's directly programmable using Streamdeck unless you use several buttons, which is a just a PIA. Perhaps somebody super clever will come a along, there are some awesome programming folks on here Big Fail from me Sorry
  12. Well that explains it then, before I'm sure it was stick neutral to unlock the tailwheel so now you need to push it forward a little, certain that's changed from previous. So it's not just me then that leaves the stick neutral, it just seems easier to let the tail come up on its own. I'll try both your and @grafspee settings, to try to come up with what works best for me. I'm not having any difficulty getting unstick without drama, just trying to refine my technique a little so I wander less and lift smoother. Thank you all for the replies that explains everything, I wasn't imagning things.
  13. Been a long time since I tried the Mustang On returning to it I don't seem to notice a great deal of difference on stick positioning on take off & the effect it has on directional stabilty I seem to remember that it used to be a lot more stable when you had the stick full back whereas now I'm struggling to notice the difference. I know that holding the stick full back allows the tailwheel to move 6 degrees with rudder movement and central allows it to castor, but when taking off holding the stick back just doesn't make much difference to directional stability on takeoff any me any more. To the point now I just leave the stick central, as moving from full back to central around 80 knots, if anything, unsettles the aircraft a little, so it's just easier to keep it neutral the whole time Is it just me? Typically I'll have the rudder trim set to 5 right, aileron and elevator neutral, pitch full fine and throttle to around 43-45 manifold pressure (I find full throttle more difficult)
  14. I haven't tried it out, but a quick look at the settings shows that it's using 3 seperate IDs and their all different. This makes it difficult (if not impossible) on a single button. If I get time I'll have a try, but I reckon with my poor programming skills I'd need a minimum of 2 buttons to get it to work, guessing one button the rotate the handle then a second to push or pull the handle in and out. Sometimes it's not worth the candle and I end up using a Hotkey to implement commands like this
  15. It's a panel of pushbuttons that has LCD? displays on the buttons and is available in different sizes. It was primarly intended for musicians and streamers, but has many uses @ctytler on here made a fantastic piece of software that compliments it and enables use of access to DCS bios (I think) the result is the actions on the streamdeck are updated on the buttons with what happens in the game. This thread tells you a bit about it https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/230609-new-streamdeck-plugin/ My icons aren't as sophisticated as yours @scoobie they are very neat, like you I also made CBs for the Anton, Dora and Kurfust (the Anton's were a a bit of a marathon with a ridiculous number what was Kurt Tank thinking about?) Wish they'd do the same for the stang.
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