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  1. I don't want to drag the thread "Off Topic" but just to answer that question. You don't necessarily have to sacrifice a switch or button, the state/layer could be invoked when the aircraft is setup in a particular configuration and you use a switch to set it that way anyway. For example it could be when you activate the AAR probe, Gear, Flaps etc: (lots and lots of options). You'd use these switches to set Flags and invoke a specific mode/layer/state. Other buttons could then have entirely different functions. I've never tried this but you could then make states for perhaps 2 flag
  2. I have the early model T Rudders that are a backup (I may use them when the Gunfighter stick arrives) but at the moment I'm using Slaw's pedals which are superb. For the Spitfire I don't use the toe brakes at all, instead I use the rudder axis on the pedals and an axis on an MCG grip on a VKB Mamba for the brake handle. That combo works great, I found using the toe brakes on the Spit just didn't work for me at all well, trying to move the rudders rapidly and apply the toe brakes was horrible IMHO. You could apply the lever axis to anything handy, at one point I was usin
  3. Interesting @flyco it sounds like I do the same for nose trim nose down to the first short mark on the gauge (I call it 1/2 as there is bigger graduation above it which I thought was 1) I set the rudder so as the O in PORT is facing upward Anyway I throttle up smoothly not a slam, to +4 boost and leave the stick central throughout and she flies herself off. Ocassionally a very slight pull if she starts to bounce to lift her off the deck. Start with rudder central, all that's required throughout is some brisk light dancing on the rudders to hold her straight
  4. You talking about inside Vaicom in the Pop Up under the Config Tab Max? "Run in debug mode" Its not checked, thanks for the suggestion right now I'll try anything to get rid of the dammed thiing
  5. I've had this a while now but it's super annoying. When I'm running Vaicom everything is fine and Chatter works Ok and I can enable/disable at will using the Chatter command However it's when I'm not running Vaicom and in a standalone profile, this error message keeps appearing. I don't mind the message, but as soon as it comes up it switches "Listening" off and I've then got to re-enable the microphone to issue commands. The Auto-start in the EX tab of the Vaicom pop up is NOT ticked. Anybody Help?
  6. Sounds like Windows is interfering again, probably user account settings no idea what you can do if you don't want to run it as Administrator. Just in case you do the usual way is to right click and select properties on th pop up select the compatibility tab and then change settings for all users. That opens another box and in there is the option to run it as administrator
  7. I've encountered this in the past and as @speed-of-heat says it takes a long time to load My Target program is pretty much flawless most of the time except if I'm using TeamSpeak when it takes a very long time to load. The 2 most common problems I'm aware of are first to make sure you're USB devices in the Device manager don't have the Allow computer to shut off this device under the properties in Power Management. Sometimes after a Windows Update they will get reset to enable that option and it's a pain Second thing I'm aware of is the Microsoft Store can i
  8. @Drac AFAIK that's the app that will restart Voice Attack if it crashes. I normally just start Voice Attack as it's fairly stable on my setup and don't use the Vaicom executable. Vaicom starts as part of Voice Attack because it's a plug in component. Bottom line you don't need Vaicom.exe to run Vaicom with Voice Attack, Vaicom will run fine if you just start Voice Attack If however you use the VAICOMPRO.exe it will auto start Voice Attack and then also act as a watch dog. If VA shuts down unexpectadly the VAICOMPRO.exe should auto restart Voice Attack again.
  9. Assuming Voice Attack is in C drive it's usually in C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Apps\VAICOMPRO\VAICOMPRO.exe
  10. Is there any chance of converting Jafa's mod somehow, it was really, really good. I can't argue authenticity having never taken a ride in a Spitfire but to my ear the engine always sounds like it's about to tear itself apart even when at relatively low low settings in cruise
  11. Hi @Taz1004 Can't comment on the throttle question, but to answer on the profiling software yes it does, at first it's a bit daunting (but won't be to you for long judging by your mods) VKB_DevCfg, search VKB software in YouTube there are a string of videos on it, I believe it can also be used for keyboard strokes too although I've never tried that Damm it all Sokol beat me to it
  12. Yeah or/and possibly Amazon sending out stuff that's been returned by others, which they seem to be getting a reputation for. This is quite a common problem I reckon so TM should be more that aware of it.
  13. I have no clue as I've never tried to run VA twice. I'm curious what's wrong with appending your other profiles to the Vaicom profile, why the need to run VA twice, it sounds pretty complex
  14. Weegie

    Go to alternate.. ?

    I've had something similar only on multiplayer which has Easy Comms on, as I don't use Easy Comms in SP I suppose that sorta explains it. What happened with me was AAR, I'd tune to the correct frequency, call the tanker and immediately the frequency changed so I ended up talking to the wrong tanker. Even if you put it back it just selected the wrong frequency again What I did was unticked "Instant Select" and ticked "Select Tunes Radio" Preferences in the Vaicom pop up. Using that setup I can use "Select" to tune the radio if I want, but the main thing is no
  15. Weegie

    Go to alternate.. ?

    I don't know but "go to alternate" is usually when the tower is too busy and telling you to divert to your alternate or divert field, could be a bug
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