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  1. I have no clue as I've never tried to run VA twice. I'm curious what's wrong with appending your other profiles to the Vaicom profile, why the need to run VA twice, it sounds pretty complex
  2. Weegie

    Go to alternate.. ?

    I've had something similar only on multiplayer which has Easy Comms on, as I don't use Easy Comms in SP I suppose that sorta explains it. What happened with me was AAR, I'd tune to the correct frequency, call the tanker and immediately the frequency changed so I ended up talking to the wrong tanker. Even if you put it back it just selected the wrong frequency again What I did was unticked "Instant Select" and ticked "Select Tunes Radio" Preferences in the Vaicom pop up. Using that setup I can use "Select" to tune the radio if I want, but the main thing is no
  3. Weegie

    Go to alternate.. ?

    I don't know but "go to alternate" is usually when the tower is too busy and telling you to divert to your alternate or divert field, could be a bug
  4. You talking about PTT bindings for the radio channels? I haven't tried it myself but I've got multiple commands in VA operating duplicate functions from different hardware and never had a problem Cannot see any reason why Vaicom would be any different, just duplicate the PTTs in the Vaicom profile and re-assign the new ones to the different throttle. You'll need both throttles identified as "joysticks" in the VA setup but as VA can support up to 4 it should be fine.
  5. Thank you very much I'll give that a try and see if I can figure it all out and get it to work Very much appreciated
  6. Thank you @Smashy very helpful, I knew that .miz were just .zip files and that there is a correlation between trk and miz files, but thank you for going to the trouble and all the other info is very useful A little off topic but I think that from a .trk file you can actually recreate the mission fille, although quite how you go about it I'm not sure, I've never felt the need to do it.
  7. They're showing on my PC Try this https://photos.app.goo.gl/GuEPWH2ir6DuykQi9 & https://photos.app.goo.gl/LqSJQFSRxD58PiJ56 Are you saying the words aren't in your Keywords in the Editor? If they aren't then that would explain it. If they are in the Keyword but not in the VA Vaicom profile try hitting Finish on the Editor that should paste all the keywords in the Database to the Clipboard then follow the instructions to insert them into the profile
  8. There have been others having problems with navigating the tabs and opening the kneeboard, if that's what you're referring to. If I understand you can see the page and I'm guessing that you're trying to open the kneeboard using the embedded Vaicom command "kneeboard" and nothing happens then using the Vaicom commands to select the tabs. This seems to be a recurring problem for some and not for others. First check to see the command is being recognized by Voice Attack by checking in the Voice Attack command window. That will show you if Voice Attack understands the comma
  9. Are you running as Admin? Are you using VSPX? Do you have Extended Command Set Option ticked (I'm unsure if this is really necessary or not) When you say it's not working, what exactly are you experiencing, when you page through the kneeboard do you see the Interactive Kneeboard Page with it's associated Yellow sticker and the tabs, or just white page or nothing at all? Others have had problems with Tab selection but AFAIK I haven't heard of anybody not getting it ro register at all (except if it's not registered.) If I use another profile without
  10. Weegie


    That took me a little longer than I thought as I had to make some adjustements and improvements (I hope). The frequencies have been updated in the Gulf after all the changes made by ED a few weeks back. So (hopefully) everything works The profile only covers comms, so not in the same league as Bailey's but it's attached if you want to use it. Any problems or questions just drop me a PM JF-17 Comms-Profile.zip
  11. Weegie


    @epolta yeah it forms part of my (very slim) VA profile for the Jeff that I append to Vaicom. I try to do this for the modules I've got, but it should be easy enough just to edit the list for the fequencies only and then export it to a separate file. It will just be a .vap file, with the airbases and another few commands radio commands (you might as well take that too). Pick 'n mix the commands you want or don't want and either use the profile as is or copy the commands into your own profile etc: etc: The programming would probably cause a coder to breakdown and weep (a
  12. Weegie


    @epolta I don't know if it would help you or not, I have all the airbase frequencies I could find for Caucasus, Nevada, Syria and Gulf. I then made separate commands so as I could call an airbase in either UHF or VHF. These are all in my appended/piggybacked profile which I run on the back of Vaicom. What the commands do are manually tune the relevant airbase. It's really just the same command repeated 90 times but with different frequencies There is nothing special or clever about the programming, but if you want them or think they might help I'd pass them on, there a
  13. Thank you @deltawhisky7 Great tutorial and very generous of you to take the time and trouble to not only give us a part but a nice pictorial guide on how to install
  14. I'm rubbish and only a simm pilot, so have nothing much to add. I find the Spitfire fine and perfectly stable after triming, landing is a bit tricky, what I do is try to hold it level or nearly level with some power applied. Seems to work nearly all the time. I find the 109 much more of a challenge to takeoff, fly and get down straight. When it was originally launched, the flight model was even more twitchy, but I think its been dialled down a little and the 109 tailwheel friction reduced making it more difficult. I'm using a VKB FBM stick with a
  15. Oh nice explanations @scoobie thanks Going to try that, before I've had full stick back. The auto prop controller which is trying to match RPM to prop pitch (KommandoGerrat or something) is very slow, this causes the pitch to vary and hence the torque applied, so you end up trying to counter, with rudder, a swing rate that's a moving target. Its like a PIO but with your feet rather than your hands I also switch it off and I read on here somewhere that a lot of the Luftwaffe pilots did the same. Problem was forget to switch it back and you're going to have a
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