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  1. Agree.... but we were talking video Game, DCS pure BFM, and pure perfo. I'm caricaturing but answering to bonesvf103 , "who cares about 1C 2C flow, because real life 1v1 doesn't exist anymore" is not precise and correct enough to me as a gamer of DCS who love BFM and put data into it.
  2. Cheers Notso, yes 2vs1 or 2vs2 is hell fun as well, the teamwork is key and task of talking while fighting is indeed very challenging and it's fun to see everybody in the same piece of sky. I cannot say the opposite. But you know it's like blonde/brunette/ginger, everybody got his proper choice, i will keep my old style chivalry gentleman 1Vs1 ahah. Very nice Job Totmacher btw.
  3. Art, Cambridge Dictionary : the making or doing of something whose purpose is to bring pleasure to people through their enjoyment of what is beautiful and interesting. With the peeps i hangout, we are simple person, and we think that BFM is beautiful, interesting and bring pleasure to us, so yes, "for us" it's an Art...and the fun part is the comparison of stats ^^
  4. GG tharos, for me BFM is an art, no matter if it's not done anymore in real life blabla IMO this is the purest form of combat. And there is more pride for some players of fighting 1Vs1 than 2vs1 or esle. When you fight against some great dogfighter, and i'm talking about real good dogfighter, people who understand it and will give you hard time, it 's super super enjoyable. You need to think, asses, react super quickly and every single pro and cons of the opponent aircraft will have a huge impact on the fight. Not a lot of people give importantance to that discipline
  5. I think the discussion here is more about airplane pure perf in gun 1v1 area than tactics with bvr, 9x, laser and stuff.
  6. Hi totmacher, can you explain me why the rate deacrease drasticaly when less fuel and lighter on your graph?
  7. In dcs rate for sure! That's why people who understand BFM and strengh/advantage of Dcs hornet will always force 2circle fight.
  8. Hi folks, i wanted to know if you guys have the same probleme as me. when i unplug my stick, when i replug it, all my controls are lost and for all planes. I need to reload them plane by plane, for stick/throttle/rudder wich is pretty long. Is it normal? Shouldn't they just reload the config file automaticaly? thank you
  9. Looks nice! Just waiting for to ED to implement it Dragwise and Weightwise
  10. Even more accurate, Still not negligeable Thank you
  11. Nowdays, with help of technology and by having easier and easier to fly jets, you can do both, and you can be trained as an multirole Pilot. Ex: Sweep sortie to push bandit and clean area, switching to air to ground at designated point, drop bombs on Coo, then switch back to Air-to Air and egress.
  12. Yes, on an ISH-ometric scale and by being very optimistic and would go by 120kg for each pylon? (Even if it might be more...) time 8 it's about almost 1 ton of pylons. Not negligeable.
  13. Excellent. Yes in google there is a lot of picture of slick sukhoi27
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