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  1. Sounds like a fair enough trade off, anything to prevent the further fragmentation of the MP community and improves the game is a positive in my book.
  2. I hit bignewy up in discord and he is gonna check it out today. I don't believe this to be a break lock issue at all since that still displays half xhairs and can be corrected by just doing a TMS down or relocking IIRC. Plus the only way one of my buddies was able to get his xhairs back is Deno87's fix of deleting options.lua... so there is a def a bug. Hopefully BN gets it on ED's radar to fix.
  3. +1 anything that would help people create free content that improves our experience is a no brainer.
  4. I owned the DCS A-10 for ages before seriously getting into DCS. I used to hop into it and just press buttons or see if I could figure out how to just start the thing up (without reading anything) for a couple minutes before ignoring it again for a while. A buddy on my steam friends list from my firearms days (Half life mod) hit me up and asked if I wanted to actually learn the plane the first time I said nah I am just messing around. The second time he asked I said sure... and from there I was hooked, another friend from my Mechwarrior Online group said he wanted to join in and now we fly
  5. To detail the RAM speed/Latency suggestion it's a bit more complex than making sure both numbers are "at least" matching those. As an example of what I mean RAM at 3600 CL18 would be just as good as 3200 CL16. Just a bit more detail for others viewing the thread, but Thinder is correct in that fast RAM is important to not bottleneck your system.
  6. I am really considering upgrading from my 9700k to a 5900x due to the single core performance improvements. You all think DCS both 2D and VR would see a decent performance increase? Been researching this for days now, it seems like a worthy upgrade... especially when I want to stream.
  7. Ran into what I assume to be a bug today in the GAW server. I was carrying 8 GBU-12s, on my 2nd trip after landing on the carrier I was given coordinates in decimal which went fine, then I tried MGRS coordinates and noticed I couldn't unbox TGT in my HSI anymore. I tried everything (nosewheel steering button, going A/A and selecting WPT or even TACN then going back to GRND) but nothing worked. I am not sure of my exact steps to replicate it, and the track file is rather large 256M (see link). It's a long track file but this would have happened towards the end before I gave up and went to l
  8. I saw reports on the GAW server that someone was apparently just sitting on the runway shooting rockets. Turns out they were not there at all but at their target area shooting valid targets. This is a new level of desync. He got the video here:
  9. Hopefully it's just a case of them rebuilding the... I think they are called stylesheets for the forum?
  10. Not a fan so far, not sure if they are still working on the theme.
  11. Yea, a buddy of mine pointed this out when we first flew the other night. It sticks out with the higher hog II texture.
  12. This is interesting from reddit (NineLine's comment): Seems like maybe this wasn't communicated internally to everyone before being changed? The plot thickens.
  13. Ok, did some testing on the training server, I assume right now aircraft to aircraft communication isn't working at all (aircraft aren't self reporting)? The only time (toward the end of the track) that me and my flight mate could see each other is when we had the other on radar. Track file: http://www.filedropper.com/tnnrelease-2026-20200928-002300 Edit: The only time we saw one another is when we, or another aircraft had us on radar (from what we could tell). AWACs isn't contributing either, so it seems two pronged, AWACs not reporting D/L contacts and aircraft not self reporting
  14. We have absolutely been noticing this on MP servers. For a while I couldn't see my wingman on the datalink, but then he and another would pop in for a bit randomly.
  15. Oh man, tough choice... but carrier ops made me vote hornet.
  16. You don't have to do double work... Just communicate with your customers then do your recode. The amount of time isn't the issue. The issue was total silence, then what seemed (to some) to be a sneaky removal of the early access tag. Sent from my SM-G930U using Tapatalk
  17. Attached 2 others Building section is in a hole.
  18. See attached for issue + coordinates. First is a bridge with no supports.
  19. Wow... how can the harrier be considered complete with so many features missing? Not to mention the bugs. I am not touching another Razbam module until I hear/see some action from Razbam.
  20. A flightmate and I noticed in MP (might be SP as well) that when you spawn on the super carrier if it puts you right on a catapult you will have chocks installed and it is impossible to remove them and you can't unhook from the cat either.
  21. Not sure what you mean with the Supercarrier? That became acceptable on the MP side of things because it didn't further divide the community, you can play on servers that have the SC even if you don't own it. That's how it should be for this module as well if it goes the paid route. The MP community is just as important as the SP community imo, not sure why you would suggest otherwise. I also feel this poll is a bit premature, we don't have enough information to vote accurately yet.
  22. No, but not because I don't want to support ED or because I can't afford it but because this will further split up the multiplayer community. It's getting (and going to get) very confusing as to what you have to have in order to join what server. The only way I would support this is if people that don't own it could also play on the same server.
  23. Me and my 2 flight mates had the same experience. We were dropping GBU-12s and only the person dropping saw direct hits, everyone else saw a miss. This was with us in F-16s. Track file here: http://www.filedropper.com/tnnrelease-2026-20200822-001117trk Jones will post his twitch stream with video evidence. Edit: We don't have this on the track file or video but a flight mate said he was gunning a truck, as he was doing so it warped away but still blew up. This was on the Hoggit training server.
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