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  1. Thank you for all your help today.
  2. I think I fixed it: I didn't need the c:zusers/harvey bit....sorry! Now it seems to work
  3. Thank you for helping me Miguel
  4. When I now try to skip a mission - the same mission is generated each time. Every time it is the same mission... However, if I run firstmission.bat it generates a different one! I can see in the folder there is an "ongoing.miz' but it's like the game reverts back to the 'firstmission'miz Whenever I exit the mission I get the following error:
  5. Yes I did but let me check I think it may be the REM DCS saved games path that I must edit in notepad ++ I can understand the main path - the top line But i'm unsure about the 2nd path - which directory should it point to? Should it be: C:\Users\Harvey\Saved Games\DCS ???
  6. It is the f-16 campaign with Nevada
  7. Hi there, I'm struggling a bit with the setup. When I try to generate next mission I get this error: Generating Next Mission. E:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\luae.exe: cannot open Active/camp_status.lua: No such file or directory stack traceback: [C]: in function 'dofile' ..\..\..\ScriptsMod.20.38.01_S-AW\BAT_SkipMission.lua:203: in main chunk [C]: ? E:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\DCE\Missions\Campaigns\Afghan Bear Trap - Viper> Any help would be appreciated...
  8. Thank you for your replies. It's a shame they can't limit planes generated to a particular era!
  9. I like to generate random missions for the aircraft that I won. For most aircraft this works just fine. For the Sabre / Mig this works less well because the sky is populated with aircraft that are far superior and more modern that the plane I want to fly. I want the sky to be populated with planes of a similar era to the Mig / Sabre. Is there anyway round this aside form adjusting it all manually afterwards?
  10. Thanks for you reply. I too am using the standalone. Steam has its own built in up leveling which I can imagine might complicate matters.
  11. Thanks lensman. Can I ask which pixel density you use? And which you think is best?
  12. Does the resolution setting eg 1920 X 1080 for my monitor in the system settings actually have any affect over what I see in my Rift S? And indeed the performance of the VR in my Rift S? Or does the pixel density solely control that? Any answers welcome!
  13. Please can you advise: I have just Bound some Steam keys to my DCS profile. According to the serial number checker there is a time period of (currently) 30 days associated with these keys. What does that mean? Will i have to re-activate every 30 days??? I was hoping that my Steam purchases are now permanently bound to my DCS Software...
  14. Did you guys check your far right menu option and need to un-tick the VR headset option? I'm sure mine was enabled by default for some reason...
  15. The situation improved for me - both frame rate wise and visually when I unchecked the VR headset option which bizzarely was enabled by default!!! It made a big difference. If this could catch me out,then maybe it caught some of you guys out too?
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