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  1. Hi there in update 27.1. there has been a change for barometric pressure knob sensitivity. For mouse control that's fine, I can easily set the hundreds. 29.92->29.93->29.94 and back But for press keyboard or joystick the pressure jumps more about 5-8. 29.92->29.98->30.06 backwards ->30.00-> 29.95-> 28.87 .... I think, In past the sensitivity for keyboard was not been as much like nowadays. The "Jump" was 2-3. Barometric pressure knob sensitivity.trk
  2. attempt 10 My amraam just climb above Su27, like no tracking. Look for friendly's F18 missiles. They shot in range 23nm. Amraams fly strait forward then they make hard right turn. Next goupe of amraams lock R-77s. Tacview-20210127-220947-DCS fail10.zip.acmi
  3. Is like, no one test BVR before release the update. Try youself, quick mission BVR 8v8 120 climb to space .... dive... or fly straight after 10 nm depleted energy... and every often, miss a target. They rather hit other hostile missile. My AI wingmans Tacviews and tracks below. Tacview-20210127-204154-DCS fail 120.zip.acmi Tacview-20210127-205859-DCS-Caucasus FA-18C BVR 8v8 fail2.zip.acmi Tacview-20210127-210508-DCS-Caucasus FA-18C BVR 8v8 fail3.zip.acmi Tacview Tacview-20210127-212345-DCS-Caucasus FA-18C BVR 8v8 fail5.zip.acmi Tacv
  4. Thanks Reflected. Today I tried new SP missions with P-47. For me it's unplayable. I don't even see black smoke from Flak. Just loud BAM! BAM! sound that is destroying my aircraft. So I'll stay tune.
  5. MB2 server pro československou komunitu.

    Video Tutoriály na F18 F14 a F16 -> ZDE KLIK

  6. Hi, Do You have texture missing on Pilot Visor? ... update 10 November
  7. Control Stick wrong texture types 30 and 40 DCS
  8. Interesting, Pilot don't see the Glide slope (ACL) but human RIO can see the Glide slope.
  9. OK, I took these advice and run some tests Horrible landing - but _OK_ Nice landing - but EGIW Nice landing - _OK_ but full power jumps to 4wire Hold power in wires - but (EGIW) Perfect landing - _OK_ Wire3 - full throttle berofe touchdown :/ The conclusion for me is: - don't operate with throttle In Wires - before touchdown go full throttle There is a discrepancy from the manual: "Do not anticipate an arrested landing. When the aircraft touches down, advance the power to max and retract the speed brakes in a
  10. Yeah I got EGIW even when I am pulling the throttle forward before touchdown. :noexpression:
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