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  1. It' working great with 2.91 ! try to get the last release from here : https://github.com/tobi-be/BlenderEdmExporter/releases
  2. hello Folks, more picture for the Progress Good day
  3. Hey, found it in the wild, in one public server, but not F22 dedicated one ! perhaps he has a Discord server but I don't have it. I think it was on F35 Community server !
  4. Hi there, you just miss to set Diffuse Texture name in object EDM Properties.
  5. Hello, the cockpit it's not ready, still under design !
  6. Hey, we are working on SFM version until the EFM be ready, will be available soon
  7. That's EFM problem, remove EFM, keep in SFM
  8. hey, in description.lua you have to set the number texture to Empty ... {"KillermachineSu-30_numbers", DIFFUSE , "nomera_30sm", false}; {"KillermachineSu-30_numbers_ind", DIFFUSE , "empty", true}; ... in the first line I use custom numbers texture in the second line I disable and other texture Hope that help
  9. Hello, did you get the Tail number to work ?

  10. Hello For actual time the MOD don't have keyboard implementation since hi is custom EFM WIP, we focus in aerodynamic behaviors, just to keep all attention that after success will come the implementation of the other feature,, just to tell that to MOD is in Earlier access, published just to build a development community around, and any one who can contribute is welcome. Be patient my friend ... to be continued
  11. For precision this is no my MOD, it's Grinnelli then original author of the First version,
  12. Check this one : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yn6kKXgaA7dHZe0CG20DslVog580Y0GO/view?usp=sharing
  13. you have to set correct texture to the Description.lua file {"KillermachineSu-30_numbers", DIFFUSE , "nomera_30sm", false}; {"KillermachineSu-30_numbers_ind", DIFFUSE , "empty", true}; There are two type of numbers Indian and Russian "empty", true to not show or assign correct texture to show (check files)
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