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  1. Yes for sure : set Head_Type = 4
  2. They are guided via Skhval :
  3. For sure when got some time Is just like Su25T, with Shkval + Laser activated, then fire and forget, you can engage multiple targets like that.
  4. 4 x KAB-500s + 2 x KAB-1500LG-PR !
  5. freebirddz

    Gunz fire !

    Hey there, I have 3 guns mounted in Aircraft, as guns not as payload, is there any way to make them fire separately when push the trigger ?! (Aircraft not in FC3, coded in WeaponSimple Device) Thank you in advance Regards.
  6. Not yet for now, will be in futur when MOD up ready
  7. sorry but can't say any thing ! you are the first one who say that !!!
  8. Whooo !!! they disappear visually ?
  9. Day coming to see Blender full support for DCS
  10. Great worK ... that art work, LOVE IT An Mi-28UB with that level of details, will be ...
  11. Hello, time ago tried to build a custom Su24M MOD, but it's time consuming and lot things to do and build, start from 3D, EFM finished with ASM. So to go with Community MOD lot of work is need : Starting from start : - 3D models (External and Internal) Build or buy. - Technical or functional things or necessary. - Coder for systems and instruments. - At Last testers (People from the field ) So : 3D models are must Some screenshots from a personal work, but it's far to be released, used DCS External Model and custom build Cockpit
  12. Hello, Textures are missing, check this. Regards. DSHKVer43.rar
  13. Hello, Check this MOD you will find every thing you need to.
  14. need 3D model if you have good one
  15. Hello, we can't put it in place, WIP for a custom one, but if you can you are free for
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