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  1. They do plan for all of that, so it will happen eventually. It's gonna get even more real! Happy landings!
  2. Yes I know, but thanks for sharing for others, but that'll get attention in the near future. Cheers mate!
  3. This 2.7 update has changed dog fighting forever, especially for WWII. Clouds are synced with all players in multiplayer(wow). Huge game changer. Here's just one scenario. WWII: Your flying to an objective(escort, bombing run, patrol, whatever) and even though your trying your hardest to keep situational awareness, all of a sudden you get jumped by an enemy/s and your trying your hardest to evade. Then at your 10 o'clock you see a huge cloud that if your lucky will reach in time before your adversary can get a good solution on you. just as your about to get shot out of the sky you go tai
  4. Aye lad, and thank you. We're all sooooooo excited right now! Fingers Crossed.
  5. I'm in Canada, and we usually get new releases by Noon, Here's hoping, and like dburne I'm getting coffee into me, will go for my daily 10KM walk and by the time I get back it'll be ready to download!
  6. When the F-86 Sabre first came out my brother and I bought it, had fun for months mostly doing ground pounding. then we really got into the dog fighting and I admit dog fighting wasn't my strong suit in this particular air frame. Practice and determination made me a much better, more deadlier dog fighter, especially online with real people, as the A.I. can do maneuvers that would make any human pilot pass out, not to mention climb like a rocket. I also got better at spotting aircraft friend or foe. Don't give up, and I'm sure you'll eventually get much better as well. Cheers mate.
  7. I need shoulder surgery, but even that's not going to stop me from flying, The only problem I see is which cloud set up do I want to experience first, and with what air frame. It's going to be a tough choice, what about you guys?
  8. Well if 2.7 is released tomorrow, it'll be the first time since I was laid off(Covid-19) that I'm happy to be home not working. See you all in the clouds folks!
  9. I agree sometimes I ate really cheap foods and saved my money for weeks, to get what I wanted, no partying, no outings, no beer, or whatever cost money. Now I have a decent computer, VR, HOTAS and all for my gaming(mostly Sims) Like you said it's all how much you want it. Cheers.
  10. Agreed I think it's still the same. I got into the new German AAA After being in my Huey for a bit, and it was in rearming mode, it was over 1500 seconds, and the seconds were counting down. I don't know exactly where it started at but ya that's a life time in the gaming world. I wonder if that can be changed in a lua file, or if it's programmed that way like it or not?
  11. Yes, that sounds right, I just needed to be reminded, Thanks mate! Now will they automatically rearm themselves, or do you have to take control of the vehicle and manually do it with all of them. Thanks again. Cheers.
  12. Hey it's been awhile since I did any Combined Arms, But I do seem to remember that you could get your A.I to rearm somehow after it used all it's ammo. I Think there has to be a transport truck in the area, and a fuel truck if you want to refuel. Not sure it it was a basic script or something else. Cheers and thanks all!
  13. Thanks for testing it out. I had problems with the friendly AI not following their path, and changed it several times, testing it every time I changed it until I thought it was fixed. It seems to work sometimes, and sometimes the AI just craps out. I tested the latest version several times and the Friendly AI did their job every time. So I don't know if it's a coding issue, or if the buildings/houses are confusing the AI. But if it does work the mission continues, and you RTB for a successful mission. As for the swearing, yeah it's more hollywoodish then real obviously, and
  14. If you could make playable infantry, I would love a recon soldier with a laser pointer for JTAC. An anti-tank soldier with Javelin/RPG. Improved anti-air soldiers. Of course assault Inf with various guns/rifle. A demolition expert with fun explosive charges/satchels(when you just have to take out a bunker/enemy position), And a sniper/spotter. Full immersive/clickable tanks/vehicles would be amazing too! Hope something comes out of this Battlefield Productions, I really do.
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