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  1. I too wait to hear whether someone out there is going to do more to support currently accessable tech like 3d vision and surround.... um, more robustly. It seems for those of us that use the tech that it's support is an afterthought. Almost as if the tech is supported by the custodian over at the NVidia offices in his/her spare time. The best support appears to come from a community of enthusiasts on the internet, and not even on their own forums. But they are practically the only ones to really do anything like it, and so, I use the technology to the best of my ability. My HOPE for the Rift is that it WILL be supported enthusiastically by developers, and not some fringe tech that comes with a hefty price tag and little in the way of actual use outside of the realms of tweakers and modders. I really don't care who is to blame as far as the devs or NVidia per sae; more to the point is that I have felt like a beta tester of this technology since the days of the Revelators and CRT monitors. /rant off. DCS looks great, and I do hope to see the improvements they plan to implement realized sooner rather than later. I (laughably) would love to see what could happen if development of some of these products (all air combat simulations) could move at even 1/100th the speed of the developer's imaginations, instead of being limited by current development timelines. :) but I guess that's the price of being at the forefront of a niche market. Enjoying the conversation. Cheers all.
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